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XBOne Microsoft at E3


Serious Gamer
Senior Citizen
29 Jun 2012
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Aaron Greenberg, one of the top bods at Micrsoft, via Twitter has thanked all the fans for the feedback following the Ones reveal, and has promised that all the questions raised (like what fee, if any, is to be charged for 2nd hand games/game sharing) will be answered at E3 in absolute clarity. He said pretty much what the Sony employees said in their tweets, that Microsoft are listening to ALL feedback everywhere.

Encouraging that they are, but even better that all the ugly sides of the One are definitely going to be laid out for everyone to see at E3.

Looking forward to seeing this E3 now. Loads of new IPs from Microsoft (and Sony), and actual gameplay being shown off too, but best of all is that we will all be in a better position to make a decision on which (if any) console we'll be rooting for.


Senior Citizen
26 Jun 2012
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Well, bit of an odd way of announcing a console, but getting all of the shit out of the way by the end of E3 will hopefully leave them free to amazify us all with upcoming games in the months between E3 and launch.

I just hope that Sony learn from this and also lay their cards on the table so that everyone knows straight from the horses mouth what the deal is with the bad press being directed at next gen gaming.