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[Wed 7 May 21:00] Warframe Wednesday


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12 Mar 2012
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It's Wednesday, it's Warframe!

@HaloJ & I have now completed Mercury, Venus, Earth (except Lua for Halo as it's still stupidly hard), Mars and Jupiter. The next planet (well, moon actually) we want to tackle is Europa. We'd therefore like a couple of Seniors who would also like to do this to join us. We may even pop into the Dojo to see what's next on the list to build and to see what changes @Acegadgets has made since we last visited.

For anyone else who wants to play but doesn't fancy doing Europa, sign up and get yourselves organised into groups for some Warframe action!


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30 Jun 2012
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Possibly on, lots of newbies coming across over the water at OAP, so showing the ropes (as well as I understand them anyway). Along with the kind assistance of peeps like @Jifler and Gooeycrap. Plus of course some great advice from you fine chaps and chapesses here :D. Fully appreciated and thanking you kindly.

Will be great to play alongside you all again soon, loving the 4 player co-op, but given the number of peeps on it, limits who I can play with at any given time. Just want you all to know I still love you :praise:.

Also I've no idea what state my home will be in this evening, as having the boiler system replaced over today and tomorrow. Probably an added bonus of take away though :).