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12 Mar 2012
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Notices are a useful way of communicating information with forum members and guests without having to spam people with emails. Notices can be configured in various ways to show information across all pages on the forum or just some pages, to everyone or just some groups (e.g. guests only, registered members or Seniors only), to an individual (e.g. when it's their birthday) and other ways besides.

Notices appear at the top of the forums like this.


If there is more than one notice, the notices will automatically scroll every few seconds so you can see them all. Alternatively, you can click on a notice title tab to see that particular notice.

Whilst it is possible to have permanently displayed notices, the vast majority of notices can be dismissed. To do this, simply hover over the notice and click on the cross in the top right corner to dismiss it.


If you accidentally dismiss a notice before reading it and want to know what it says, you can restore it by going to your Profile, clicking on Preferences and then ticking the Restore Dismissed Notices option, then clicking Save. All previously dismissed notices will then be displayed again for you to read and then dismiss again.


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27 Aug 2012
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Do I get royalty points for having my avatar in your screen grab?

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