Multi NFS cross platform!?!??!


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29 Jun 2012
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Next time someones online on the PS3 have a check to see if my scores register on any of your leaderboards/billboards/camera. Ive got the Vita version (well my son did), and I notice theres a lot of you on my list too, but I cant tell if youve got the Vita version too or if its all linked up via your Origin account. We've got the 360 version at home as well which shares the Speed Points earnt in both games. :shock: :o :mrgreen: Not sure if the online section races you against PS3 and Vita owners alike (like Wipeout does).

Have to say its pretty damn fine and exactly the same as its big brother. I did ask my son why he wanted both versions, bearing in mind theyre identical, but he said he loves the game and wants to be able to play it on both. Fair enough I suppose :roll: :crazy: :lol: