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Introductory Post - Please Read!

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12 Mar 2012
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It’s now time to introduce yourself to the community by posting an introduction.

Firstly make sure you've read the About Us section at the top of the website for information about the community and membership.

Your introductory post should follow these guidelines:

  • It should have a minimum of 150 words and not repeatedly use the same word, phrase or sentence.
  • Please avoid using text talk - us oldies aren’t very good at understanding it
  • Please use punctuation (capital letters, full stops etc) to make your posts easier to read
Please include the following in your introduction:
  • Your Age
  • Your gaming history - consoles played on, favourite games etc
  • How you heard about Senior Gamers
You will then be poked and prodded by members of the community in a friendly way, of course!
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