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29 Jun 2012
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Eurogamer said:
A shop poster has added to the growing evidence that Battlefield 4 will see the return of Commander Mode.
The poster, revealed by BF4Central, is from Australian shop EB Games. It mentions the "brand new Commander Mode" - heavily rumoured to be a part of the game.
It also mentions Battlelog 2.0. "The next version of the state of the art gaming portal," the poster reads. "Track every shot, every opponent, ever detail of your online Battlefield career."
Then there's the suggestion you "Go Premium", alongside mention of a mystery DLC add-on. "Stand out on the battlefield with exclusive uniforms, weapons, and more," the poster reads. "Get exclusive expansions, starting with Drone Strike (TBA)."
At the top of the poster is a release date: 31st October 2013. That's a Thursday, the day games typically release in Australia. We could be looking at a Friday, 1st November release date, then, on these shores.
Earlier this month someone spottedBattlefield 4 promotional material at his local GameStop and filmed it.
It mentioned Commander Mode and claimed three playable factions for multiplayer: the US, Russia and China.