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PS4 First look at new officially licensed compact controllers and mini gamepad for PS4


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12 Mar 2012
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Nacon Wired Compact Controller, HORI Wired Mini Gamepad and @PLAY Wired Compact Controller all launch this holiday season

We’re always looking to provide people with more ways to play, and help them and their families get the most out of their PlayStation 4.

Last December Nacon and Razer brought two unique pro controllers to PS4, helping our most competitive gamer’s fine tune their set-up for tournament dominance.

Today, we’re happy to announce we are expanding our officially licensed range with two compact controllers and a unique mini gamepad.

The three new additions will work with all PS4 models including PS4 Pro, and are expected to launch across the region from November – giving our players more options than ever before.

Each features a range of core controls including twin sticks, directional pad, triggers, bumpers and L3/R3, SHARE, OPTIONS, PS and action buttons.

So whether you’re looking for a design to suit your unique grip and playstyle, or interested in an introductory controller for younger family members, there’s a controller for you.

Nacon Wired Compact Controller

From Nacon, creator of the successful Revolution Pro Controller for PS4, comes a new compact controller, great for younger players and those with a preference for smaller grips.

Impressively in addition to a range of core controls, the compact design has a touch pad, stereo headset jack, vibration motors and a 3m long cable. It also features an LED* on the front which can display in-game information such as your player number or health status in compatible games.

The Wired Compact Controller will launch in November across the region, available in Black, Blue, Grey, Orange and Red colours. Nacon are also simultaneously launching illuminated Green, Red and Blue versions, which feature extra colour LEDs* for a striking translucent look.

*LEDs have no function with the PlayStation Camera.

@PLAY Wired Compact Controller

Our next addition is from well-known gaming accessory maker @PLAY, who have created a different but equally comfortable compact controller.

The two-toned design features the core controls plus a stereo headset jack, touch pad, vibration motors and comes complete with a 3m cable.

You can pick it up from December in Blue, Dark Grey, Red and White across the region.

HORI Wired Mini Gamepad

Created by Japanese accessory manufacturer HORI, the unique mini gamepad boasts a highly-compact design, making it an ideal introductory PS4 controller for young players.

The retro inspired design packs in a range of easily accessible core controls, touch pad button and a 3m cable for safe use. You can also simulate a range of touch pad gestures using both sticks.

Adults and children alike can get to grips with this unique gamepad from the 6th of November, when it will launch across the region in Black, Blue and Red.

Let us know what you think of the new officially licensed controllers and gamepad in the comments, and find out more about PS4 accessories here.

*Please check with local retailers regarding availability.

Source: First look at new officially licensed compact controllers and mini gamepad for PS4


It's not me, it's my brain!
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7 Jul 2014
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Who uses wired controllers these days?


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11 Sep 2017
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I do not see the point of third party controllers when they are not better or cheaper.
Let's see if they are at least cheaper.. ;)