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Featured PS4 God of War release date announced, special editions revealed, new trailer debuts

Discussion in 'Shooting & Action Adventure' started by Martok, 24 Jan 2018.

  1. Martok

    Martok Board Game Addict
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    12 Mar 2012
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    Kratos returns to action on PS4 from 20th April 2018 – and pre-orders are now open

    People of PlayStation the world over, God of War is launching on 20th April 2018. I would love to write a long blog post here but, apparently, I have a game to get done by 20/4 so I gotta get back to work as soon as possible.


    First, let me say that this is my favourite release day of my entire career. If I live to be 100, I do not think I will be able to top this release day.

    This has been a long journey just to reach this point so it is a little bittersweet to think that we are only a few months away from that journey finally coming to an end. While I am sad, I am also excited because it means everyone will get their hands on this crazy adventure we have been crafting for nearly five years!

    Speaking of trailers. Yeah, I just lost interest in finding an elegant way to get here from the last paragraph so I just went for it. That is just how I roll. I really am ecstatic that I can finally show you this beautiful trailer we have been cooking up in the creative kitchens of Santa Monica Studio headquarters. It will give you more insight on why Kratos and Atreus are going on their journey, as well as provide a glimpse at some new bits of action.

    I love this trailer. After I saw it, I pre-ordered the game.

    So, 20th April 2018… mark the date on your calendar. Clear that schedule, tell your significant other they are wonderful, because that is always a nice thing to do, and then wonder what you will do with all that free time you have now that you don’t need to keep asking me when the release date is.

    Thank you everyone for your continued support of our game making addiction. I will do my best to keep sharing information as we head towards launch.

    But wait, there’s more! I’m proud to share our limited Collector Editions and Digital Edition whose every component is connected back to the Norse universe and story of our game.

    Pre-order offer


    I should first mention, if you pre-order *any edition* (or already did) worldwide at a supporting retailer, you’ll acquire these three legendary shields skins (which you’ll need internet to access!) for Kratos to bash and defend against all manner of creatures we created in the brutal Norse wilds.

    If you pre-order any edition at selected retailers across Europe, you’ll also receive Luck of Ages XP Boost, which grants you +10 Luck and has 1 Enchantment Slot. Luck influences the following:

    • Increase XP gain
    • Increase Hacksilver gain
    • Increase the ability to trigger Perks

    Collector’s Edition

    The 9” statue was crafted by our team in collaboration with the incredible folks at Gentle Giant. The cloth map is a unique companion to your journey, and an art piece on its own. The Huldra Bros carvings pack as much detail as their personas do in game. Just a few of the highlights, not to mention the digital items as well!


    Limited Edition
    Designed to look like it came straight from the forges of Midgard, the black and silver SteelBook is embossed with the Huldra Bros logo, and it comes with a physical copy of the art book by Dark Horse too. Of course, we’ve also included some cool in-game extras, like the Death’s Vow armour set, Exile’s Guardian Shield and a GoW PS4 theme.


    Digital Edition
    If digital-only is king for you, we didn’t forget. Adorn the legendary Death’s Vow Armor Set to increase your strength, and honour the solemn promise that sends Kratos and Atreus on their journey through the Norse wilds of Midgard and beyond.

    The digital comic book from Dark Horse, Issue #0 starts to unearth the story of Kratos before his quest with Atreus begins. Not to mention both the digital comic and mini art book will come with exclusive creator commentary tracks.


    Again, mark your calendars for God of War’s release on 20th April! If you’re not convinced yet, watch that trailer one more time or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more development updates!

    Source: God of War release date announced, special editions revealed, new trailer debuts
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  2. zoob

    zoob I fight for the Users!
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    25 Oct 2012
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    I'm on the fence about this one.

    I throughly enjoyed the first bunch though never really got into Ascension (tried the demo, that was it) and this does look very much God of Zero Dawn from the trailer however that is surely all kinds of awesome?!

    A little wary about the amount of hyperbole in that there article but ready to be pleasantly surprised by positive reviews!
  3. Spruijt

    Spruijt Real men wear clogs
    Senior Citizen

    29 Jun 2012
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    No brainer for me. Loved every one before this.
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