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X360 End of an era


Serious Gamer
Senior Citizen
29 Jun 2012
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Just a quick post to say I no longer have an Xbox anymore. My daughters the current owner of my profile, as I'm a Gold member till May next year. After that she'll be using her own profile, so if you see me online its actually not me.

I think being ripped off by the Microsoft points in the beta was it for me. The 360 was going at some point anyway, and I haven't played it for a while. You all know I'm getting a PS4, so there wouldn't have been room under the telly for it all, and something had to go. Doing it now means my games are actually worth something too as well.

Felt a bit sad, but I kept looking at a picture of Don Mattrick to convince me I've done the right thing. Turned out it was quite easy after that.

#dealwithit Microsoft you arses.:rant:


Board Game Addict
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12 Mar 2012
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@Slaine does this mean we'll see you on the PS3 a bit more? If so, please do join us for some events or even set up some yourself. :)
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