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Thought for the day.


Serious Gamer
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29 Jun 2012
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Just read Scotland voted no to independence. I must admit, and apologies to the nationalists here, but I'm happy. I never say I'm english, always british. Scotland is a part of the UK, and should always remain so. They account for a 3rd of our SAS members, they contribute hugely to the economy, they are our brothers and sisters. Although theres a lot of irish in my family, my great nan was scottish. ;)

Thing is, its difficult sometimes sitting this side of the border to see why independence is so important to the scots. I do know that history can be a burden that is hard to shake. Most of my Aussie mates have had their family history researched, just so they can say their ancestor was a prison officer or a political refugee or whatever. Sad isn't it that the past can deeply effect the present. And may be thats what all this voting has been about. England doesn't have a proud history of doing the right thing all the time, so I can see the lure of independence. Of course the big joke is are any of us truly free and independent anyway?

The next election Im voting UKIP. Kind of contrary to what Ive been saying, but lets be fair theres never been a united Europe. My main aim is to close the door on Westminster and its old pals network having access to jobs for the boys on the continent. Our politicians must rank as the greediest slimeist two faced lying bunch of bastiges anywhere. I have thoughts on the economy and immigration too, but my main driving force is to drag those greedy gits back from their ivory tower in Europe back to London.

In case you're wondering where this outburst has come from, its a book on the evils of WW1 and 2. I'm not talking about the horrors perpetrated on one another. Its about Britain not beiing as white as you might think. After reading it, you can see why Britain isn't very popular in Europe. Theres a lot of stuff in it that doesnt make good reading, and challenges everything you have ever been told and held true. So whats my bloody point in this endless post? Am I going to allow the legacy of the past dictate my future? Not for a bloody second!!!:x:lol: The sins of the father are not mine to bear.
Up the Scots!!:woot:


Wino extraordinaire
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30 Jun 2012
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It's not me, it's my brain!
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7 Jul 2014
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Cassini Sees Sunny Seas on Titan,

Beautiful shot from NASA's Cassini spacecraft as it catches a glimpse of bright sunlight reflecting off the hydrocarbon seas of Saturn's large moon Titan.

It makes you think is there life beyond the Earth as Hydrocarbons can be found on Earth from decomposed organic matter.