PS4 PS4 Plains of Eidolon Remaster: Update 24.8.1


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29 Jun 2012
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Plains of Eidolon Remaster: Update 24.8.1 has just been sent to Cert! We’ve got some gneiss stuff coming your way, sure to rock your world. Atlas is looking boulder and better than ever with his Deluxe collection, we’ve got new Augment Mods, TennoGen, and more! We’ve included everything from PC Update 24.7.0 to Hotfix 24.8.1, making the download size for this update roughly ~1.7 GB.

Once we have passed cert, we will share the good news and an official launch date with you here and on the usual Warframe channels.
Let's take a look at what Plains of Eidolon Remaster: Update 24.8.1 will bring:
Shake the earth with this collection of deluxe items for Atlas that includes the Atlas Karst Skin, Tecton Sparring Skin and Stratum Syandana.
As promised, our first TennoGen Round 15 bundle is arriving with this Update! It includes the following creations by talented artists from the community:
As a reminder from our previous status update, our goal with TennoGen has not changed: We want to have transfers of the same items launch across PS4, XB1, and Nintendo Switch. Delays aren’t something we’re happy with, and efforts are being made to prevent the kind of delay we saw with Round 14 from happening again.
For Round 16, and onward, we are intending to transfer a curated list of items from each round. We’ll be transferring additional items from them in the future as well, like what we’re doing with Round 14, but we can’t make any promises at this time on pacing. However! We are in the final stages of the transfer process for a handful of Round 14 items to come in a future update.
Thank you!

  • Garuda (Dread Mirror) Dread Ward: Become unkillable for 5s when Dread Mirror kills a target by ripping its life force.
  • Revenant (Reave) Blinding Reave: Enemies hit are blinded by fog for 10s.
  • Nidus (Virulence) Teeming Virulence: Hitting 4 enemies with Virulence grants 120% Primary Weapon Critical Chance for 15s.
  • Khora (Strangledome) Pilfering Strangledome: Enemies held in Strangledome have a 65% chance of dropping additional loot.
The rules of Arbitration death are shifting: in this update players can still be downed with no bleedout timer, but a Revive tower will instead be placed at the player’s spot of death. If any squadmate is awaiting Revival, the Arbitration Drones will begin dropping unique pickups known as a “Resurgence Burden”. These pickups function similar to Index points (otherwise known as “Financial Stress”), debuffing the players who carry them.
In order to revive a player, 5 of these Resurgence Burdens must be taken to their tower simultaneously. These 5 pickups can be delivered by one or multiple squadmates, but cannot be “dropped off” at the tower - it’s all or nothing!
The following Arbitration changes from Hotfix 24.8.1 have been included in this update.


  • In an effort to increase visibility, both the Arbitration Shield Drone beam and Resurgence Burden colors have been changed to a more orange hue! We’ve also cranked up the contrast and added a more recognizable pulsing FX.
  • Resurgence Burdens are not affected by Vacuum.
  • All Resurgence Burdens are removed if the player needing revival leaves/dies, and if you die while carrying Resurgence Burdens.

You will soon be able to spend Vitus Essence in the Arbitrations Market to purchase the following NEW rewards:
  • Aura Forma Blueprint: Craft an Aura Forma to modify an Aura slot on a Warframe to be compatible with any Mod Polarity.
  • Archgun Rivens (if you are below your Riven cap)
  • Amprex Telos Skin
  • Atomos Telos Skin
  • Atterax Telos Skin
  • Illumina Judicium: A similar Emote style to the TennoCon 2019 Emote, the Illumina Judicium displays your true dedication to Arbitrations with a looping Vitus Illumina Glyph whilst doing an angsty Meditation pose.
  • Judicial Oculus: Eyewear created by the Arbiters for those they deem worthy.
General Arbitrations Changes:
  • Removed custom enemy level scaling from Defense, Survival, Interception, Excavation, Defection, and Infested Salvage modes in Arbitrations. Enemy scaling now mirrors normal Endless missions that increase as the missions progresses.
  • Reduced Vitus Essence crafting cost for the Amber Star Blueprint from 2 to 1.
General Additions:
  • The Ventkids Clubhouse Scene will be added to the Ventkids Offerings!
  • Added a HUD buff icon to the Synth Reflex Mod.
Secondary Energy Color Changes and Fixes:
  • Added Secondary Energy color to Nova’s Wormhole ability.
  • Added a short FX that appears in the Arsenal as an effort to help display how your chosen Secondary Energy color will blend with your Warframe’s abilities.
  • Fixed Secondary Energy color not applying to numerous Melee weapons if the primary Energy color was default.
  • Fixed the Ki’Teer Sekhara being extremely bright after the Secondary Energy color update.
  • Fixed lens flares not properly applying the Secondary Energy color (noticeable when casting Mesa’s Ballistic Battery/Shooting Gallery).
  • Fixed Warframe Helmets not using the full Primary Energy color if defaults are applied, or if you just have the Primary chosen.
  • Fixed Clients only seeing primary Energy color on Syandanas.
  • Fixed Random Colors in the Arsenal giving you a Secondary Energy color.
  • Fixed Secondary Energy not being inherited by Exalted weapons (Excalibur’s Exalted Blade, etc).
Tusk Thumper Changes & Fixes:
  • Tusk Thumper Doma will drop Spring-Loaded Blade and Kinetic Diversion instead of Target Acquired and Stinging Thorn.
  • Increased the Tusk Thumper encounter chances and lowered the encounter cooldown from 180-240s to 90-120s.
  • Converted the Tusk Thumper’s Health class from ‘Cloned Flesh’ to a more appropriate ‘Hulking Armor’ class.
  • Fixed cases of extremely high damage breaking Tusk Thumper, making it impossible to destroy, such as the Tusk Thumper remaining alive after destroying it and excess damage from shooting off the armor plates going towards the main Health bar.
  • Fixed Tusk Thumper despawning if it or players moved too far from where it originally spawned.
  • Fixed the Tusk Thumper’s damage reduction not applying to all hit types
  • Fixed a script error that could occur after killing the Thumper, such as Operator Amps.
Toroid Changes:
We are making some changes to Calda, Sola, and Vega Toroid Acquisition to simply act as an added chance / change of scenery for acquiring Toroids.
  • Calda Toroids have a 20% chance to drop from Scyto Raknoids.
  • Sola Toroids have a 20% chance to drop from Kyta Raknoids.
  • Vega Toroids have a 1% chance to drop from Mite Raknoids.
General Changes:
  • Over 20 Melee and Primary weapons/Skins are receiving the PBR treatment! From Spearmint Scythe to Tigris, our art team has been updating our back catalog!
  • Changed the Korrudo Riven Disposition to 1 (previously 0.5).
  • Limbo's Banish ability timer will now immediately expire if all Banished enemies are killed before the timer counts down (for real this time).
  • Tweaks to bring Limbo’s Rift FX to a happy medium between different levels of environment exposure.
  • Added an instant recast to Nyx’s Psychic Bolts which simply selects 6 new targets and despells on older targets automatically.
  • Renamed Hildryn's Shield Pillage ability to simply Pillage to not overshadow the Armor stripping functionality. Hildryn’s Pillage Arsenal SHIELD DRAIN stat now reads as "DRAIN".
  • Capped multi purchases for Syndicate stores that use currency other than Standing (e.g. Nightwave, Nakak) to what can be afforded with currently owned Resources.
  • Assassin type enemies (Wolf of Saturn Six, Stalker, Syndicate, etc) will no longer choose to appear as you’re extracting.
  • Added Wolf Hammer component Blueprint drops to the Sentient Wolf, and increased the drop chance to match the regular Wolf table. Previously was a 25% chance for the Wolf Hammer Blueprint to drop, now it's a 35% chance for either the Blueprint or one of its components to drop.
  • Changed the 'Wolf Howl' Emote to play howling sounds (only audible for the local player).
  • Changed the Conservationist Nightwave Challenge description to clarify ‘Perfect Animal Captures in Orb Vallis’ instead of ‘Perfect Animal Captures’.
  • Changed the Ascension Altar and the Clan Vault to be displayed on the Clan Dojo minimap.
  • Removed duplicate Spoiled Strike Mod entry from the Orokin Vault rewards table.
  • Removed duplicate Fast Deflection Mod from some Defense and quest node reward tables.
  • Moved spawn location of a Kuva Siphon to prevent the Kuva cloud from getting stuck under staircases in the Corpus Outpost tileset.
  • Made Captura and dynamic skies play nicer together! Much of Cetus or Vallis FX were lost in the Captura settings, which should be fixed now!
  • Widened the wall gap for the purpose of Warframe size sliding in the Lua tileset.
  • Slightly reduced the fog in the Grineer Forest tileset.
  • Changed Hildryn Collection’s to indicate that "Gravimag deployment requires gear obtained from the Profit Taker missions in Fortuna."
  • Swapped mentions of PRIMARY/SECONDARY to ACTIVE/INACTIVE, and MAKE PRIMARY to ACTIVATE in the Focus manager UI screen.
  • Reduced the "Join Squad" message size to avoid overlapping in UI.
  • Fixed Nekros’ Soul Punch not counting towards Challenges that count Revives.
  • Fixed Khora Strangledome ability timer not appearing on the UI when dying and respawning.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Sleight of Hand ability confusing Pets equipped with Scavenge.
  • Fixed Void Dash colliding with Snowglobe.
  • Fixed recasting Nidus’ Ravenous in new a location not properly recalculating Maggot explosions.
  • Fixed Inaros & Nidus being given Shields from ally Shield Ospreys.
  • Fixed Harrow Condemn slamming you to the ground if you are within 8m above it (before slam changes it only prevented cast when in air above 8m).
  • Fixed Hildryn attempting to give her Balefire to Rescue/Defense Targets.
  • Fixed inability to damage the Juggernaut with Hildryn’s Balefire.
  • Fixed inability to Melee after casting Hildryn’s Balefire right when a Glaive weapon returns.
  • Fixed Equinox’s Metamorphosis Ability Day/Night stats being flipped in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed having no Shields in Archwing if Inaros or Nidus are equipped.
  • Fixed Corrupted Vor no longer doing his monologue if you had Creator Mode enabled (sometimes without).
  • Fixed The Index breaking if a player dies and then disconnects before they respawn.
  • Fixed dying as Operator while using Guardian Shell causing players to be unable to Transfer back to Operator.
  • Fixed doing a double Melee slam attack when Dual Wielding with a Glaive.
  • Fixed perpetually spinning when Dual Wielding with a Glaive.
  • Fixed the Synth Mod Set Bonus resulting in your weapon reload stopping and Synth icon stuck for a Client players after Operator mode.
  • Fixed the Zephyr Tengu Helmet having an outstanding inconsistent Oxium crafting cost in relation to other Warframe Helmets. It will be switched to require 2 Neurodes instead of 2 Oxium.
  • Fixed the Korb Blueprint requiring 55 Fish Scales by swapping it to 50 Fish Oil.
  • Fixed the Cena Apparel Blueprint and Vahd Apparel Blueprint requiring 5 Cetus Wisps by swapping it to 5 Eidolon Gems.
  • Fixed the Proboscis Mod having no further benefits when Ranking up past 3.
  • Fixed Operator's initial Void Dash being frequently interrupted by Void Aegis and may require repeats to travel.
  • Fixed Pet Companions being killed in the middle of a jump across a forced-teleport volume becoming unrecoverable, due to Pets being exempt from teleporting.
  • Fixed Beam weapons and Gunblades not affecting the Bursting Mass Mod damage on detonate.
  • Fixed the Oberon Wendigo Skin having incorrect textures when ‘Toggle Prime Parts’ is enabled.
  • Fixed Archguns being sorted by both name and if it's in the presence of a Gravimag
  • Fixed Sawgaw Codex images appearing as Condrocs.
  • Fixed cases of Caches in the Plains spawning in the ground.
  • Fixed some waypoints flip flopping around you in Lua tileset (more fixes required).
  • And more!
Additional notes:
  • Warframe Emissive Energy inheriting Secondary Energy:
    • This was introduced in Hotfix 24.7.1, but was reverted in 24.7.2 because we missed the mark on our first attempts! Since we’ve included Hotfix 24.7.2, emissive energy inheriting secondary energy will not be included in this update. You can expect a way more in-depth colour customization to in a future update, check it out here!
  • The following from Hotfix 24.7.3will be coming in the next update as it requires more time and attention to implement for PS4 players (working around a button mapped command):
    • "A Clan Dojo Map Legend can now be accessed by pressing the \ key when viewing the Map (can be changed under ‘Customize Key Bindings’)!


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2 Jun 2014
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Not a fan of the Atlus Skin at all. Like I wasn't for the similar Nidus one by the same designer. I do quiet like the early concept art Khora one they've done shown on the recent Dev stream though.

Definitely like the look of the Nidus Tennogen skin and will probably get that at some point. The Garudu one is tempting too but not sure I play Garuda enough to warrant a purchase.

Khoras' Pilfering Augment already has a build waiting for it but not fussed about the other ones really.

Haven't played Arbitrations in so long the rewards make barely any difference but we'll see. Also heard mostly bad feedback about the changes so no rush to find out personally.


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29 Jun 2012
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I do them when i can find randoms cos I still need the endo.