PS4 (PS4) The Old Blood: Update 26.0.6 Status: Launches Today! 19:00 approx


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2 Jun 2014
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Although most here don't play anymore it's definitely worth the log in to get these rewards which you might want down the line, or even to give to those of us who still play occasionally :D

I won't bother copying the whole update notes but here's the 'gifts' and alerts that will be available.

Thank You Gifts: Inbox Messages & Alerts

With Update 26.0.6: The Old Blood you can look forward to a friendly in-game Inbox message with a few items from us to you. We know you’ve put a lot of time and resources into some of the things we’re changing (Melee, Vauban, Ember, etc), so you’ll be able to enjoy these free items by logging in sometime after the Update launches:

  • 3 Forma
  • 7-Day Affinity Booster
  • PLUS to those eligible (MR 3+ and account created before we announced the Legendary Core on October 18th) 1x Legendary Core will be delivered in a separate Inbox message! This criteria is necessary to avoid awarding dormant accounts that could use this gift to abuse trading.

There will also be a total of eight time-limited Alerts also going live sometime after the Update launches - we will announce live times in the official update thread for The Old Blood.

  • 3x Melee Only Alerts - Reward: Forma
  • 4x Alerts on Sedna - Rewards: One of the four unrefined Requiem Relics.
    • Since completing The War Within quest is required to access the Kuva Fortress, these alerts are only available to those that have completed the Sedna Junction and Sedna’s Nodes.
  • 1x Alert for the “Grendel in Action” Glyph!