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PS4 New Metro Exodus trailer teases some of the horrors that await in the PS4 horror sequel

Discussion in 'Shooting & Action Adventure' started by Martok, 21 Aug 2018.

  1. Martok

    Martok Board Game Addict
    Staff Member Senior Citizen

    12 Mar 2012
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    4A Games also brings you uncomfortably close to its irradiated wildlife in Gamescom clip

    Thousands of kilometres from the ruins of Moscow, Artyom and his Spartan companions discover what seems like paradise – a lush, green valley, teeming with life.

    But if their years in the Metro have taught them one thing, it is this: The night brings terror. And here, terror has a new face…

    Our new trailer from Gamescom gives you your first look at the Valley area in Metro Exodus, an area of the game that is playable at Gamescom this week. Here you’ll be introduced to a new faction (The Children Of The Forest) and you’ll get ‘up close’ with some of the local wildlife.

    Not all beasts roaming the surface are mutants, but unfortunately, as in this case, they can be equally vicious. Ravenous and territorial, wolves should be considered incredibly dangerous.

    A lone wolf can cause problems if not dealt with quickly. However, they are pack animals by nature and if you come across a group you’ll need to have keen wits and good aim to get away unscathed.


    Mutated Bear
    It is said that when encountering a bear in the wild you should remain calm and never run. It goes without saying this does not apply here. The Mutated Bear is a lethal threat to anything that gets close.

    Thick bones and tough gristled muscles make it extremely resistant to any kind of firearm save for the heaviest ones, but its thick fur is rather susceptible to incendiary weapons.


    It was not only creatures above the ground that were shaped by the radiation that plagued the surface. Known as Shrimp, these mysterious aquatic life forms seemed to evolve from some form of crustacean. The male of the species will use its huge shelled arms as a shield, and do quite a lot of damage if it takes a swipe at you.


    Join us on our hands-on tour to meet these creatures in game. We’re at Gamescom this week, but this is just the beginning. We’ll be at PAX West, EGX, Paris Games Week, Igromir and more in the coming months. You can find a list of events on the official site.

    Metro Exodus is also now available to pre-order on PlayStation Store now.

    The Standard Edition includes an exclusive Metro Exodus ‘Winter’ Dynamic Theme. Pre-order the Gold Edition to get the Winter Dynamic Theme, an additional ‘Spring’ Dynamic Theme, official soundtrack and the Expansion Pass granting access to all new adventures. Want to get a sneak preview of the Dynamic Themes? Here’s what they look like…

    Metro Exodus arrives on PlayStation 4 on 22nd February 2019.

    See you in the wastelands, Spartan!
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  2. zoob

    zoob I fight for the Users!
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    25 Oct 2012
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    This does look good.
    I really must go back and finish the first two!

    Staff Member Senior Citizen

    29 Jun 2012
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    I enjoyed the Metro games
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