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Star Chart Reborn:

Specters of the Rail – changes to the Origin System are here, Tenno. What ghosts lurk the chambers of abandoned Junctions of a past era?
Find a new way to experience the Origin System with the complete rework of the Star Chart.

This redesign of the original Star Chart will bring back the nostalgic roadmap design making it easier for you to travel the Origin System. The map is dynamic; zoom in and out and drag your way around the Origin System. Specific regions and missions will be easier to locate. Also, it will be clear to see which Missions you need to complete thanks to new Junctions - routes between planets - guiding you on where to go next.

We've replaced and re-assigned many missions, including the removal of Deception and the not-so-popular Archwing Defense.

Difficulty, planet progression, and enemy levels have been reassigned to better reflect the modern Solar System.

Dedicated memorials have been set up in Relays to display the names of contributing Founders!


• Specters of the Rail live here - you must show you are worthy to conquer the Junction and ignite its Planetary travel power.
• Junctions link travel - all players new and old must complete the Task list to activate the Junctions for progression and rewards.
• Junctions reward players with Mastery upon completion! Please note this Mastery reward is quite large, and offsets any Mastery points lost in the Star Chart changes of nodes per planet.

What does this mean for Quests?:

In order to improve the flow of progressing through quests, every quest mission is now in a location which was previously completed or unlocked, and only in regions which are unlockable before the quest completion is required. Below you will find a full list of each quest node location including the reordered nodes:

Locations are listed in the order they appear in each quest.

Vor’s Prize:

• Earth E Prime
• Earth Mariana
• Earth Mantle
• Earth Gaia
• Earth Pacific
• Earth Cambria

Note: The first encounter with Vor is now on Earth instead of Mercury (his boss node is still on Mercury)

Once Awake:

• Mercury Terminus
• Mercury MPrime
• Mercury Lares

The Archwing:

• Venus Tessera
• Venus Aphrodite
• Earth Mantle
• Venus E Gate
• Venus Montes

Stolen Dreams:

• Mars Tharsis
• Venus Unda
• Mercury Pantheon
• Phobos Roche (Also changed tileset to Corpus Ship)
• Mars Alator

Howl of the Kubrow:

• Venus Unda
• Earth E Prime
• Earth Gaia

The Limbo Theorem:

• Mars Syrtis
• Earth Cambria
• Mars Martialis
• Europa Ose

Hidden Messages:

• Mars Olympus
• Saturn Calypso
• Sedna Charybdis

Note: All nodes remained the same due to riddle solutions

Patient Zero:

• Eris Naeglar
• Eris Brugia
• Eris Saxis
• Eris Kala-azar
• Eris Xini

The New Strange:

• Ceres Nuovo
• Europa Morax
• Mars Alator
• Mars Tharsis

Note: Chroma part crafting stages were replaced with cheaper to build Chroma beacons. Chroma parts are obtained from Junction rewards later on.


• Earth Gaia
• Saturn Cassini
• Uranus Sycorax
• Uranus Ariel
• Uranus Desdemona

A Man of Few Words:

• Uranus Stephano
• Uranus Caliban
• Uranus Puck

The Jordas Precept:

• Eris Isos

The Second Dream:

• Uranus Umbriel
• Uranus Cressida
• Neptune Neso
• Lua Plato
• Lua Grimaldi

Sands of Inaros:

• Mars Ara

Void 2.0:

Void Fissure: A dynamic occurrence throughout the Origin System - a tear in the world of Void energy from Eras past. Represented in the World State Window and occurs in 4 different tiers.

Void Relic: Ancient Relics that react to Void Fissures to reveal treasures within.

Void Traces: Raw Void energy that drops in the process of uniting Relics and Fissures. Can be used to Refine Void Relics to yield more rare rewards in your Orbiter.

Reactant: Dropped by Void Fissure Corrupted enemies. Collecting enough Reactant will quality the player for a Void Relic reward.

Refinement: The Process of improving the likelihood of Rare rewards from Void Relics.

Era: An old Orokin age.

Lith / Meso / Neo / Axi: 4 Distinct Eras of the Orokin past, all suddenly manifesting through Void Fissures in the Solar Map.
T1 Keys have turned into Lith Era Relics.
T2 Keys have turned into Meso Era Relics.
T3 Keys have turned into Neo Era Relics
T4 Keys have turned into Axi Era Relics.

Void Relic Segment: Found on a Junction, used to Refine Void Relics.

Void Fissures & Relics:

After years of new content releases and updated items to collect, there is a certain irony in calling the Void the “void”. Until Specters of the Rail, getting specific Prime parts was a repetitive and regimented process. Each Tower mission has a corresponding key and reward table, and if you want one of those rewards, you need to stock up on the appropriate key and repeat the same mission until you accomplish your goal. That all changes with the introduction of Relics. Instead of running the same mission repeatedly, Relics allow you to dynamically acquire the rewards you want by playing Fissure missions that appear on any planet, and there will always be Void Fissures active. Collecting cool rewards is a fundamental aspect of Warframe, and this new Void system is designed to make it more fun and immersive - with Void Fissures ripping into the very fabric of the Origin System!

There is not just one 'Void Fissure', Void Fissures can occur again and again as the Void's corrupting energy tears through the Solar System. Fissures spawn dynamically throughout the level near groups of enemies. The Fissure will corrupt any nearby enemies immediately after spawning. This buffs the enemy, and resets their health/shields. It will also spawn a couple Orokin units along with them, some being Eximus after a certain amount of Fissures. Fissures despawn after a period of time.

The corrupted and newly spawned Orokin units have a chance to drop Reactant, which are auto pickups. Once you collect enough, you qualify for the Void Relic reward, and one of your weapons or your Warframe will be buffed for a short period of time based on Era of Void Relic brought. You will be given a random amount of Void Trace as well after collecting enough Reactant. Fissures will continue to spawn throughout the mission.

As a result of this change:

• Syndicate Void Key Pack has changed to Relic Pack.
• Void Key Pack from the Market and Daily Tribute has changed to Relic Pack.
• As for our good friend Baro, his sales/prices will be monitored closely to take new economy into account in terms of Ducat acquisition.
• Access to the Derelicts is remaining the same.
• Your Equipped Relic information will now be shown in the Squad info dropdown box (where Equipped Dragon keys appears).

New Resource - Void Traces!:
To help players acquire higher quality Void Relic's we've introduced a new resource: Void Traces. Void Traces are guaranteed to drop when enough Reactant is collected. Players will be able to spend these in the Void Relic Segment of their Landing Craft to refine Void Relics. While each individual Relic will have a predetermined set of items that can be acquired from within them, their quality level will affect the likelihood of rarer items being received once the Relic is used to seal a Void Fissure.

• Void Traces cap is Mastery Rank based (100 + 50 * MR).
• Traces are given when you get 10/10 Reactant (no relic needed) and rewarded at End of Mission (between a range of 6-30).

The Refinement costs for improving an INTACT Void Relic are as follows:

• EXCEPTIONAL = 25 Void Traces
• FLAWLESS = 50 Void Traces
• RADIANT = 100 Void Traces

Dragon Keys:
Dragon Keys will now require 10 Void Traces to craft instead of Void Keys. Their blueprints have also been moved to a more appropriate place: the Orokin Lab!

How to acquire Relics:
You can get Relics by playing through certain regular mission types (typically endless missions). Any Void Keys you have will be converted into Relics of a similar Era. Relics are not restricted to Towers and precise missions the way Void Keys are, so all Void Keys of a particular Era will be converted into Relics of a similar reward level.

Warframe Mission Sound 2.0:
This Update brings a huge change to the way our distance and obstruction sound works across all of Warframe. All distant sounds now feel properly spatialized and obstructed sounds now have the feeling of walls and more. Each shot, each character sound, each infested squeal will now bring you a more visceral and deep sound experience.
We updated many weapon sounds to have elements that take advantage of this new sound system.

Archwing Overhaul!:

• Archwing has been upgraded to a full six degrees of freedom! Now, you’ll be able to pilot your Archwing like a true flight simulator with full 360 degree yaws and pitches. (Note: submersible missions will still use the old controls)
• New Archwing UI and control bindings to further enhance your flying experience!
• New Eximus Archwing units have been deployed throughout the Origin System!
• Syndicates now offer Archwing components!
• Reduced the total number of Archwing nodes to 8 - one of each type for Grineer and Corpus.

New Archwing Mission Types!:

Archwing Pursuit (Saturn - Pandora)

• Hunt down a heavily defended Grineer Ship and destroy it by fighting through the ship’s defenses, such as: energy shields, turrets, and mines.

Archwing Rush (Phobos - Kepler)

• Reach hostile supply ships and destroy them before they escape. The more ships you destroy within the given time, the greater the reward.

New Archwing Mods & Weapons!:

• Archwing Melee - Agkuza: Tear apart incoming enemies with this massive hooked blade.
• Archwing Primary - Cyngas: Unload deadly accurate bursts of mayhem.
• New Dual Stat Archwing Mods (At full rank):
o Arch-Melee: Meteor Crash - +60% Impact
o Arch-Melee: Nebula Bore - +60% Puncture
o Arch-Melee: Astral Slash - +60% Slash
o Arch-Gun: Comet Blast - +90% Impact
o Arch-Gun: Quasar Drill - +90% Puncture
o Arch-Gun: Zodiac Shred - +90% Slash
• Augments (At full rank):
o Afterburner (Elytron - Core Vent augment) Blast damage ignites exhaust fumes for 12 seconds. Enemies passing through the flames take 500 Heat damage.
o Cold Snap (Itzal - Cosmic Crush augment) The black hole saps the area of heat, freezing enemies in range. Enemies near the black hole are completely frozen for 5 seconds.
o Energy Field (Odonata - Energy Shell augment) Energy Shell applies to allies within 35m.

New Support Archwing: Amesha!:
Transform into a winged guardian!

Get this Archwing today in the Market or Tenno Clan Research!

Watchful Swarm - Tiny drones orbit the Warframe or an ally, and intercept enemy fire.
Benevolent Decoy - Creates beacons that drew enemy fire, converting the damage into healing pulses.
Warding Grace - Renders the Warframe and nearby allies immune to Status Effects, while slowing nearby enemies.
Vengeful Rush - All damage taken is transformed into Energy, while abilities gain enhanced range, duration and power. Affects the Warframe and nearby allies.

• Archwing Inventory system now utilizes our Inventory Slot mechanic. People are grandfathered in who had a large inventory, but future slots will need to be purchased with Platinum. The way this slot Inventory works is as follows:
o Archwings: 4 free, each Slot Purchase gives 1 Slot.
o Weapons: 4 free, each Slot Purchase gives 2 Slots.

Market Overhaul!:

The Warframe Market got a facelift! Two big motivators behind this rework are pretty straight-forward: a) to make it easier to find what you want and to see what’s available; and b) to allow the Market to grow as more content is added in-game. Highlights of this upgrade include better item categories (especially for Cosmetics) and a brand new search function to help you fine-tune your results. A new hide/show owned button will make browsing for new gear a breeze, but for those who need to save up for the big ticket items, the new Wishlist feature will help you keep track of your must-haves. Feeling particularly generous? You can see your friends’ Wishlists and gift them what their heart desires!

A large majority of Market-related complaints we receive relate to the confusion between built items (aka Platinum-purchased) and Blueprints. The current Market set-up can misguide players into thinking that Warframes, Weapons, and Sentinels aren’t craftable in-game, so we condensed the Built items and Blueprints into the same page. Information about build costs, stats, blueprint location, and more, will be separated into 3 tabs on this page to help players learn all they need to know about the item in order to make an informed purchase!

While trying to make the Market work (and look!) better, we made some pricing changes as follows:

Price Revisions:

• Frugal Credits Bundle: 50k Credits for 50 Platinum.
• High Roller Credit Bundle: 175k Credits for 90 Platinum.
• Loki*: 175 Platinum
• Mag*: 75 Platinum

* These prices were swapped to reflect the change in Starter status.

Item Changes/Additions:

• 3 Forma Bundle: 35 Platinum
• 30 Day Resource Booster: 200 Platinum
• Fieldron Sample replaced with Fieldron - 1 for 10 Platinum
• Mutagen Sample replaced with Mutagen Mass - 1 for 10 Platinum
• Detonite Ampule replaced with Detonite Injector - 1 for 10 Platinum

Kavats & Companion System Improvements:
With the introduction of a new species also comes some new features for the Companion system overall! All biological Companions can now roam the ship in their kitten/puppy or adult form, and it's up to you to decide to Mature them with the click of a button – no more mysterious wait times that can't be bypassed.Adorn your faithful companion in the Armor it deserves and enhance it with new Mods!

There are two Unique Breeds of Kavat, the Adarza Kavat and the Smeeta Kavat!

Each Kavat breed will have a set of unique perks:

Adarza Kavats, lethal and sly, have learned the following:

• Cat’s Eye - Adarza Kavat grants increased critical chance to all nearby Tenno for a short duration.
• Reflect – Reflects damage back at attackers with increased lethality.

Smeeta Kavats, aloof but powerful, have learned the following:

• Mischief - Allows Smeeta Kavat to become invisible while a decoy Kavat draws fire by running toward the enemy.
• Charm - Smeeta Kavat bestows its owner with good fortune during the course of a mission.

Kavats can also equip other Companion Mods to help you better customize your newest (and perhaps cutest) companion yet!

New Kavat Mods:

• Sense Danger - The Kavat alerts their master of nearby enemies.
• Territorial Aggression - The Kavat marks their territory, pacifying any wild creature within it.
• Pounce - The Kavat pounces at an enemy, stunning them for a short duration.
• Sharpened Claws - A vicious attack that sunders armour and rends flesh.
• Swipe - Strikes additional enemies and gains increased range. +1 enemies. +0.5m to attack range.

How to Acquire a Kavat
No collar required! Scan 10 x Kavat Genetic Codes from Feral Kavats. These scans grant you a chance on every scan to get a signature.
Once signature is acquired, you will need to research a Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment from your Dojo or purchase one from the Market to house your new Kavat Companion!

New Kavat Customizations:

Wysar Kavat Armor and Saraba Kavat Armor

New Lore System: Fragments:

A new world of Lore awaits!
Mysterious Fragments have been found scattered across the Solar System. Scanning these will unlock information in your Codex that expands on the nature of the Warframe universe. Each unlocked fragment comes with beautiful concept art that can be displayed on your Landing Craft Displays.

See the Codex > Universe > Fragments to get started!

Added Displays:
The Louvre, The Met - and now, The Orbiter. Create your own art exhibit chez vous (too french?) with the new Orbiter Gallery! Whether your skills come from Instagram, Photoshop, or Snapchat, use filters, cropping, and other editing tools to customize each Display how you’d like!

Each picture can be Displayed in a variety of formats:

• Arc
• Landscape
• Tondo
• Poster
• Convex
• Concave
• Wrap
• Squared
• Panoramic

The world might be your canvas, but space is limitless - besides, we can’t all be painters.

New Weapons & Stance!:

• The Okina are here! This Tenno Sai can be yours today by either visiting the Market to acquire the full weapon, or in your Tenno Lab research!!
• New Dual Dagger Stance: Spinning Needle

Melee Holstering customization is here!:

We’re taking Fashion Frame to the next level with user-customizable melee offsets! If you’re the kind of Tenno who needs to get your Skana looking just right, you’ll now have the option to tweak the rotation and offset of your melee weapons to perfection.

ADI Holster Collection (purchase through the Market):

A collection of alternate styles for holstering and drawing a range of melee weapons.

Item Linking in Chat!:

Item linking is a popular pastime in many MMOs, and now you’ll be able to link items in Warframe’s chat by typing “[“ plus the name of the item you wish to link! Clicking the link will open a description of that item. We hope this will also help the [Flow] when trading your [Spare Parts]!

General Additions:

• Your Arsenal will now display the corresponding skin icon when equipped rather than the underlying Warframe.
• Completely revisited old tilesets and added new rare loot spawn points for Syndicate Medallions and more. This should also fix issues with some missions only having 3 or so Syndicate Medallions to collect.
• The Alert generator has had some trimming done with the removal of Void Keys and some Credit Alerts which ultimately reduces the time it takes to complete an Alert Cycle from approximately 15 days to approximately 10 days. All Credit Alerts now have a chance to spawn with a random Fusion Core as well. With this faster Cycling through Alerts, you should see more things you want return faster!
• Added Operator Customization improvements. A Secondary Face can now be chosen to blend between two different looks with a slider for more customizable features.
• Added a new experimental graphics quality option for Temporal Anti-Aliasing. This can be enabled in the options menu.
• Added a new 'Wave Cleared' sound for Defense missions.
• Added FX polish across a variety of weapons & abilities.
• Added new loading screen tips!
• Added custom weapon reloads to a variety of weapons that were re-using old reloads (Snipetron, Embolist, ec).
• Added minimap portrait icons to the UI to show you which Warframe a player in your Squad is using at a minimap level.
• Added the “Invert Tap/Hold Abilities” option in your settings. You may now chose to either tap to cycle and hold to fire, or invert to hold to cycle and tap to fire.
• Added the ability to filter by Co-Op and Conclave when browsing through Mods.
• Added a UI message when reaching the daily Simaris Standing limit.
• Added an audio and visual FX to players when they are targeted by Executioner Harkonar.

Lunaro + Conclave Changes, Additions & Fixes:

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PvE/PvP Stance Alterations + New PvP Melee Stance Mods:

We've decided to remove the functionality of PvE stances within Conclave matches. This design choice was implemented as we felt the current moveset provided by the PvE stances didn't quite fit the feel of our PvP gameplay. Using animations from existing melee Stances, alternative versions have been created with a focus on gap closing moves and shorter combos to better fit the pace of Warframe Conclave.
A list of these new Conclave Melee Stance mods can be found below. Each of these mods can be purchased from Teshin at Rank 1.

• Argent Scourge (Polearm)
• Biting Piranha (Dual Daggers)
• Celestial Nightfall (Glaive)
• Crashing Havoc (Hammer)
• Crashing Timber (Staves)
• Cunning Aspect (Rapier)
• Dividing Blades (Dual Sword)
• Fateful Truth (Katana)
• Lashing Coil (Whip)
• Last Herald (Sword and Shield)
• Mafic Rain (Nunchaku)
• Noble Cadence (Heavy Blade)
• Piercing Fury (Dagger)
• Quaking Hand (Fists)
• Rending Wind (Machete)
• Rising Steel (Sword)
• Scarlet Hurricane (Claws)
• Shadow Harvest (Scythe)
• Star Divide (Tonfa)
• Tainted Hydra (Sword + Whip)
• Vicious Approach (Fists + Feet)

All melee weapons available in Conclave have had their damage adjusted to work with their new stances.

Abilities & Augments vs Nullifiers:

We’ve added some changes to Nullifiers - rather, we’ve fixed how they affect others on the battlefield. We've gone over every player ability and augment to provide predictable interactions with Nullifier bubbles and ability immune enemies. Below are the rules that we have adhered by to offer a consistent avenue for players to strategize against foes in-battle.

• Abilities will not affect players or enemies within a Nullifier bubble.
• Effects of an ability on both players and enemies will be removed when entering Nullifier bubbles.
• A Warframe’s active abilities will be deactivated upon entering a Nullifier bubble.
• Projectiles spawned by an ability will be deflected when they encounter a Nullifier bubble. For example, Ember’s Fireball and Ash’s Shuriken will be deflected.
• Abilities that exist independent of their creator will not be deactivated if the Warframe enters a nullifier, but will be destroyed if touched by the bubble itself. For example, Frost’s Snowglobe will not disappear when Frost enters the bubble, but will be destroyed if the bubble comes into contact with the Snowglobe sphere.

Interception Changes & Fixes:

• Adjusted the enemy counts for each mission; in most cases the spawn counts were increased.
• Improved enemy tactics to better plan assaults on player-controlled towers; by staging units ahead of time they can be more effective and draw the action to different points around the map.
• Changed how the different types of enemy unit are sent into the fray. Historically you'd see higher-tier units mid-way through the first round and there would be no escalation after that; you should now see more infantry in the first round and then more support and heavy units if you chose to stay to intercept more transmissions.
• Tuned the enemy tables to fix the cases where certain levels were 50% enemies that couldn't capture points (eg: Drones).
• Corrupted Vor in T4 Interception will no longer delay the end of round countdown (just the end of round) so that if he's the last enemy you aren't stuck waiting as long.
• Fixed the problem where low-level Interception missions were flooded with Eximus’.
• Added an Interception Mission to Sedna, Berehynia.

Kubrow Changes:

• Removed unintended connection between Critical Chance and Kubrow base damage (this only worked for domesticated Kubrows; Kavats, and hostile companions did not have this behavior).
• Increased Kubrow's base damage 150% and base Critical Damage multiplier from 1.6x to 3x so that for a Kubrow fitted with Rank 10 Maul Mod and Rank 10 Bite Mod the average damage would be almost exactly the same as before.


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New PS4 Trophies:
This Is What You Are - Fully unlock a Focus skill tree (Silver)
Liberator - Set 10 Hostages free without triggering the execution timer (Bronze)

Nekros Changes:

  • Desecrate is now a toggle ability! Energy (or Health if you use the Despoil Augment) are consumed on Desecration.
  • Corpses that enter the Desecrate radius will be eligible for desecration. The first corpse 'heats up' slowly for a couple seconds and then the rest occur in rapid succession (like popcorn).
  • Each enemy desecrated will now cost 10 Energy (or Health if the Despoil Augment is equipped). This is affected by Efficiency Mods.
  • Health orbs are no longer guaranteed drops from Desecrated corpses. They are now tied in with the chance for additional loot drops.
Shadows of the Dead:

  • The number of Shadows spawned has been reduced to 7 and is no longer affected by Mods. This is a necessary change for performance on all platforms. To compensate for this, Nekros now spawns stronger Shadows prioritized by heavy unites killed with Shield multiplier and draw aggro more heavily.
  • Shadows now live until they die with Health decay over time that is affected by Duration instead of Strength.
  • Shadows of the Dead can be recast while active to spawn new Shadows to replace dead ones, and refill the Health/Shields of the current Shadows.
  • *Recasting Shadows of the Dead will also teleport your Shadows to you within limits. (if they are >10m and <40m away)
  • The Shield of Shadows Augment has been reviewed to maintain efficacy with these changes.
  • Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead Augment - Shield of Shadows - now displays current % damage mitigation as a HUD buff. *Please note that the % scales with power strength.

Hotfix August 16th

- Fixed flipped emblem while using Obsidian Dendra armor
- Changed Nekros’ Despoil Augment to reflect his Desecrate changes.
- Removed unnecessary Anti-aliasing option.
- Fixed Nekros' Desecrate sound not playing and the FX showing when not needed.
- Fixed Sortie missions switching to incorrect Factions.
- Fixed seeing 'Daily Mission Bonus' on the End of