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Hosting and site responsiveness

Discussion in 'Website News & Support' started by HaloJ, 28 Jun 2012.

  1. HaloJ

    HaloJ Serious Gamer
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    28 Apr 2012
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    During development there was an occasion when the site ground to an absolute halt. This could have been because we we're constantly forcing the cache to refresh and we hit our hosts CPU/Memory limits. Since we've stopped needing to flush the cache the site has been quite stable even with the added hosting load of the chat system.

    Generally the forums page load times are below half a second. I added a rough guide for the load times at the bottom of the forum page. We didn't add it yet to the home/blog as that seemed not to be the cause of the slow downs.

    If you do experience long load times please do let us know and include the load time for reference.


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