PS4 Tokyo RPG Factory’s turn-based PS4 RPG Lost Sphear out 23rd January 2018


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12 Mar 2012
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More details on the Square-Enix RPG as pre-orders go live today

At E3, Tokyo RPG Factory gave fans an early taste of the unique gameplay and beautiful world players will experience. Today, much like the power of Memory, new artwork and new announcements have manifested for Lost Sphear.

First off, RPG fans can look forward to playing Lost Sphear on…

23rd January 2018!

Lost Sphear is a turn-based JPRG set in a world threatened by a mysterious phenomenon known as Lost. To combat the Lost, the power of Memory awakens within a young man named Kanata, giving hope to the people. As it is too dangerous for Kanata alone, his friends accompany him from his town of Elgarthe: Lumina, Locke and a mysterious person named Van.

Every epic quest needs a full party of hearty adventurers, and today we are introducing two new playable characters who will join Kanata and his friends on their mission to restore the disappearing world. Meet Sherra and Obaro.

Sherra is a priestess who uses a traditional bow of similar range to Locke’s crossbow. However, while Locke uses crossbows and tinkers with mechanical crafting, Sherra specializes in heal magic and various bow-related abilities.

Obaro is an elderly man who came back into existence upon the awakening of Kanata’s power. Contrary to the physical strengths of Kanata and his friends, Obaro specializes in unleashing powerful elemental magic, demolishing large enemy mobs.

The last reveal is the powerhouse armor you can acquire in the game known as the "Vulcosuit"!

The Vulcosuit is mechanized armor gifted to the people from the ancients within the world of Lost Sphear. This armor serves a dual purpose as enhanced in-battle weaponry and tools you can use in certain map environments. Each piece of armor has its own unique capabilities, so make sure to search for all of them!

As a last bit for RPG enthusiasts, pre-orders for the digital version of Lost Sphear are available now on the PlayStation Store where you will receive a ‘Memoirs of the Moon’ Dynamic Theme and the two music tracks: Market Town Marpennig and Town of Elgarthe on launch day.

Of course, if you’re a collector who prefers physical boxes for your game library, the physical edition is available exclusively from the Square Enix Online Store!

Stay tuned and visit the official site for more news to come in the future!

Source: Tokyo RPG Factory’s turn-based PS4 RPG Lost Sphear out 23rd January 2018


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25 Oct 2012
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We're currently enjoying Divinity: Original Sin so could be tempted by this however this is around the same release window as Ni no Kuni 2...


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25 Aug 2017
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This game looks promising, I do miss a good turn-based RPG.
The last traditional RPG I played and enjoyed was probably Ni No Kuni, and before that Lost Oddysey.
I grew up playing Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger etc, and developers seem to be finished with these types of games (except portable consoles for some reason...)
I even heard Ni No Kuni 2 is stepping away from JRPG mechanics and going into action-RPG territory, which is slightly disappointing.

Fingers crossed as I'm really attracted to these games which is rare nowadays.