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Update 13.3 changes and fixes


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29 Jun 2012
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I put It In It's own thread as to not clog up other popular threads as It Is a long one.

Nova Changes:

Molecular Prime:
- On cast, no longer instantly affects all enemies in a radius, now grows out from Novas casting position with a new visual effect. This is affected by Duration mods.
- Explosive radius of primed enemies has been brought in (6,7,8,10 meters per mod rank). This is closer to other explosive weapons in the game. This is affected by range mods.
- Duration now scales with level but has been brought in line with other power durations (10,15,20,30 seconds per mod rank). This is affected by Duration mods.
- Slow-motion effect on enemies now scale with level (.9,.8,.75,.7 percent of normal speed) This is affected by Strength mods, but will have a cap on how slow you can make your enemies overall
- Primed explosions are now offset slightly for performance reasons (creating tons of ragdolls in same frame can cause visible hitches).

Trinity Changes:

On cast, Blessing restores all shields and health. Damage reduction for the duration of the skill is now based on the greatest percentage of health healed (ie:if you have a squad with members whose health you healed 30%, 40% and 90%, all party members will receive Damage reduction at the greatest percent, 90% in this case). This should make the use of Blessing more reactive, greatly benefiting players that pay attention and monitor party health to maximize its effectiveness.
- Reduced the time it takes for Trinity's Blessing animation to play.
- Energy Vampire: Will now pulse one last burst from the victim when it dies, releasing any remaining energy; this should make the power useful even when the enemy is killed prematurely.

Banshee Changes:

Is now a radial ranged effect that moves with you. As enemies enter the radius/area, they experience a ‘sonic disturbance’ which they react to. This disturbance deafens the targets and affects their awareness.
- Sound Quake: Players can now control when to deactivate Sound Quake, with the option to toggle it on or off. Sound Quake will consume energy per second while active.

Nyx Changes:

Players can now toggle Absorb on or off.
- Both toggling changes to Nyx and Banshee will give players more freedom instead of being locked in place while the rest of your team runs around. It should also add a nice element of resource management to both Warframes, rather than being stuck in place at the cost of X energy.

Volt Changes:

increased size of Volt’s Shield for better team usage.

Hydroid Changes:

will now be toggleable.

Ash Changes:

- Shuriken now has forced bleed proc.
- Bladestorm now has forced bleed proc.
- Teleport now leaves enemy in finisher state.

Stat Helm Changes:

Helmets with stat modifications have now been removed from the Market/Alert Cycle. Previously crafted or purchased Helmets with stats have been grandfathered in and will not be affected by this change. Additional Stat-to-Stateless Helmet recipes have been added to the Market for individuals wishing to change their current stat modifying helmets to purely cosmetic versions. To coincide with this change, the ability to trade Helmets has been added into the game as well. While the possible options to execute on this change were many, we do not feel comfortable removing the stats outright from gear players have spent hours and hours waiting for via alerts or spent Platinum on. The agency is in the players hand to remove the stats, and we will monitor to decide if further steps need to be taken.

Dark Sector Changes:

Added in Armistices to Dark Sector conflicts. These Peace Time Bonuses will provide a guaranteed 24 hours of peace to the node before it can be attacked again, plus additional time based on the winning teams Solar Rail health and existing deploy time for a maximum of 3 days worth of Peace on the specific node.
- Dark Sector conflict now have a max duration of 12 hours
- Added a Mod drop table for Tenno Specters.

Invasion Changes:

Changes to faction logic in Invasion mission on ‘homeworld’ planets. These homeworld planets are indicated by the planet description in game.
- Defender won't go into "threatened mode" until they reach somewhere between 33% to 66% ownership. At that point they engage in a more aggressive strategy to win a majority land value on their homeworld. Once they are back to that value, they will return to normal until another “threatened mode” between 33% and 66% takes place.

Load Time Improvements:

Game load time improvements have been made across the board for this update.

General Changes:

Added in background music while highlighting Warframe on the Dashboard
- New Enemy Type: Feral Kubrow – After the fall of the Orokin, these former pets were left to fend for themselves. Only the most vicious survived, evolving into deadly pack hunters that now pervade Earth's dense forests. Intensely territorial, the Kubrow will attack any creature unlucky enough to cross their path.
- New Enemy Type: Wardens! These enemy types are more susceptible to stealth based attacks - find them as a part of Rescue 2.0!
- Added Fusion Core Folding! This feature will automatically group all of your Cores together by Rarity and Rank; i.e You have 50 Common Cores, 25 of which are rank 1 and 25 of which are Rank 2? They will now appear as separate stacks in your Inventory!
- New Weapon: AMPREX - A Corpus Chain Lightning Rifle!
- New weapon: SYBARIS - A Tenno-crafted lever action rifle, Sybaris is equal parts elegance and executioner. Find it in the Market or Tenno Research Lab today!
- New weapon: ANGSTRUM - Capable of firing multiple rockets at once, the Angstrum is a handheld instrument of destruction. Find it in the Market today for Platinum or Blueprint for Credits!
- New Carabus Skin for the Dethcube Sentinel - walk like a Grustrag Three!
- New Sprite Skin for the Shade Sentinel!
- Added in an option that allows permanent Melee trail visuals to be toggled on and off
- Added ability to remove waypoint markers - aim and hit Waypoint at any active marker to remove it.
- Added in a number of Loading Spinners to indicating when certain screens are loading in new data.
- Added in a new Battle Pay Reserve section to the Dark Sector Menu. This will display a credit amount of how much Battle Pay is left for the selected Node.
- Added in additional Female Hostage with accompanying Voice Over’s and Transmissions.
- New Warframe Customization - customizable armor pieces! Explore the Daedelus set and the Eos set today!
- Grineer Shipyard Expansion - Ceres has had further missions changed to include this tileset expansion!
- Ceres - Hapke & Bode are now Capture type missions.
- Increased Color Customization options! You can now color your Syandana's and other Accessories separately from your Warframe if you so desire!
- Added in a new "Auto Vault Over Obstacles" option to toggle on or off.
- Tweaked Dark Sector transmission music.
- Tweaked the ‘Level Up’ music when gaining a new rank on any of your gear.
- Tweaked a number of jump sound effects.
- Tweaked Nef Anyo's Sniper Rifle sounds.
- Tweaked the frequency of the Grineer Female attack, scream, and player near death sound effects.
- Created a new Custom AI version of the 3D Gorgon fire sound effects used by all Grineer Enemy types which use the Gorgon.
- Altered the visuals on the electric beams seen in a number of traps in the Grineer Galleon tileset from purple to Green.
- Adjusted the amount of firing sound effects that play when firing multiple weapons.
- Altered the effects on Mod drops to help distinguish them from regular item drops.
- Rare Mods will now be tinted yellow to match the visual effects on their pickups.
- Removed collision on a number of art assets in the Grineer Forest tileset to help improve performance.
- Increased the volume on the Latron and Lex Prime sound effects.
- Regular melee attack sound effects will no longer play when using Hysteria.
- Reduced the quality of a number general visual effects to help improve performance.
- Tweaked the Staff weapon hit effects.
- Removed some faulty connector tiles from the Grineer Galleon tileset.
- Tweaked a number of Warframe Ability sound effects.
- Increased the volume on ambient sound effects in the Forest tileset.
- Increased the sound volume of the Swarm Missile Launcher projectile wielded by Hellions.
- Improved the performance of a number of Frost's abilities.
- Tweaked the ambient noises in the Shipyards Mobile Defense tileset.
- Increased the performance of a number of Grustrag 3 related visual effects.
- Improved the performance of a number of light assets in the Shipyards tileset.
- Improved the performance of the Slide visual effects.
- Altered the Tint Color 3 selection so as to allow the mouthguard piece on Oberon's Alt helmet to be customized.
- Altered the Mod auto-pickup sound.
- Tweaked a number of Infested sound effects.
- Tweaked the Door Laser activate/deactivate sound effects.
- Added in more spawn points to the Orokin Survival Objective room
- Increased the difficulty of Void Survival T3 missions by increasing the number of enemies that spawn during the mission.
- Tweaked the animations for Staff slide attacks
- Tweaked the animations for Tenno side rolls
- Region, Recruiting, and Trade channels will now automatically join/leave the proper channels after the Region is changed in the Settings tab
- A popup will now appear when players attempt to view the Dark Sector tutorial while in game informing them that this not possible. Implemented in an effort to block potential UI lock ups
- Removed collision on a number of art assets that were not reachable by players in the Grineer Shipyards tileset in an effort to improve level performance
- Players under Mastery Rank 2 will no longer be marked by the Grustrag Three.
- Players will now be automatically logged out of the game if idle on the Star Map for 15 minutes after an update has been deployed.
- Loki's invisibility will now be canceled when the player is downed.
- Tweaked a number of Warframe Ability sound effects.
- Updated the Spare Parts description to better describe the mod's functionality (Now says: "(%) Rare Item Drop Chance On Sentinel Death")
- Changed the End of Mission Results Screen term "Head Shots" to "Headshot Kills" for additional clarity.
- Improved the visual effects on multiple Warframe abilities.
- Clan Message of the Day length has been restored to the original 256 character limit.
- Optimized energy color visuals to ensure that they match the visual effects for all items they are linked to.
- New Panic Button icon color changes! These icons will now appear white on the minimap under stealth conditions, but will now change to yellow to indicate when the level has gone into lockdown.
- Reduced the amount of motion blur seen from Volt's Speed ability.
- Tweaked the Shield Down and Shield Recharge sound effects.
- Allowed the Corpus Rescue Alarm sound effects to now be replayable.
- Optimized a number of light assets in the Orokin Void tileset.
- Optimized the visual effects for Bleeding procs.
- Increased the visual effects limit for Nyx's Absorb ability to account for duration extending Mods.
- Reduced the visibility of Zephyr's turbulence to address performance concerns.
- Optimized a number of lighting assets in the Corpus Outpost tilesets.
- Optimized a number of lighting assets in the Corpus Ship tilesets.
- Optimized a number of lighting assets in Grineer Asteroid tilesets
- Changed the damage type that is used to calculate the damage of Melee Finishers which will cause Melee Finisher damage to be a multiple much like the way ground hits are currently calculated.
- Tweaked the sound effects for many of Hydroid's abilities.
- Tweaked the ambient sound effects heard in the Forest tileset.
- Tweaked the visuals on the Misa Syandana.
- Set a max limit on the max instances of Frost's Snow Globe sound effects.
- Extended the maximum possible duration on Sound Quake's sound effects to take into account duration extending Mods.
- Optimized the type of collision calculations used on certain Grineer settlement art assets to address performance concerns.
- Ceres - Hapke & Bode are now Capture type missions.
- Mod shown during loading screens will now display the max level Mod stats.
- Blueprint mods are now highlighted to differentiate them from other drops.
- Tweaked the visual effects for destroying security cameras.
- Vay Hek can no longer be affected by mind control abilities.
- Ash' Blade Storm will now deal multiplied damage based on the current Combo Hit multiplier
- Tweaked the reload sound effects for the Afuris
- Added in a number of HUD timers for numerous Warframe abilities:
o Vauban’s Bastille
o Vauban’s Vortex
o Banshee’s Sonar
o Ember’s Fire Blast
- Tweaked the sounds for Desert Skates.
- Optimized the shading effect on very bright energy colors to help reduce any apparent color bleeding effects.
- Improved the way the Auto-Fuse algorithm would select cores for Fusion. The Auto-Fuse functionality will now attempt to calculate the most optimal amount of Mods to fuse to reduce the amount of overflow and wastage!
- The Distribute Resource button has how been separated into two separate buttons with distinct functionality. One button will be used for distributing credits and the other will be used to distribute miscellaneous items.
- Tweaked the ability and energy visuals on numerous Warframes including Rhino, Frost, Nova, Ash, Banshee, Zephyr, Vauban, Volt and Valkyr.
- Added in a better quality Swift Death Mod card image.
- Improved the Fusing process for Mods already installed on weapons. You will now receive a prompt informing you that the Fusion process will exceed the capacity on the specific weapons that the Mod is installed on and will ask you whether you would like to uninstall the mod and continue with the Fusion process or cancel the Fusion entirely. If there are multiple Fusion conflicts these will be displayed sequentially.
- Created a more robust warning for the last Clan leaving an Alliance informing them that all resources including Solar Rails will be destroyed in the process


- Fixed an issue with a functionless empty screen to coming up after attempting to launch a Solar Rail.
- Fixed an issue with the last character typed in Char becoming an asterisk when playing in Japanese.
- Fixed an issue with the X button toggling play/pause on both the press and release.
- Fixed an issue with being able to un-equip stance Mods when they are required to not go over capacity.
- Fixed an issue with Vor's power zapping visual effect not replicating properly for clients.
- Fixed an issue with the Natural Talent Mod delaying the sound on Mag's Crush ability.
- Fixed an issue with the Pause menu UI being larger than intended.
- Fixed an issue with the Arsenal not properly taking precedence over the open Lobby type selector UI element.
- Fixed an issue with Helios scanning objects that have already been fully scanned.
- Fixed issues with Melee 2.0 compatibility with controller remapping.
- Fixed an issue with the player being able to use invisible melee weapons during the tutorial.
- Fixed an issue with Helios scanning objects that have already been fully scanned.
- Fixed a Axe Combo stance card being missing from the Ancient Disruptor drop table.
- Fixed a number of stuck spots in multiple Shipyards Tilesets.
- Fixed a number of graphical issues on Dojo assets.
- Fixed a number of crashes.
- Fixed a number of localization issues.
- Fixed a number of achievements not having corresponding images.
- Fixed an issue with player's being able to bypass the first Vay Hek Cinematic which would in turn break a number of things in the subsequent segments of the level.
- Fixed an issue with Banshee's Sonar ability highlighting nonexistent weak points on Vay Hek.
- Fixed an issue with players losing health and dying by being able to get too high in the Forest tileset.
- Fixed an issue with certain dioramas continuing to load the Tutorial levels when you leave while the diorama is loading.
- Fixed an issue with certain Shiyards level missing doors.
- Fixed an issue with the hunter type AI enemies attacking the player's dead body if the player dies before the hunter AI type spawn.
- Fixed an issue with the Drop Ship seen in the Settlement intro missing proper lighting.
- Fixed a number of art related issues seen on in the Forest tileset.
- Fixed an issue with incorrect Dark Sector terminology appearing briefly when opening the Clan Menu while not currently being in a clan.
- Fixed an issue with Capture Targets being capturable twice after a host migration occurs.
- Fixed an issue with minimap opacity not being properly restored when Zooming in and swapping to the overlay view.
- Fixed a number of art related issues in the Grineer Galleon tileset.
- Fixed an issue with the Star indicator seen next to Codex entries incorrectly overlapping the entry name text.
- Fixed an issue with minimized Chat tabs not properly flashing when a new message is received.
- Fixed an issue with the minimap not properly directing the player in the Grineer Asteroid tileset.
- Fixed an art related issue seen between doorways on the Grineer Asteroid tileset.
- Fixed an issue with the play type drop down menu not properly closing when selecting a Star Map node.
- Fixed an issue with the Arsenal tab not properly closing when the player is disconnected for any given reason.
- Fixed an issue with Orokin Void visual effects appearing as solid blue sheets.
- Fixed an issue with Capture targets being susceptible to Vauban's bounce ability which could cause them to get stuck in level geometry.
- Fixed an issue with the pause menu Mission Information screen showing incorrect Dark Sector related information.
- Fixed an issue with the Arsenal screen being prematurely accessible from the Mission stats screen after completing a mission.
- Fixed an issue with the Undertow exit sound not being played on Clients.
- Fixed an issue with the player appearing to shoot an invisible weapon during the first Mastery Rank test.
- Fixed a number of art related bugs in the Shipyards tilesets.
- Fixed an issue with the Pause Menu screen not resizing correctly after leaving a clan while in game.
- Fixed an issue with Infested AI types getting stuck inside spawn rooms in the Grineer Settlement tileset.
- Fixed an issue with the Undertow functioning incorrectly if the player casts it while stationary but in the sliding animation.
- Fixed an issue with hit sound effects not playing correctly on disarmed agents.
- Fixed an issue with the Valkyr helmet and body tint colors not matching correctly.
- Fixed an issue with firing or shooting actions not occurring correctly if the player attempts either action after performing an Axe jump attack.
- Fixed an issue with Dojo level blocking volumes incorrectly clipping into adjacent rooms.
- Fixed an issue with the number of Alliance Solar Rails not properly updating for all Alliance members.
- Fixed an issue with with Vay Hek requiring too many scans to complete his Codex entry.
- Fixed an issue with Banshee and Ash's ability's visual effects lingering after usage when experiencing heavy lag.
- Fixed an issue with Infested Leapers not properly leaping.
- Fixed an issue with Corpus MOA's spawned via Moa lockers clipping into objects above them.
- Fixed an issue with users being in "Clan Membership Limbo", which also potentially prevented Mastery Rank tests from being complete.
- Fixed an issue with localized text not properly fitting within button borders.
- Fixed issues where Lotus subtitles incorrectly referred to trams when talking about Prosecutors.
- Fixed an issue with placeholder text and images appearing when determining a Dark Sector winner.
- Fixed an issue with the Excalibur Helmet appearing on the Proto-Armor skin.
- Fixed an issue with players not being properly added to a clan if sent multiple Clan Invitations.
- Fixed an issue with incorrect values being displayed for Clan Vaults with large amounts of credits.
- Fixed an issue with players being unable to invite other players who have an underscore in their name.
- Fixed an issue with the Glaive and other weapons not properly scaling when viewed in the Arsenal.
- Fixed a spelling mistake in one of the Dark Sector Warlord Taunts.
- Fixed an issue with clients seeing incorrect textures on mobile defense terminals after they have been defended.
- Fixed Hydroid's default helmet option being set as "None".
- Fixed an issue with Hydroid Undertow remaining in game for other players if a client disconnects while the ability is in use.
- Fixed an issue with Melee accessories not being properly connected to the Glaive while it is collapsed.
- Fixed an issue with cosmetic weapon dangles not being properly attached to the Kestrel.
- Fixed an issue with Melee trail visual effects unintentionally remaining on screen after being activated.
- Fixed an issue with players other than the owner of the weapon not properly hearing partially charged Stug shots.
- Fixed the Tetra having an incorrect Conclave rating.
- Fixed an issue with the UI breaking after re-entering a match that you left while dead.
- Fixed an issue with the Mastery Rank level 3 to 4 test not working properly in conjunction with Melee 2.0
- Fixed issue with Update 12 bundle description.
- Fixed an issue with Laser Terminals in Tower Defense missions not functioning correctly.
- Fixed an issue with Non-Tactician clans in an Alliance being able to edit deployed Alliance Solar Rails.
- Fixed collision on a number of Dojo Garden assets.
- Fixed an issue with the Aklex not properly dropping a spent magazine during reload animations.
- Fixed an issue with Clients not properly seeing Ember's Accelerant visual effects.
- Fixed an instance by which Client's could ragdoll Capture targets locally on their own screens (the Capture target would appear normally on other player's screens).
- Fixed missing Defense rewards on Sedna - Hydron.
- Fixed enemies not being dismembered by ranged weapons with high Slash-damage.
- Fixed Sentinels losing XP accumulated during mission after being revived.
- Fixed issue with AI in Forest Defense getting stuck in upper tunnels.
- Fixed issue with clients respawning and falling through world.
- Fixed an issue with multiple overlapping Squad Chat tabs appearing on screen if you get disconnected and then reconnected.
- Fixed an issue with the Deploy Rail button being highlighted on nodes protected by a Honor Armistice.
- Fixed an issue with Dark Sector selection screens not updating properly after Solar Rail has been deployed.
- Fixed a collision issue on elevators in the Orokin tileset.
- Fixed an incorrectly placed blocking volume found in the Gas City tileset.
- Fixed an issue with your Clan Name not being properly centered in the Dark Sector panel.
- Fixed an issue with unintended fade outs happening during Outro Cinematics.
- Fixed a graphical issue seen on the Inbox screen.
- Fixed an issue with AI attempting to navigate through open spaces left by moving elevators on the Grineer tileset.
- Fixed a visual issue related to the Nekros' Summons from Shadows of the Dead.
- Fixed an issue where enemies killed right after being affected by Rhino’s Stomp ability would remain permanently floating in the air.
- Fixed an issue with Mods temporarily disappearing and the scroll bar resetting after fusing a stack of Mods.
- Fixed an issue with Tornado visual effects appearing black under certain conditions.
- Fixed another instance of Enemies getting stuck in upper tunnel section of the Forest tileset
- Fixed a number of map holes including an issue with players being able to get out of the game play area on the Orokin Void tileset
- Fixed a number of lighting issues in the Forest Defense tileset.
- Fixed a number of map holes in the Shipyards tilesets.
- Fixed an issue with certain damage volumes in the Forest tileset being a little too large and causing unintended damage.
- Fixed an animation issue related to performing a slide while dual wielding.
- Fixed an issue with players getting permanently stuck if knocked down and killed in the same attack.
- Fixed Infested Outbreaks not simultaneously occurring in both low-level and high-level regions as intended.
- Fixed an issue with the Jackal being able to climb on top of players and certain projectiles.
- Fixed an issue with erroneous blueprints appearing in the Market place.
- Fixed an issue with Mod cards visually appearing to be selected after a Fusion despite the Mod not actually being selected.
- Fixed an issue with purchasing confirmation windows not correctly listing the object that is being purchased.
- Fixed a number of insufficient funds messages not properly recognizing the proper form of currency being used.
- Fixed an issue with clients not correctly seeing Sentinels under certain circumstances.
- Fixed menu scroll bars being erroneously placed in the middle or the bottom of the list when entering into certain menus.
- Fixed Parry Finisher context actions appearing as 'Stealth Attack'.
- Fixed an issue with AI not properly navigating certain Forest tilesets.
- Fixed an issue with players being able to move around while using Nyx's Absorb ability under certain circumstances.
- Fixed AI not properly navigating around none-stationary Cryopods.
- Fixed a number broken visuals seen on the Grineer Mobile Defense tilesets.
- Fixed an issue with Reactor Room beams clipping into other Dojo rooms when under construction.
- Fixed an issue with erroneous planes without collision appearing when building and destroying the first two tiers of Clan halls.
- Fixed an issue with Primary Weapon color customizations temporarily changing when changing weapons in the Arsenal.
- Fixed a number of map holes in the Corpus Outpost tilesets.
- Fixed an issue with certain art assets clipping through the ceiling in certain Orokin Void tilesets.
- Fixed an issue with Lech Kril bypassing his Fire Phase and remaining in the Ice Phase for the duration of the fight
- Fixed incorrect visuals appearing on Trinity's Helmet.
- Fixed an animation issue related to using Dual Cleavers.
- Fixed an issue with the Grakata and Ignis not properly aiming if the player attempted to aim while in the middle of a reload animation.
- Fixed Black Energy Color not being properly visible when using Molecular Prime on Enemies.
- Fixed an issue with Combo Hits not being properly track if an attempted finisher could not be properly executed, thus resulting in a random attack animation playing.
- Fixed an issue with the Chat Window tab not unfocusing correctly after being maximized.
- Fixed an issue with incorrect credit values being displayed on the End of Mission screen.
- Fixed an issue with players getting stuck inside doorways inside of their Dojo after cancelling or destroying rooms.
- Fixed an issue with Team Restore items having in game collision.
- Fixed an issue with Cestra's barrel disappearing if a reload animation is interrupted.
- Fixed an issue with the visuals on extended duration abilities not lasting for the entire cast time.
- Fixed an issue with users being unable to properly delete multiple inbox messages.
- Fixed an exploit which allowed players to exit from Void and Derelict survival missions and keep all their rewards.
- Fixed an potential issue with Flying Drones getting stuck in hallways with stairs on the Outpost Defense tileset.
- Fixed an issue with Hydroid’s tentacles being killable by allied Nova abilities.
- Fixed a number of map holes in the Corpus Ship tileset.
- Fixed a number of broken visuals on the Grineer Asteroid tileset.
- Fixed an issue with enemies unintentionally committing suicide if knocked onto lower pipes in the Grineer Asteroid level.
- Fixed an issue with players being able to deploy Extractors on lobbies requiring a key.
- Fixed a number of missing skyboxes in the Forest tileset.
- Fixed Helios' Investigator Precept not properly displaying/calculating its max rank and perpetually behaving like a rank 0 mod. It will also receive a target lock so it does not get distracted during scans so easily.
- Fixed an issue with Edit Panel message not being displayed correctly above panels in the Observatory or Orokin Lab Dojo rooms.
- Fixed a number of map holes in the Corpus Ship tileset.
- Fixed Auto-Fusing not working if there is only 1 Fusion Core/Duplicate available to fuse.
- Fixed a number of grammar errors in item descriptions.
- Fixed a visual issue related to Rhino's Channeling effects.
- Fixed an issue with players not being teleported back up after falling into a pit in the Forest Tileset.
- Fixed an issue with clients being able to cast abilities while blocking.
- Fixed an issue with clients not properly tracking melee kills, headshots, or finisher kill stats correctly.


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12 Mar 2012
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As well as the fixes, there's also this:


Rescue the Red Veil Hostages!

Specters of Liberty STARTS at 1pm EDT June 10th, and ENDS at 1pm EDT on June 17th.

To pave the way for this overhaul, we’d like to invite everyone to participate in Specters of Liberty to try out the changes, help us work out the kinks and earn some sweet rewards for your efforts. Have fun and let us know what you think.


- The following rescue missions have been upgraded to Rescue 2.0:
>Vallis on Mars
>Numa on Saturn
>Brugia on Eris
>Mab on Uranus
>Nereid on Neptune
>Cinxia on Ceres
These missions -- and their rewards -- are a permanent addition the game.

- Be stealthy and you'll remain unseen by the enemy. Use this to your advantage to take down the Wardens and release the hostage in your own time. Killing all of the Wardens will also earn you an extra point. (See below).

- Lend the hostage your Secondary Weapon and they will help you take on the enemy.


- The 'Specters of Liberty' Operation will utilize the New Rescue 2.0 Missions. Exclusive Operation Rewards will be awarded to Tenno that achieve point levels while the Operation is live. (See Operation Rewards below.)

- The Corpus and Grineer have upgraded their prison security. Both factions have deployed these new facilities to three different nodes. There are Easy, Medium, and Hard facilities. Access these nodes directly on the Star Chart to participate.

- You need to locate the Red Veil Hostage. They are located in a cell within the prison block.

- Hostages are protected by Corpus or Grineer Wardens. Use caution, if alerted to your presence, they will try to initiate the Execution Sequence.

- If the Execution Sequence is started, a timer appears. If you fail to rescue the hostage before the timer runs out they will be killed.


Rescue 2.0 Mission Rewards are a permanent addition to the game. The Red Veil will always reward you for rescuing their Operatives with Specter Blueprints — Blueprints for new, deployable AI Warframes that can be used in missions or in defense of your Clan's Solar Rails.

Your Mission Rewards will be determined by the difficulty level and number of points earned in each Mission you complete.
Up to 3 points can be earned by completing the following:

Rescue a hostage = 1 point

Don't set off the kill switch = 1 point

Kill all Wardens = 1 point

Your Specter Blueprint will be awarded according to your score. More difficult missions offer stronger Specters.(One Blueprint reward per Mission.)

Your points will then multiply according to the difficulty of the node to determine your Operation Reward:
- Easy (Vallis on Mars or Numa on Saturn) -- x1 Point Multiplier
- Medium (Brugia on Eris or Mab on Uranus) -- x2 Point Multiplier
- Hard (Nereid on Neptune or Cinxia on Ceres) – x3 Point Multiplier
- Nightmare (if occurring) -- x4 Point Multiplier

Operation Rewards - distributed at end of operation.
The Red Veil will also recognize you for how you bring home their Operatives. They want you to send a message to the enemy.

Recognition is awarded after you reach the following point levels:
5 points = Operation Badge
100 points = Rakta Syandana

Go forth, Tenno and help the Red Veil bring their people home!


Tenno, you are not alone. The power to create a Specter can now be found in your Arsenal once you obtain a Blueprint! Creating a Tenno Specter can be accomplished by Rescuing hostages in Rescue 2.0! All new Rescue missions will include a hostage whose reward is determined by the difficulty and skill in completion of the mission!
You will be able to create the following tiers of Tenno Specters:
Vapor, Phase, Force, Cosmic

The Blueprints for these Specters can be found when Rescuing targets, see above details for the way points and difficulty works in obtaining your Blueprints!
What can you do with these Tenno Specters?
If you’re in a Clan or Alliance that wants to add greater challenge and defenses to your Solar Rail, you can create Tenno Specters to give to your Clan/Alliance’s Tactician to begin building an army for strategic deployment!
If you’re a player that wants added help in your regular missions, you can bring Tenno Specters in your gear slots to deploy!
Or, maybe you’re both! Have fun in the field with a Tenno Specter at your side!


- Shield Saver: Deflect 1,000 projectiles with your melee weapon.
- The Sword Alone: Complete 10 missions without any primary or secondary weapons equipped.

Source: Warframe forums