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PS4 Zombie Army Trilogy


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Senior Citizen
17 Oct 2014
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Hi All,
I had this on pre-order as I heard the PC version was pretty good and this version included an extra game hence the trilogy.
So far it's been a pretty decent game. 1-4 players. The co-op is solid and steady and I must say quite a lot of fun.
There are Three campaigns and twenty levels that get progressively harder as you would expect. The game is made by Rebellion & Sold out. They make the Sniper Elite series, and if I'm not mistaken I'm sure the Warriors game was made by Rebellion?

The graphics are pretty standard, but I still get satisfaction from the slow mo, x-ray kill cam:D. Oh, there is also a Horde mode which just has waves of Nazi zombies trying to kill you.

All in all a pretty decent game which I'm thoroughly enjoying although the bottles of blood are a real pain in the butt to find:shock:.
If you have the game and want to join, don't stand on ceremony, just wipe your feet on the way in and join the zombie killing:woot: