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More Media Gallery Enhancements


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12 Mar 2012
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Back in January there was some major enhancements to the Media Gallery that were detailed in this post. Well now the the Media Gallery has been upgraded again and there are more changes and enhancements as well as new features. :)

Add your media into posts
The text editor now has a camera icon


Clicking on this will display the media that you have added to the Media Gallery


Click on the media you want to add and it will be displayed in a post, along with the media title and a link to the media in the Media Gallery, as you can see below.

View media item 350
Note: Media added in posts will respect the privacy settings that have been set in the Media Gallery. For exampple, if you add something to the Media Gallery in an Album that is only visible to Seniors then only Seniors will see the media in the post, everyone else will simply see the link (and if they click on the link they will get a permission error as they can't see the media).

Note: You can only share your own media in this way. If you want to share media added by others to the Media Gallery you can do so by visiting the media and using the GALLERY or MEDIA link in the block on the right. The GALLERY link will display the media in a post with the media title and a link to the media in the Media Gallery whereas the MEDIA link will only display the media.


Collapsible categories
Categories in the Categories block are now collapsible and display a + symbol if there are sub-categories. Clicking on these will expand them.


Media pages improvements
You can now rate and like media from the Media home page and other pages that display media as below. Simply click on the like and rating icons to do this.


You can change your rating by clicking on the ratings icon again. You can also see which media you have liked as the like icon will display as You can change your rating by clicking on the ratings icon again. You can also see which media you have liked as the like icon will display as
. Clicking on this will remove the like (note that it isn't a dislike button!)

You can easily see new comments on existing media by the New Comment icon displayed.

Clicking on the square in the top left corner will bring up an overlay, allowing you to edit the title (Edit media items) and move media to another category or an album. Note: you can tick the squares on several media items and then edit or move them all at once.


Note that you can also move individual media items by clicking on the Move button
above any media you have added when you are viewing the media.

Media and Album thumbnails
You can now add your own media thumbnails to media added to the gallery. This is useful if you don't like the thumbnail that is automatically created for most media or for some videos (such as those from Facebook) that only display a Facebook thumbnail. For Albums, you can choose a specific image for your Album cover rather than have one chosen for you.

To add a thumbnail for media, click on the Change Media Thumbnail link above the media you have just added


To add a thumbnail for an album, click on the Change Album Thumbnail link above the media in your album.


Watch Media, Albums and Categories
You can now watch media, albums and categories in the same way as you can watch threads or forums. You can also receive an alert, an email or both for watched media, albums and categories. Just click on the Watch Media, Watch Album and Watch Category links to do this. You can also automatically watch media, albums and categories by setting these in your preferences. Click on your name at the top right of the forums, then click on Preferences and tick/untick the options as your require. Note: Do check these settings as some are ticked by default.

Member Tagging
Member tagging isn't new. However, all members can now tag themselves in photos in the media gallery, not just ones they have added. In addition, Seniors can tag anyone in photos that they have added themselves. Active Seniors have the additional option to tag anyone in any photo in the Media Gallery.
To add a tag to a photo, simply click on the tag button
at the top left of a photo, then drag a box over the face of the person you are tagging. The enter their forum username in the box that appears.

Note: Members who are tagged by others will get an alert to let them know the photo they have been tagged in. Members can always remove tags of themselves from photos, whether added by themselves or by others.

RSS feed
The Media Gallery now has RSS feeds throughout and you will see the links on various pages. There is one for the whole Media Gallery, ones for each category and ones for each album.

Tag Cloud enhancements
The Tag Cloud has been available for a while (visible in the sidebar in the Media Gallery) and you can add tags to media from the Edit Tags and Fields tab on the page for that media item. You can now search tags using the box in the Tag Cloud block.


Now there is a Tag List page - click on the Tag Cloud title in the Tag Cloud block to display this


New Content links
There are new Your Content and Watched Content links in the navigation bar, making it easier for you to find your stuff.


You have always been able to rate media but it's now easier to do so by using the ratings icon as mentioned earlier. In addition, when viewing media you will now see a ratings option in between the media and the comments.


Album Permissions
Active Seniors have been able to specify who can see their albums by changing the view permissions (note: the default setting is that everyone, including guests, can see an album). Now you can also change who can add media to the album! So now you can have a shared album which others can contribute to.

To do this, just click on Change Permissions in the Album Permissions block in your album to do this.


Album Sorting
You can now sort the order that media appears in your albums. To do this, click on the Customise Album Order link in an album. In the overlay, either choose one of the presets (date desc/asc, a-z desc/asc) or manually sort by clicking and dragging.


Your Statistics
Statistics for number of media and number of albums you have in the Media Gallery are now displayed below your avatar in posts and in the Member Card.



Notable Members
the Members section at the top of the website now has additional tabs for Most Media and Most Albums


Editing Comments
Members can now edit their comments just like they can in posts. Just as with posts, the more active Seniors get a longer period in which they can edit comments.


Board Game Addict
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12 Mar 2012
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There have been a few tweaks to the Media Gallery which is now an official product from XenForo who make the forum software. I'm very pleased that the developer of this addition has joined their team. :)

Anyway, most things are still as they were but you may notice one or two differences.

Firstly, some of the tools are now in a Media Tools dropdown menu


Secondly, comments in Media now appear in descending order i.e. the same way that posts in threads apprear with the newest at the bottom (previously the newest were at the top).

Thirdly, in your Preferences there is now an option to disable the unviewed media count red bubble that appears above the media tab when new media is added or a new comment on media is made. I would encourage you to leave this ticked though otherwise you could miss some interesting media being added or comments being made.