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What you get : chat system

Discussion in 'Have You Seen...?' started by HaloJ, 29 Jun 2012.

  1. HaloJ

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    28 Apr 2012
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    Becoming a Senior Citizen (full member of Senior Gamers) gets you some extra perks; this is a breakdown of one of those perks.

    Onsite chat
    This was a thought provoking system from the outset. Experience from other communities was that the more separate systems a community has the more fractured it becomes. In times past we all made do with forums and IRC, possibly helping the less technical by hosting a java based IRC client on the site. The problem with all this was that anyone using chat could only participate in the main site by using another window which detracted from the overall sense of community. Facebook changed all this with their content rich site which included a none intrusive live chat system and this was the direction we decided to take Senior Gamers in.

    So without further ado let me introduce our chat system :


    Participate in the chatroom from anywhere within the site. Chat whilst posting, chat whilst reading or just chat for the sake of it. As well as participating with users in the chat room you can also message users privately.


    If that's not enough for you then take a moment and play one of our selection of games!


    Another feature of the chat system is unobtrusive site notifications be that announcements or the notification of a private message. The system itself is extensible and we will be adding more features to enhance the usability of the site.

    We hope the chat system is one of the many features that will help increase your participation within the community both on the site and also with us in online games.
    Other parts of the full membership offering will be detailed in future posts. These include but are not limited to an events system and calendar, the blogging features you are currently reading and other enhancements.

    See you soon.
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