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Website upgrade March 2014 - changes and new features


Board Game Addict
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12 Mar 2012
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The website has just been upgraded. :D

There are some changes and new features that I wanted to let you know about.

Editor Toolbar
The Editor Toolbar has had some adjustments.
  • The Remove Formatting button has moved to the right
  • There is a new Insert... button
  • The Quote, Code and Strike-through text button are now in the Insert... button menu
  • There is now a Spoiler button in the Insert... button menu
  • All button menus now have icons as well as text


As well as the Spoiler code finally having a button again, it also has a slightly different look and some changes to how it works. To use the Spoiler, click on the Spoiler button in the menu (see above). You then get the option to add a Spoiler Title:


Type in a title or leave it blank, the choice is yours. When you click on Continue, you will then see the Spoiler tags.

Spoiler tags with a title:
[SPOILER="Here is my spoiler title"][/SPOILER]

Spoiler tags with no title:

You can then put inside the Spoiler tags you can then put text, images, videos etc i.e. all of the usual stuff that you can put into a post. You'll then get something like what is below. Click on the Spoiler button to reveal the contents of the Spoiler, click again to close.

Woo! Some text that you can't see until you've clicked the Spoiler button.

I told you not to look!

You have always been able to quote someone by clicking on the Reply link next to their post. Quoting several people's posts has required several clicks of different Reply links and could only be done in the same thread.

The new Quote link next to posts allows you to easily quote several people's posts, not just from the same thread but from any thread on the forums.

Click on the + Quote link next to a post and you'll see a message saying Message added to multi-quote. The link will have changed to - Quote. Clicking on this will show a message saying Message removed from multi-quote.

After adding messages to multi-quote, you will see an Insert Quotes... button below the text editor.


Click on this to see all the quotes you have added to multi-quote. Here you can remove any quotes, rearrange the quotes by dragging and dropping (not on tablets/phones) and finally add the quotes to a post using the Quote These Messages button.


Automatic Image Rotation
Images that are uploaded to the forums will now be automatically rotated so that they are the correct way up (providing they contain the correct EXIF data which most images should). No more sideways shots from @zoob then!

Twitter & Google+ Integration
We already had Facebook Integration and now we have it for Twitter and Google+.This integration not only allows new users to register via Twitter and Google+ but it also allows all members to more easily log in to the forums or share content with these services.

You can now see these buttons when you are logged out of the forums.

From the Log in or Sign up dropdown:


Buttons in the sidebar:

New members can choose to register using the Facebook/Twitter/Google+ buttons. Existing members can also log in with these buttons if they have associated their Senior Gamers account with their Facebook/Twitter/Google+ account.

Note: the additional Facebook/Twitter/Google+ integration is optional. You can still share content from Senior Gamers on Facebook/Twitter/Google+ without adding these extra features.

To associate your Twitter and/or Google+ accounts (and Facebook if you've not done this, click on your name at the top right of the forums and then choose External Accounts from the menu


On the External Accounts page you can associate your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ accounts. You can also disassociate them at any time.

Smilie Categories
There are now smilie categories which can make it easier to find smilies. I've now finished setting this up yet but this is what I've got so far.

Click on the Smilie button in the text editor to display the smilies.

All smilies are shown on the Smilies tab.


Clicking on the Thumbs tab (and any other tabs I set up in the future) will display only the smilies that have been added to that category.



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2 Jul 2012
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well done, gold star, go to the head of the class.


Not so serious gamer
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28 Jun 2012
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Can we have myspace intergration?