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PS4 Telltale: The Walking Dead - The Final Season

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Plaxinator, 15 Aug 2018.

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    30 Jun 2012
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    For those of you that are fans of the Telltale games series, then you may well already be aware of the fact "The Walking Dead - The Final Season" was released yesterday! I'm clearly out of the loop and only found out about this yesterday whilst doing a survey on gaming (yes, totally random). Naturally I'm very excited about this, and have just purchased the season pass. It's £18.99 on the PSN store at the moment, but if you can wait (unlike me!) it's bound to become discounted in a sale at some point.

    Unlike previous iterations, this season only has 4 episodes, rather than 5. Also surprisingly, Telltale have provided release dates for all the episodes now, rather than the week before the episodes are due out. Whether or not they stick to these dates remains to be seen though.........

    Episode 1 "Done Running" - Out Now
    Episode 2 "Suffer the Children" - September 25th
    Episode 3 "Broken Toys" - November 6th
    Episode 4 "Take us Back" - December 18th


    This season starts "Some years after the events of A New Frontier". Clemetine has been on the road, raising A.J, and finds a place where they could potentially call home. The choices you make will decide how her story ends........
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