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PS4 PlayStation VR celebrates its first birthday: one million gamers and counting

Discussion in 'PlayStation Hardware & Other Games' started by Martok, 16 Oct 2017.

  1. Martok

    Martok Board Game Addict
    Staff Member Senior Citizen

    12 Mar 2012
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    Looking back at 12 months of extraordinary gaming, and the year ahead

    One year ago today, the team at PlayStation was proud to introduce a thrilling new gaming experience crafted with a single goal in mind: pushing the boundaries of play.

    PlayStation VR was designed to open a doorway into thrilling and captivating new worlds that electrify our senses. We are confident that virtual reality is that next step in in the evolution of the videogame medium, with a collection of more than 100 gaming experiences designed to make your synapses fire, your heart race, and your muscles twitch.

    But we’ve been learning a lot about this medium along the way. Building the future of VR is a lot like creating a new language. Or maybe even an entirely new alphabet! With traditional videogame development, we can draw from nearly 40 years of experimentation, trial and error.

    VR is a little bit different. Of course we’re still drawing from the long, proud history of traditional videogame development — but VR’s unique capabilities mean developing entirely different levels of artistry and engineering. Making VR a mainstream sensation will require the full efforts of our very best and brightest.

    And as Chairman of PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios, let me tell you – the best and brightest are extremely excited about this powerful new medium. The biggest game developers and innovative independent developers have helped establish a rapidly growing PS VR game catalogue that rivals PS4’s at the same point in its lifespan.

    So what’s next? For starters, I can tell you the best is yet to come.

    More than 60 new PS VR games will launch through the end of 2017 and into the beginning of 2018.

    Blockbusters like Skyrim VR, Bravo Team and The Inpatient will join the ranks of Farpoint, Resident Evil 7, and Batman: Arkham VR. New innovations like Moss, Starchild, and Rec Room will join Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Job Simulator, and Superhot VR.

    The future is bright. And as we celebrate today, I want to give my sincerest thanks to the adventurous teams who helped create, shape, and build PlayStation VR. We are equally grateful for the one million-plus gamers who have taken the plunge into virtual reality with us. We’ll have a lot more to share with you in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

    So again we ask, “what’s next?” And the answer is simple: the extraordinary! We want to be your guide. Are you ready to explore?

    Source: PlayStation VR celebrates its first birthday: one million gamers and counting
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  2. zoob

    zoob I fight for the Users!
    Senior Citizen

    25 Oct 2012
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    Eager to play Farpoint (with the new piece of plastic) but couldn't be less excited for Skyrim VR TBH. Thoroughly enjoyed a wee H2H on Driveclub VR last night! :)
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  3. NVranya

    NVranya Oi! Who stole my pretty green letters?
    Senior Citizen

    16 Jul 2014
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    Farpoint with AIM is nice, make sure to get at least Arizona Sunshine too if you got the AIM controller!
    Need to check if Brookhaven Experiment is patched or not for this as well, last time it was not.
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