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PS4 Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Gamescon Demo


Casual Gamer
3 Sep 2014
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Yesterday I was invited by Konami México, because of a forum we are doing for one of the big communities of PES in Latin America, to play the Gamescon PES 2015 demo.

I started playing this game when it was called Winning Eleven. We could only get the Japanese version in México so that is the one we played. After a few installments of the game we created a league that had a draft as well as a window of transfers and its own currency and economy. 40 young adults would gather every Wednesday at a small café that was owned by one of the players and we would play for hours. You had to edit your own team along with a created new name and uniform.

A few years ago, somewhere in 2009 I lost all interest in the game because it lacked the playability that it once had. It was becoming more like FIFA; arcade if you will. I´ve been buying the game ever since those first Japanese versions but sometimes I just play it once or twice like the one from 2014. Basically I buy it because I figured I wanted to keep contributing.

The game is back

The Gamescon demo had me fall in love again. It’s a very fluid game with a lot of attention to detail on the player’s motions and how they interact with teammates. This came as a surprise to me. In the taxi on my way there I was hoping for the game to be rubbish so that I could keep on with my life. Now I´m aware that my days as I know them are numbered.

I only had a chance to play the game twice, but the referees and goal keepers seem to have been revamped. I was asked to check on them by the community as they were mayor flaws on these two in the last version of the game. Refs only made two important calls and were spot on and keepers did not seem to have influenced the game in a negative way. I know that two games are not a good enough sample, but that is what I got.

I picked Germany on both and scored four times with Gotze, three of them in the first game because my opponent was a very bad player. Italy was his choice of team and even though the player was not good, the team showed a good defensive stand and quick laches trying to find Balotelli. The second game I faced Spain with a much better player. I noticed immediately that the speed of the Furia was remarkable and their middle field was packed. They scored twice on me with a counterattack mainly because of my noobnes with defensive moves.

Anyway, what I think I was trying to do in the last paragraph (other than bore you) was to tell you that I really enjoyed playing the demo.

So if you are into football games, give the demo a try, it will be out the 17th of September.


Semi-Regular Gamer
Senior Citizen
3 Aug 2014
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Thanks mate I'll look out for it, loved ISS back in the day :D