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Multi Skyrim, Doom and Fallout 4 get VR release dates

Discussion in 'Shooting & Action Adventure' started by Martok, 23 Aug 2017.

  1. Martok

    Martok Board Game Addict
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    12 Mar 2012
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    HTC calls Fallout 4 VR an exclusive, but for how long?

    Bethesda has revealed the release dates of its three impending VR titles.

    First up there's Skyrim VR, slated for a 17th November release on PSVR.

    Next, there's Doom VFR, arriving 1st December on PSVR and HTC Vive.

    Finally, there's Fallout VR, coming 12th October to HTC Vive.

    Previously Bethesda said that it would like to support "as many platforms as we can" when it comes to VR releases. That said, HTC tweeted that "Fallout 4 VR will be released exclusively on the $599 @htcvive on Dec 12th."

    It's unclear if that means it's exclusive forever or just a timed exclusive. We've reached out to Bethesda for a comment on that.

    Our Ian Higton tried Fallout VR at E3 last year, but he found the bare bones demo underwhelming. "While it worked well enough as a quick experience, it was not on a par with other VR demos I've tried, and it did leave me wondering if, and how, Bethesda will be able to tailor the full Fallout 4 experience to the Vive," he wrote at the time.

    Source: Skyrim, Doom and Fallout 4 get VR release dates
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  2. IamNumber6

    IamNumber6 It's not me, it's my brain!
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    7 Jul 2014
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    Ooo! The big question now is were do I get the spondoolies for a Vive headset. Now at a reduced price of £599, which is still a hefty price for a piece of tech, the rift would make a better choice at £399 but until devs start supporting both mediums I ain't parting with any cash.
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