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PS4 Reel in free-to-play PS4 fishing simulator Fishing Planet from 29th August

Discussion in 'PlayStation Hardware & Other Games' started by Martok, 24 Aug 2017.

  1. Martok

    Martok Board Game Addict
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    12 Mar 2012
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    Expect 12 scenic waterways, 72 fish species and 1000s of tackle combos

    Greetings to everyone who is as hung up on fishing as much as we are! Which is why we put so much time and effort into creating our super realistic and life-like fishing simulator – Fishing Planet, coming to PS4 on 29th August.

    Prepare immerse yourself in the fantastic world of fishing without having to leave your couch; a fishing adventure that’s absolutely free and requires only your PS4 console!

    12 breathtakingly beautiful fishing destinations
    All of the game’s waterways and fishing destinations are based on real-life locations: beautiful landscapes, mountain scenery, dense forests, rivers and lakes, etc…

    How ‘about heading straight to Lake Michigan or traveling to the sunny state of Florida or even exploring snowy Canadian wilderness? Fishing Planet makes it possible with one click!

    Choose from 12 scenic waterways with mesmerizing beauty, varying climatic conditions, bottom relief and vegetation – already waiting for you!


    And then, of course, there is the fish!
    Lots of fish! In fact, over 72 different kinds of fish. We put a lot of heart into recreating the actual habits and appearance of these amazing creatures, breathing virtual life into a vast variety of fish for you to catch as trophies. All of them with their own unique behaviour patterns that’ll challenge your fishing skills and tackle mastery. Just like in real life, you must carefully consider which tackle to use, what bait to choose and how to make your casts and retrieves.


    Next thing is the tackle
    We prepared thousands of awesome tackle combos for you to choose from. And just as in real life – all tackle is designed according to its own unique physics and characteristics, even including features like wear-and-tear: rod blanks, lines and reels can all break and take damage depending on their individual parameters. This also means a fully realistic environment for aero- and hydrodynamics for lures and retrieves.

    Now you can head out on a realistic fishing adventure anywhere, anytime – without even leaving your home or office, provided you have a console at hand! What is even more, Fishing Planet is an actual simulator using real-life knowledge of fishing techniques and can be used to train and further improve your actual skills.

    And it doesn’t stop there! After all, fishing is an extremely competitive sport, that’s why we prepared some exciting events for you.


    Take part in exciting tournaments and competitions!
    We host various thrilling events on a regular basis – all with their unique focus on specific kinds of fish and angling techniques, so that you can have fun competing with your family and friends or other anglers from all over the world!


    Well, this is a short overview of what you can expect to get on 29th August. Our whole team can’t wait to share Fishing Planet with you – a deep and detailed world that we have built and put our hearts and minds into.

    We hope to see you have some fantastic fishing adventures. If you have any questions – just ask!

    Source: Reel in free-to-play PS4 fishing simulator Fishing Planet from 29th August
  2. IamNumber6

    IamNumber6 It's not me, it's my brain!
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    7 Jul 2014
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    As a simulator does this mean you sit in front of the console all day and don't catch a bloody thing until it either goes dark or it pee's it down :lol:
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