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Sig Resizing 'bug'


Senior Citizen
26 Jun 2012
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Not a very big deal, but when the sigs get resized and you have the option to click on them to see the full sized sig the background colour doesn't match, probably just needs changed to transparent, or possibly white so it matches the post background.

Obviously this only becomes apparent on sigs that use transparency such as Halo's excellent BF3 sig.


Board Game Addict
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Senior Citizen
12 Mar 2012
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Nice spot, Col.

I've had a little play around with this now:

The background to the sig is also used on the background of other images in posts. If you look at the Senior Gamers 1st Annual Meet 2013 when viewing on a smaller screen, you also get the option to click on these to see them full size. When you do, you'll see that the full-sized image can overlap other elements in the post. A good example of this is the photo of Bertie just above the bowling scores. Now if an image contains a transparency and I set the background to transparent, then you would see the contents of the post behind the transparent parts of the image if it overlapped, which of course wouldn't look great. So, it would seem better to change the background colour to white instead. However, as you'll notice at smaller resolutions, the full-sized signature and indeed any other images in posts will stick out onto the background of the page at the right. Using a white background for the image makes for a more stark contrast over this part of the page than the current colour.

So it's a no-win whichever option we go for. Therefore for now I'll leave it as it is but I'll have a think to see if there's anything else that can be done.
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