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Promoting threads to the front page


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12 Mar 2012
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Full members (Senior Citizens) have the capability of promoting threads they have started to the front page of the website. This is useful if a full member has written a review of a game, an interesting news story or any other article that they think is worth flagging up on the front page for everyone to see.

Posts that appear on the front page will appear with the author's name, the date & time the post was promoted, the first part of the post (if a long post), the number of views and likes the post has had, how many replies in the thread (comments) and how many times the post has been shared via Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook.


Promoting a Thread
To promote a thread that you have started, click on the Promote Thread button that appears at the top right of the thread. This will bring up a dialogue box:


Promotion Icons
Promotion icons appear at the top right of the post on the front page. There are 3/4 options to choose from:
  • Default Promotion Hierarchy - this will use the first image in the post
  • Avatar: Username - this uses the avatar of the person who wrote the post
  • Attached Files: - this option is available if there are files attached to the post. Select the attached file you would like to use as the promotion icon.
  • Disable Promotion Icon - none will be used.
Promotion Date
By default, the promotion date is set to the date and time that the post was written. This can be changed if you don't want the post to appear immediately on the front page (e.g. you can set it to appear on the front page at a later time or date). It is also useful for promoting older threads to the front page as you can set the date and time to now which will put the promoted thread at the top of the front page (threads will always appear in descending date order so leaving the original date and time would mean it would appear further down the front page).

Once you have chosen the relevant options, click on the Promote Thread button and it will appear on the front page!

If you wish to change any settings once you have promoted a post, simply return to the thread and click on the Promote Options button at the top right of the thread. Change any settings you wish and then click on the Promote Thread button again to make the changes.

Clicking on the Delete Promotion button will remove the thread from the front page.

Breaking posts on the front page
Front page articles will display the first 1000 characters in the post. The rest can be read by clicking on the Continue reading... link. If you don't like where the automatic break in the post is made, then you can manually add your own break. To do this, add these tags into your post at the point where you want the break to take place:


Everything in the post below these tags will not display on the front page but can be seen when clicking on the Continue reading... link.