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PS4 Update 22.13.2

Discussion in 'Warframe' started by HERMAN_JELMET, 1 Mar 2018.


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    29 Jun 2012
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    PS4 Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.13.2 (In Cert!)


    Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.13.2 has been sent to cert! Buff those Amps and whip out your favorite color palettes, we have a lot coming your way. This update’s main course includes content from 22.10.1 to 22.13.2with some handpicked goods on the side. Here’s just a glimpse at the menu for this jam-packed update:


    Legends say the Gantulyst wields an enormous boulder for an arm and radiates powerful beams of Sentient energy. The Ostrons built a shrine in its honor hoping to gain its favor.

    The Ostrons believe the Hydrolyst is an omen of impending natural disaster. Stories describe a distinct, pungent aroma that precedes the arrival of this toxic beast.


    After announcing the temporary retirement of Warframe Trials (Law of Retribution/Nightmare and The Jordas Verdict), Hotfix 22.13.2 brought PC players the (in addition to completing Trails) option of earning Arcanes via Eidolon hunting. We want to give console players the same chance to choose whichever method they prefer before Trials retire, so this update adds Arcane rewards to the Eidolon drops!

    • All 3 Teralysts have a 100% chance of dropping an Arcane.
    • The variety of Arcanes have been spread out across all 3 variants and weighted according to the rarity of the Arcane and difficulty of the Teralyst variant.
    • How you choose to defeat the Eidolons also attributes to the Arcane type/chance.
    As of today, Trials have been temporary retired on PC. Since these changes require us to send a build to cert, Trials on console will be retired in the next build after this one. Once it has been sent to cert we will have an official update release date which will also be the official retirement date for the Trials.

    Once Trials have been turned off on consoles, the following refunds PC players received will also be given:

    Upon logging into Warframe, you will receive an Inbox message thanking you for your dedication to the Trials over the years and a new Invati Sekhara (if you have completed at least 1 Trial). All your items used to craft Trial keys over the years will also be refunded back to you.

    Since there will be more ways to earn Arcanes, you can also expect the following stat improvements (base changes)! Multiply by 4 for Max Rank values:

    • Arcane Consequence: On headshots, Bullet Jumping is improved rather than Aim Gliding/Wall Latching.
    • Arcane Deflection: Now has a base value of 20%
    • Arcane Healing: Now has a base value of 20%
    • Arcane Ice: Now has a base value of 20%
    • Arcane Warmth: Now has a base value of 20%
    • Arcane Nullifier: Now has a base value of 20%
    • Arcane Momentum: Now affects Reload Speed with a base chance of 10%
    • Arcane Acceleration: Now has a base effect of 15% with a base chance of 5%
    • Arcane Agility: Now has a base value of 10% with a base chance of 3%
    • Arcane Awakening: Increased from Damage 15% to 25% and bumped chance.
    • Arcane Fury: Now has a base value of 30% with a base chance of 10%
    • Arcane Guardian: Armor applied is now additive vs multiplicative with a base value of 150.
    • Arcane Phantasm: increased base effect from 5% to 10% and base chance from 4% to 8%.
    • Arcane Precision: Now has a base value of 30% with a base chance of 20%
    • Arcane Rage: Now has a base effect of 30%
    • Arcane Strike: Now has a base value of 10%


    TennoGen Bundle XX

    • Corona Syandana by Hitsu San
    • Tonaca Syandana by Master Noob
    • Diva Polearm Skin by Iukinu_u
    • Tengoken Heavy Blade Skin by BeastBuster
    Hide contents



    TennoGen Build XXI

    • Octavia Diva Skin by Iukinu_u
    • Inaros Kephri Helmet by led2012
    • Oberon Wendigo Skin by Vulbjorn, the graphical walrus.
    • Saryn Velenosa Skin by Hitsu San
    • Harrow Graxx Skin by Faven
    • Excalibur Corpra Skin by FrellingHazmot
    • Trinity Knightess Skin by Rekkou
    Hide contents

    Note about TennoGen Round 11 Part 3 items: While we grabbed most content from Update 22.13.0, the items from Part 3 released in that update are not included in this build. As we’re sure you are aware, bringing TennoGen items to console can be a lengthy process, so they will be released in the next update.

    That said, we hope you enjoy the bundles from the Part 2 release passionately made from our talented TennoGen creators!



    Prepare your Arsenal! Changes are coming to a handful of Warframes, and an even bigger helping of Weapon changes.

    You can read the full list of changes coming for Ash, Atlas, Banshee, Chroma, Ember, Gara, Hydroid, Rhino, Volt, and Zephyr along with the 100+ weapon changes (excluding Beam weapons - these will come in a later update) in the PC notes: Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.12.0

    When the update goes live, the next 7 days you will be eligible for free items! Login within 7 days of the update for an inbox message containing 3 x Forma, a 3 Day Affinity booster, and an Exilus Mod Adaptor!


    • Eidolon Matchmaking Bounties! You will have options to matchmake for Eidolon Hunts! Players will be able to hunt Eidolons across multiple nights without losing progress as long as they stay within their current session. Going back to Cetus will reset it!
    • Riven Transmutation! If you’re worthy, you’ll receive a guaranteed Riven Transmuter from the Hydrolyst (if captured). These consumable items can Transmute four Riven Mods into a brand-new Riven. Combining four Rivens of the same type (i.e Rifle, Melee, Shotgun, etc.) will result in a transmuted Riven of that type.
    • Drive The Dargyn! Take your fight to the skies by hijacking unmanned Dargyns in the Plains!
    • Teralyst Changes:
      • Increased Teralyst base level to 50.
      • Reduced base Armor and reduced base Health of Synovia weak points a bit.
      • Reduced damage of Teralyst abilities to reflect increased level.
    • Bonus Eidolon/Quills related changes!
      • Increased the number of Lures allowed at once from 6 to 8. Lures that have not been hacked to Tenno faction now get destroyed when their camp is deactivated, freeing up room for a new Lure to spawn when players enter other camps.
      • Eidolon Vomvalyst Lures will have a new distinctive mesh!
      • Sentient Cores will drop from Conculysts, Battalysts, and Decaying variants. They will drop either an Exceptional (25%) or Intact (75%) Sentient Core. This will allow for progression with the Quills outside of the Plains of Eidolon!
      • Added a Mote Amp Blueprint to Onkko’s inventory (you can now purchase a new one with Standing in case you sold yours)
    • Mining buff! The following changes were made to improve your mining experience:
      • Increased both the base chance as well as the bonus for accuracy! You will be able to tell how accurate you are by the number of gem icons that you fill up while mining. This update will increase it from 10% + 2% to 15% + 3% per filled gem icon. Each filled gem icon increases the total chance to receive a rare gem.
      • The Gem count will stay on screen until the Mining reward fades.
      • The Mining outline will stay visible longer (8 seconds) while you're cutting.
      • Reduce the accuracy required to get a perfect Mining extraction, meaning you don’t need to be as close to the line as before!
    • New Advanced Plains Map! More detailed with easier controls to help you navigate the Plains! Areas/Regions have also been named (also appears on the normal Plains Map), and you can wavepoint destinations you want to travel to. Pretty nifty.
    • Font Rendering overhaul! This is a good time to mentally prepare yourselves for what may seem like some drastic changes at first since a lot of Warframe's text will look different. These changes will make all fonts across Warframe more readable at all resolutions. We know change is scary, but this is to make sure font scaling looks crisp across resolutions and with zooming!
    • The Index Changes:
      • Extraction! When players reach their wager target, if they're winning, the game will pause and bring up the defense reward screen. Players will have the option of extracting or continuing.
      • Required points per tier are now 50/75/100.
      • Increased the required Index points from 25/50/100 to 50/100/200
      • Enemy levels scale half as fast.
      • Changed the investment costs from 45k/60k/75k to 30k/40k/50k, and changed the credit returns from 120k/195k/275k to 105k/175k/250k. The amount of profit for each tier remains the same at 75k/135k/200k.
      • Changed the rewards to give the total credit return and take away invested credits, instead of combining them into the net profit.
    • Resource Drop Chance Boosters will affect Mining and Fishing, doubling the chance to get gems and the base number of fish spawns! (Previously only regular Resource Boosters affected the Plains)
    • You will be able to preview custom weapon Zaw builds from Hok and Amps from Onkko with parts you don't own yet. This should help you figure out which parts you want to get for your own.
    • Added a completely new flow for Companion Incubator Management. Pets can no longer die! The base Incubator now behaves exactly as the Nutrio Incubator does with auto-stasis, and those with the Nutrio Incubator receive a significant discount on future DNA Stabilizer costs (from 75,000 to 5,000)!
    • Konzu’s Bounty board will display an auto-refresh countdown timer when no Bounties are currently available (approx 1 minute of downtime between refresh).
    • Ivara’s Prowl will only steal from each enemy once total, instead of once per Ivara. Our intent is to mirror how Nekros’ Desecrate also functions, considering the recent movement of Sentient Cores to certain Sentient variants. It’s rewarding to be the warmly welcomed Nekros in an Argon Crystal run, and we hope Ivara will now be welcomed equivalently.
    • New Riven challenges are coming! Many of them brought to you by the Design Council!
    • Focus Passives will apply immediately upon loading into a mission rather than requiring the brief Operator transition.
    • Operators will be able to interact with Pets on your Orbiter!
    • Reduced the time between Bounty stages from 8 seconds to 4 seconds so you’re not waiting around for Lotus to tell you where to go next.
    • Added toggle between Gilded and non-Gilded for crafted weapons.
    • Operator Arcanes will be listed in the Arcane section of the Codex.
    • Mastered icons now also appear on Blueprints in the Inventory for items that have been mastered.
    • Zaws and Operator Amps will have a stat in your Profile.
    • You will be able to buy up to 10 Loadout Slots! The previous limit was 5.
    • Purchasing a Slot or Orokin Catalyst in the Upgrade screen will auto-equip/install. This will reduce the number of prompts you have to go through to equip/install said items.
    • Forma/Forma Bundle prices in the Arsenal Upgrade screen will display the discounted price if there's an active sale.
    • The maximum amount of players that can reside in a Cetus instance at a time will be reduced to improve performance!
    … and almost 5 pages of fixes!
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  2. WetPaintGaming

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    2 Jun 2014
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    Pity the Beam Weapons changes didn't make it (For you @HERMAN_JELMET if you haven't already seen it: )

    But otherwise looking forward to the Harrow Graxx skin, Atlas changes and weapon rebalancing.
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