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Featured Threads


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12 Mar 2012
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Featured Threads is a new facility on the website that allows threads to be featured on the Forums list page and also within forums themselves.

This is what it looks like:


A featured thread will show a title and 4 lines of text from the first post in the thread. An avatar of the person who started the thread is displayed next to the text. To read the rest of the post, you can click on either the title or the Read More... link

There can be multiple featured threads across the website, though only one will be displayed at a time. So if there are, say, 10 featured posts, each time you visit the forums you will have one of these displayed randomly to you.

So Featured Threads is a rather nice way of promoting some threads which may be of interest but having them appear on the same page as the forums themselves, meaning you don't have to go to a separate home page to view promoted threads.

What is also rather neat is that Featured Threads are only visible to those with permission to see them. So although most of our site is open to the public, if a thread from the community section (which is only available to Seniors) was featured then only Seniors will be able to see it.

Featuring threads is something that only Seniors (full members) can do. Seniors can only feature their own threads, they cannot feature anyone else's. Staff (moderators) however can feature anyone's threads - so if we see something that someone has done that is worth featuring, we can do that. :)

Seniors - don't be afraid to feature your threads! If you think it is of interest, then feature it! Don't worry about it 'not being good enough' - have some confidence and have a go. The important thing is to keep featuring threads so that the Featured Threads block remains fresh and continues to show recent discussions that we're having on the forums.

How to feature threads
To feature a thread, firstly you need to visit the thread itself.


At the top right of the page is Thread Tools. Clicking on this brings up a menu where you can edit the title of your thread (something that everyone can do for their own threads - just a short time for standard members and much longer for Seniors). To feature the thread, click on Feature Thread.


In this overlay, the title and the first few lines of text from the post are already included. You can leave these as they are if you wish. Do note that only the first 4 lines will be displayed in the Featured Threads box so you may want to make some minor edits e.g. remove blank lines. I'd also suggest that smileys are removed as they are quite big and can cause the last line in the Featured Threads block to be cut off.

Alternatively you can edit the title and the text to something completely different to what you have put in the first post. Note that any changes to the title or text here are only for the Featured Threads box on the forums, it will not edit any of your post.

Once you have made any edits to the text, you can specify how long the thread is feature for - indefinitely or for a time period which can be set in hours, days, weeks or months. I would suggest featuring for a specified period of time e.g. 1 week or 2 weeks (or even just a few days) rather than indefinitely to keep things fresh. However, I have set a maximum number of featured threads (currently 20) so once this limit is reached, any new featured threads will cause the oldest ones to be knocked off the list anyway.

Once you've set this, click on Feature Thread. The thread will then appear on the forums list main page as shown in the first picture. It will also appear as a featured thread in the forum that it is in e.g. in this case the Have You Seen...? forum


Featured threads will have a Featured indicator in the thread list and within the thread itself.


Edit/Unfeature a thread
Featured threads can be edited, which is useful if you want to change the text that appears in the Featured Threads block or change the time period for which the thread has been featured. You can also unfeature a thread, which will manually remove it from appearing in the Featured Threads block.

Firstly, visit the thread you want to edit or unfeature, then click on Thread Tools to bring up the menu.

To edit a featured thread, click on Edit Featured Thread.


You can now edit the text and change how long the thread is to be featured for. It also tells you when it was featured and how long it was set to be featured for.

Make any changes and click on Save Changes.

To unfeature a thread, click on Unfeature Thread.


Click on Unfeature Thread and the thread will be removed from the Featured Threads block.

Hopefully this will prove to be an easy-to-use feature for Seniors that will benefit everyone who visits the site. :)


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28 Jun 2012
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I shall play witth this new features later probably start a featured thread about Duck keeping. Nice addition Martok.