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PS4 Ether One creator returns with real-time mystery The Occupation, out 9th October on PS4

Discussion in 'PlayStation Hardware & Other Games' started by Martok, 25 Jul 2018.

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    Race against the clock in 1980s England to catch the perpetrators of a terrorist attack

    You won’t need to do any investigating for this news, as we’re super excited to announce that The Occupation will be coming to PlayStation 4 on 9th October to PlayStation Store and at retail thanks to a retail partnership with Sold Out!

    The extremely talented developers over at White Paper Games, who previously developed Ether One, are the ones behind The Occupation.

    For those not in the know, The Occupation is a first-person, fixed-time, investigative thriller set in North West England on 24th October, 1987; a time of ’80s British pop, grand architecture and political unrest. An explosion has triggered a controversial act to be rushed into law, threatening to erode the civil liberties of the population.


    You are tasked with investigating and questioning people on their actions from a tumultuous night which resulted in the loss of many lives. Each person has a different account of the night’s events and you must use the tools at your disposal to get the results you need for your investigation.


    The entire game plays out in real time, and you must make decisions based on the evidence you uncover.

    In a non-linear designed world with multiple ways to approach situations, you’ll need to decide if you’re going to take the most direct route and risk the chance of getting caught, or planning for a more careful approach, and letting the time tick away.

    Each person in the world has a routine to follow so that you can plan your approach. Be careful though, as an unexpected toilet or smoke break may foil even the best laid plans.


    The world of The Occupation is highly interactable and tactile. Use this to your advantage by triggering security alerts to manipulate characters and draw them away from your location.

    But don’t lose track of time, use your state of the art digital watch to set alarms and reminders so you don’t miss your opportunity to cross-reference the evidence you’ve found in your interviews to uncover the truth about what happened that night and the true effects of the act.

    The developers at White Paper Games and we at Humble Bundle can’t wait to bring this investigative thriller to PlayStation 4 this October.

    Source: Ether One creator returns with real-time mystery The Occupation, out 9th October on PS4
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