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Multi End Game trophies

Discussion in 'Battlefield' started by Slaine, 1 Mar 2013.

  1. Slaine

    Slaine Serious Gamer
    Senior Citizen

    29 Jun 2012
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    It's No Sidecar - Get a kill from the passenger position on a motorcycle
    Heavy Lifter - Kill an enemy after successfully paradropping an IFV
    Capture the Flag - Capture 1 flag while playing Capture the Flag
    Transport Pilot -Transport a flag carrier in an air vehicle while playing Capture the Flag
    AA's Revenge - Destroy an air vehicle using the AA jeeps

    Dont seem too bad, but I remember saying the same about the other DLC packs :oops: :( :lol:
  2. ColSonders

    ColSonders A.W.O.L.
    Senior Citizen

    26 Jun 2012
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    I think they may be deceiving.

    Transport Pilot could very well be difficult for those who struggle with the helicopters as it will involve landing a helicopter to pick up the passenger...or performing some daring low flying stunt where a flag carrier jumps using a bike and drops into your heli or some such awesome play.

    It's No Sidecar could well be difficult, I find it very hard to get kills from the back of a quad bike, it depends on the number or bikes around that could be easy targets when playing CTF.

    Heavy Lifter i'm expecting to be a lot more difficult than it sounds.

    The trophies are matterless to me though as I can't get the platinum :(

    I'll be more interested in the assignments that get introduced with the new DLC.
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