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Multi WRC 3


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12 Mar 2013
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I have been looking for a good rally game for a while now. Rumours are Dirt 4 will be held over to next gen consoles, and although dirt showdown is good, a rally game it ain't.

Jeremy McGarth offroad, proved a good but short lived option, as lack of tracks really limits it's life, so that leaves replaying dirt 3 or trying out wrc3.

I played the original wrc title back in the day, and was not too impressed, the lighting effects were shocking, either way to much glare, or too dark, either way it was hard to see were you were going.

Also the handling of the vehicles was not great, very twitchy, and lots of oversteer. Despite this I battled on and finished the game, but it was becoming a chore towards the end. This had put me off the wrc series.

Wrc3 has had better reviews, and has an all new game engine, so I'm hoping that some of the issues I dislike have been addressed.

So armed with a few trade ins I'm off to game shortly to pick up a copy (£20 new in sale), and I will report back later with a review.


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12 Mar 2012
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Unfortunately you won't be able to edit this post later on as there is a limited time window for doing this. Hopefully this will change with a forthcoming release of the forum software as that will include logging of post edits, so we can give unlimited editing back to full members (it's currently time limited to prevent potential damage caused by rage deletes).

When you do a review, you can either just put it in a post below. Alternatively if you want to do a review like @Spruijt did for God of War then you could do this as a new thread and then promote it to the front page. :)
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28 Jun 2012
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Does GRID 2 not have a bit of rallying in it?