Multi Kingdom Come: Deliverance


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16 Jul 2014
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Anyone picked this up yet?
I actually never heard of it before this week, but it's a "realistic" medieval RPG (so no dragons or magic stuff, and you do need to wash your clothes and yourself if you want to talk to nobility :P) and is made by a small studio and funded through Kickstarter.

The reviews are rather mixed, especially due to all the bugs, but I got it anyway because I like a) RPG's, b) medieval realistic setting and c) a good story which I hope it has :)

I personnally have not seen any bugs yet *knocks on wood* (playing v.1.2), but I'm really still at the "tutorial" stage. So far it looks promising, but fighting is even harder than reviews made them sound, I guess I need to train a lot more or learn to talk my way out of things.

I've seen so little yet myself that it 's better to just watch for example the "Is it worth a buy?" review:

And his extra rant: :D