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Multi Eurogamer : post Expo ramblings


Serious Gamer
Senior Citizen
28 Apr 2012
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Hands on with RockSmith, Assassin’s Creed 3 and Need for Speed : Most Wanted.


For a fledgling community visiting an expo is a must for the easy free advertising that it offers. As a long term gamer and semi-regular expo attendee I was also looking forward to playing forthcoming games and garnering some free loot to share with the other Seniors. We got to see a good number of titles during the show and following is a précis on what we saw.

This was a game I was very much looking forward to seeing at the Expo. Basically it's Guitar Hero with real guitars that has the added benefit of teaching you to play at the same time. Now whilst the game doesn't cover music theory it does gradually introduce you to faster fingering and the note structure of an attempted song. So with my normally long nails manicured to short guitar playing perfection I queued to take centre stage. Thankfully the headphones blocked out the snickering as I fumbled an unfamilar fret board clunking and buzzing my way through a simplified version of “In Bloom” by Nirvana. It started with only a few simple notes and single strings being plucked but as I got more used to the guitar and started hitting successive notes accurately the game noticed and chucked an unexpected chord at me where upon everything fell to pieces once more. I was surprised at the systems accuracy and when I occasionally fretted a note higher than specified it prompted me with a friendly arrow telling me to move back up the neck; very neat. After butchering such a great track we moved onto one of the mini games; basically a game of note invaders. Invaders moved up the screen requiring the relevant note to be played to shoot them within a small time window. Succeeding at this due to only one string requiring concentration I then left the stand with a grin on my face, tingling finger ends and a resolution to add the title to my Christmas list.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted
After the poor reception of NfS: The Run in 2011 EA have shifted from their normal Black Box developer back to Criterion who developed the critically acclaimed NfS: Hot Pursuit in 2010 and it shows. NfS looks gorgeous and unashamedly has a Burnout Paradise feel but with real world cars and cop chases. Unobtrusive event and challenge information float graciously within the game world or is plastered onto billboards throughout the city. The awful handling from the prior title has vanished to be replaced by Burnout’s de facto style but in a package that feels progressively fresh whilst remaining familiar. The Expo demo itself was a multi-event set up against 4 other drivers including the modes speedtrap, race and a distance jump. In the full game transition from single player to online will be similar to the experience of Paradise but now when you enter multiplayer a playlist of events will automatically cue up. You’re free to continue to roam about but unlike free roam missions in Paradise where you were forced to wait for all participants to get to a location this time the tardy players are teleported to the start after a short period of time. Whilst you may feel this distracts from the seamless experience it did seem to overall enhance the online side by giving it a more directed focus.

Assassin's Creed 3
The gameplay demo was made up of two parts; the first being the familiar controlling of the Assassin (Connor in the case of AC3) whilst the second was vehicular warfare controlling a vessel on storm rolling seas for some ship to ship combat. The game overall looks beautiful although with my brief play of both demos I can’t really say that I saw the difference the new engine makes. It is apparent that it’s there in the videos when looking at the characters fluidity of free running with natural structures but the part of the demo I played featured mainly man made structures. There were some nuances with how the character flowed with crooked geometry but that was likely caused by my confusion due to not having inverted Y controls. I did notice the new combat system though. The counter system is no longer just a success but instead upon countering there is a small moment of time where you have to react to say what you’re going to do with the counter; disarm, kick, attack, throw etc. This extended counter system then plays more naturally into the flow of combat allowing you to counter a bayonet attack, disarm the opponent and then use the musket to shoot another attacker. Ubisoft is renowned for putting extra features into a title good or bad. AC: Revelations had the tower defence sections which some found abjectly annoying. AC3 has ship sailing and combat which left me with a grin on my face but Martok with a frown and a sunken ship. The aim was to sink the two defending ships before then disable the third before boarding. It’s a damn shame that the piratical styled ship to ship boarding wasn’t in the demo as I had the urge to shout “Aarrrrrr!” The control scheme for the ship section was somewhat unclear due to the natural sparseness of the AC HUD but that shouldn’t be a problem in the final release as no doubt you’ll be eased into the ship controls using the standard mission style tutorials and once grasped I found very enjoyable. The action itself was intense with enemy cannon shots tearing your ship apart whilst battling through a stormy swell which was beautifully renditioned; enemy ships disappeared behind crests of waves as your ship slid into the deep troughs. All in I was very impressed and look forward to the continuing story of the Assassins.

Eurogamer Expo itself
Comments from other communities and gamers that I know were mainly of disappointment. I don't feel this is in anyway Eurogamer's fault though but more a reflection of the state of the current gaming industry with sequels and reboot titles abound mixed with the austerity of hard times. Promotional loot distribution was at an all time low with most people leaving empty handed or only clutching a poster. Game made an effort with a promotion via Twitter for a small number of highly desirable Borderlands 2 artbooks although as someone who doesn't spend every waking hour on the service the offer had expired by the time I read it. Despite this the day itself was an enjoyable experience and it was great to get hands on with some of the more elusive forthcoming titles. The next gen silently approaches so no doubt the industry will bloom again in the near future.


Senior Citizen
26 Jun 2012
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Thanks for that Halo, good information.

I’m actually a little intrigued about the Guitar game, sounds good and something a few of my mates would probably be very interested in.