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PS3 Sony At Gamescom 2012


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12 Mar 2012
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Yesterday Sony had their press conference at Gamescon 2012 in Cologne, Germany. We take a look at what was announced.

Playstation Vita
There was a big focus on the Playstation Vita with new titles shown, cross-buy announced and bundles revealed.

Tearaway is a paper-based game from LittleBigPlanet developers Media Molecule; picture the amazing Okami but using the multitouch system of the Vita. e.g. being able to push on the back of the device and "your finger" appears in the game world. Looks a grand romp for those on the go.

Other new titles include Killzone Mercenaries, Assassins Creed 3 Liberation and Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified. More details on characters in PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale were revealed.

Two Playstation Vita Bundles, one with LittleBigPlanet Vita and the other with Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified will be available.

Firmware 1.18 is coming to the PS Vita and from 28 August this will bring the ability to play select PS One classics on the handheld. Titles confirmed so far are Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil 2.

Vita Cross-Buy is a new feature to that may encourage PS3 owners to purchase a PS Vita. Coming later this year, if you buy a compatible game for either the PlayStation 3 or PS Vita, you’ll be able to download the other console version at no additional cost. Titles confirmed to support this are PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, Ratchet & Clack: QForce and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

Finally, cross-controller DLC is coming for LittleBigPlanet on the PS3 which allows you to use the PS Vita as a controller and second screen. The demonstration showed it being used as a mini-map revealing hidden dangers in a level and using the touch screen to move blocks on the main screen.

Playstation 3
There seemed to be less time spent solely on the PS3 at the conference. However several titles were shown, some new and some with additional information.

Wonderbook was again talked about. Book of Spells, co-written by J.K. Rowling was again shown along with a new title, Diggs Nightcrawler. It was also revealed that two new partners are working on Wonderbook projects - BBC Worldwide with Walking with Dinosaurs and Disney with The Muppets and Toy Story.

A new trailer for The Last of Us was shown. It reminded me very much of Uncharted but set in a different environment. That's no surprise though as it is developed by Naughty Dog.

Three new titles were also revealed.

The first title is Puppeteer from Sony's Japan Studio. Inspired by the need to re-awaken the developer's son's imagination, it's about a puppet that loses its head and can change the world using other heads like Worzel Gummidge. It looks like a grand platform game/story. Visuals do seem to be "3D" in their exaggeration so expect to see support for Sony TV's as well.

Also coming from Japan Studio is Rain, a dark, atmospheric and stylish new PSN title.

Finally, Until Dawn is a new teenage horror game created specifically with the Move control system in mind. We Know What They Did Last Summer, Scream, Blair Witch, Ringo Remake. Although it's described as teenage it looks distinctly adult near the end of the trailer!

Playstation Plus
Sony revealed that the PS Plus Cloud storage limit will be raised from 150Mb to 1Gb! No more picking and choosing which games to have automatic backup applied.

September's free game will be Red Dead Redemption.

For a two-week period in September, new subscribers to Playstation Plus will be able to purchase it at a 25% discount.

Playstation Plus will be extended to include the PS Vita platform.

PS3 Essentials
Sony announces that later this year they will be launching a range of existing titles at a reduced price of €19.99 (which may equate to £15.99). PS3 Essentials essentially seems to be the same as platinum titles, so it's not clear if this is an additional range or a re-branding.

Playstation Mobile
Playstation Mobile launches in the autumn on a variety of PlayStation supported devices, which include Android phones and tablets.There will be a number of titles from both large and indie developers available.

It was an interesting conference to watch and good to see the Vita developments in the pipeline as well as what's coming for Playstation Mobile. Developments on the Playstation 3 platform where perhaps underwhelming apart from Wonderbook which does look great and has a lot of potential but is clearly aimed at a younger audience.


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28 Jun 2012
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Sony seem to be trying to focus our attention on buying a VITA. Which is underatandable as the PS3 has lost them millions. Side tracking a bit, I have no need for a VITA , and would only consider buying one if they put a mobile phone chip in one. No need for BOTH a phone and a hand held games console. I find games on a mobile a bit lite and the screens too small so dont think Playstation Mobile will do it for me.. Going the other way and putting a phone on a larger hand held console would work for me.