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iPad + dolphin browser


Casual Gamer
Senior Citizen
29 Jun 2012
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Just a heads up, there is no cursor when I type, not a killer but a pain not knowing whe the type starts if part quoting etc, also the chat screen cuts across the app and going back to reply screen looses my place(no cursor).mlike I said, not unusable just a small annoyance :)


Board Game Addict
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12 Mar 2012
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I think the lack of cursor is a Dolphin issue, it's fine in Safari on the iPad. As for the chat, that doesn't really work that well on the iPad in either browser which is a shame. There is a mobile chat feature but it's not quite there yet and there's no chat rooms in it (only private chat). Once they sort that, that'll be the thing to use on the iPad.

Thanks for the heads-up though. :)