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25 Oct 2012
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OK, I appear to be staying with my new fam & it transpires that not only does the missus love WipEout (2097 - HD/Fury is new to her), the Kray Twins also love gaming.

I've set up a new account for the girls & have gone through all of the parental settings & moved unsuitable/accessible games into a separate folder, however the settings seem to apply to all accounts across the board?!

Is there a way that I can have my account password protected with everything open & theirs not? I've set it up as the default account & removed access to internet, so I'm quite happy with them using it whenever, but until I figure this out then I won't be leaving it wired up to the internet for a bit of online fun.

I'm hoping somebody here should be able to help, having had a bit more experience than I at this sort of thing!