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Signature Guidelines

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Senior Gamers encourages all members to add a signature to your profile for use in posts. You can add one by clicking on your name in the menu bar and then clicking on Signature.

We have a few guidelines in place to ensure that signatures don't detract from posts on the forums. There are also some limitations in place that will mean that you can't use some of the features found in forum posts in signatures - for example lists or embedded videos.

Please note that having a signature is a privilege not a right. Staff will remove any signatures that cause slow page loads, use derogatory terms or profanity or for any other reason that we deem the signature to be unsuitable. We may then impose a temporary or permanent ban on the use of signatures for offenders.

Signature guidelines summary
In your signature you may have 1 image and 60 characters of text. The text can be placed above or below the image. You may also have 1 hyperlink in your signature. Please see below for more guidance.

Image size
The maximum image size is:

  • Image dimensions are based on those of the official PlayStation Portable ID
  • If the height or width of your image exceeds the maximum size, your signature will automatically be scaled to fit within these dimensions
  • Images found to be above a file size of 100KB may be removed. Keeping them small means faster loading times for other members, especially those accessing the site using mobile connections
  • Animated images are not permitted

You may also have 60 characters of text either on its own or accompanying an image.
  • The number of characters is based on making the length of the line of text no longer than the maximum length of a signature image
  • You can use text formatting (bold, italic, etc), change the font style, font size (up to a maximum of size 3, anything above this will be ignored) and font colour
  • You may include up to 3 smilies in signatures
The system will either give you an error message or ignore anything that exceeds the above settings for text.

You may have one hyperlink in your signature. You may hyperlink an image or text. Hyperlinks can be used for various purposes including to your game statistics on another website or to another gaming community. Hyperlinks to other websites or sources that are deemed unsuitable (e.g. illegal downloads, racist material etc) will be removed.

Sig Content
For self-created sigs we encourage members to include [SNR] and/or the [SNR] logo within the image content of your sig. If you are using the PSN official sig or others like those from PlayFire we would encourage you put the Senior Gamers URL or a Senior Gamers type comment in your "about me" section in the PSN account management so that this shows in your sig. However, this is not a requirement.

Hosting Sigs
We would like to host your sigs for you! Why? For you, it means you don't have to worry about finding somewhere to host them yourselves. For us, it means that where you use the sig elsewhere (e.g. PlayStation forums or other communities) it provides links back to Senior Gamers, helping us with our Google Ranking. The one request that we make for sigs that we host for you is that you include [SNR] and/or the [SNR] logo within the image content of your sig. If you would like us to host your sig, please upload it to the Signatures category in the Media Gallery.
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