New Media Gallery categories


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12 Mar 2012
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I've had a tidy-up of the Media Gallery and created some more categories. We now have gaming ones that match the forums (i.e. Shooting & Action Adventure, Motorsport etc). There is a Hardware & Other Games media category but I've not created subcategories for it like on the forums at this stage.

I've moved various media around into these categories (e.g. @mick's GT6 screenshots are now in Motorsport). Hopefully this will help folk to find stuff more easily as well as know where to put any new media.

Just a heads-up, hopefully at some point in January we'll be getting a major upgrade to the Media Gallery which will include user albums (personal albums) where you can put media and decide who to share it with i.e. it can be restricted to registered users, those who you follow on the forums, a select few people or even kept private (though moderators will be able to see them). User albums will be a feature for Seniors only to create. ;) More details on the new features when the upgrade happens. :)