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PS4 Elite Dangerous coming to PS4

Discussion in 'Shooting & Action Adventure' started by c00ky, 7 Mar 2017.

  1. zoob

    zoob I fight for the Users!
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    25 Oct 2012
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    5 ways Elite Dangerous’ upcoming Beyond update changes the PS4 sci-fi epic for the better

    Key points:
    1. A fairer Open Play environment and a challenging career for criminals with the new Crime and Punishment system
    2. A choice of mission rewards
    3. Find the best deals with improved Trade Data
    4. Galnet Audio keeps you up to date
    5. The introduction of the Chieftain (warship,)

    Beyond Chapter One
    And the Beyond series doesn’t end here! Chapter One opens the new season, the following two updates will see the introduction of new content, while the last Chapter of the year will once again bring major operational changes to core systems of Elite Dangerous. We’re especially excited to introduce Squadrons – a new way for Commanders to manage their player groups and take part in community goals together.

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  2. c00ky

    c00ky Good for target practice
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    5 Jul 2012
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    They have also overhauled engineers slightly, so each "roll" is a guaranteed improvement, plus you have a material trader so you can swap useless items for useful and buff your ship the way you want to.

    T-9 now has a larger cargo capacity Size 8 slot replaces size 7, so even more slaves per run! T-7 also gets a buff, so smaller tarders can make more profits.

    Legacy Engineering top rolls (god rolls) are now better on the new scheme, so you don't have to roll 1000 times to get that perfect FSD boost, plus there are now fixed cost experimental effects you can add on and retain with future buffs to your ship.

    Also there is a Tech Broker where you can also spend engineering materials in getting nifty weapons.

    For me I am defo spending the money on the Chieftain, as its like the next step up from the Vulture, plus based on player mapping, Thargoids should be in the bubble soon, so its clobbering time!
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  3. zoob

    zoob I fight for the Users!
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    25 Oct 2012
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    Nice, I really need to get back in it.
    I'll even strap my helmet on for the immersion.
    Love love love love the hot ass.
    (No, I haven't started drinking. Yet.)
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  4. zoob

    zoob I fight for the Users!
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    25 Oct 2012
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    Any hints or toys for gaining access to Sirius (and Sol)? Is it just a case of running a ton of missions for specific Sirius factions?

    Many thanks in advance!
  5. c00ky

    c00ky Good for target practice
    Senior Citizen

    5 Jul 2012
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    Sirius access is a git.

    I basically camped out around the Sirius system and ran missions for the Sirius corp to rank up, did some bounty hunting too and handed those in to stations where Sirius was in charge as that boost ranking.

    You could jump around the bubble scan systems and then sell Exploration data in a system where Sirius Corp is in power, as that will boost your faction standing. Also cashing in bounties will also boost Sirius rep.

    Sothis/Ceos I think still has Sirius Corp presence, which is a pair of systems at edge of bubble that you can do data delivery missions between the 2 to get Sirius rep. Check on gal map before heading there as its a bit of a distance.

    The Modular terminals for unlocking Marco Gwent are only accessible from mission rewards, those were an absolute barsteward as its down to RNG. Hopefully with Wing missions giving you opportunities to choose your reward you can search mission boards and find those that offer mod terminals as rewards (it isnt a purchasable commodity and you cant convert to them post 3.0 dropping).

    I am away in Liverpool week nights this week as work is trying to do a customer migration overnight on the patch release day, but I can hook up over weekend if you want a buddy to go Bounty Hunting with to boost your Sirius rep.
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  6. Grooooog

    Grooooog Semi-Regular Gamer
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    11 Sep 2017
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    Still waiting for the PSVR version...
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  7. c00ky

    c00ky Good for target practice
    Senior Citizen

    5 Jul 2012
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    Sadly I think a PSVR version of Elite Dangerous will never appear.

    Playing ED in large screen mode, shows the fidelity level that PSVR can give and I think it isn’t good enough to make people rave about it and want t9 play it.

    But if they did do it good on them!
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  8. zoob

    zoob I fight for the Users!
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    25 Oct 2012
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    Thank you and agreed re PSVR version.
    Maybe an PS4 Pro body would help?
  9. c00ky

    c00ky Good for target practice
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    5 Jul 2012
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    Patch notes on ED 3.0

    see Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter One 3.0

    Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter One 3.0
    Greetings Commanders,

    The galaxy servers are currently down to allow us to update to 3.0 Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter One.

    The downtime is expected to last for approximately 9 hours, although this could potentially go over.

    We have posted the full change log below, and a summary of how the features will work in Chapter One, will be available on the forum later today.

    New features for 3.0

    • Crime & Counter Crime system overhaul, including Advance Tactical Response (ATR)
    • When the player is destroyed they are not necessarily returned to the last port they docked at, based on a prioritised list of rules
    • If players are destroyed when a fine/bounty has been detected they will respawn at a detention centre
    • Players that join a Multi-crew session in someone else’s ship, and commit a crime, have a corresponding fine/bounty added to their own most valuable ship
    • Players can store hot modules (modules applied to a ship at the time a crime is committed)
    • Players can clean ships of any bounties and fines through an Interstellar Factor contact
    • Players can sell hot ships from the shipyard for a markdown
    • Access to port services including ship transferring/storage/retrieval/selling are limited if the player docks in a 'wanted' ship (bounties and fines) applicable in that jurisdiction, and the cost is increased where transfer is possible
    • Power bounties are issued instead of normal bounties for criminal acts to do with valid Powerplay interactions
    • Players can see details on fines and bounties in the wanted ships cockpit, the shipyard and the ship transfer screens
    • New crime recognised: "reckless weapons discharge"
    • Bounties and fines incurred by players are applied to the ship that the crime was committed in and never go dormant
    • Kill Warrant Scanner changes and Interstellar Bounties will be coming soon

    • Added new Wing Missions that can be shared across a Wing and completed as a group
    • Mission Depot added where players can accept an applicable mission and deliver the target commodity piece by piece to complete the mission
    • Mission reward choice
    • New USS scenarios added

    • Added new alien attack craft
    • Added the Chieftain. More manoeuvrable than ships of similar size and weight, the Alliance Chieftain from Lakon Spaceways has been designed not only to dish out punishment, but to avoid it. * Horizons only
    • Added second seat to the Keelback to support Multicrew

    Trade Data & Galaxy Map
    • Galaxy map now indicates its mode when any tab is active
    • Galaxy Map: Filter by station services
    • Galaxy Map: Filters added for Thargoid & Guardian sites
    • More player factions have had a description added in their home system on the galaxy map
    • Filter for the new 'detention centre' government type (for new detention centre spawning areas)
    • Galaxy Map: Players can view trade data that they own, by commodity, represented on the galaxy map by colour coded icons
    • Galaxy Map: Players can view trending trade routes, and filter by AI or Human players
    • Galaxy Map: Players can view import and export prices, in a roll out screen, including the ability to select different markets and filter
    • Commodity Market: Players can search trade data they own, to compare it to the current market
    • Prison ships have been added to one of the routes to Colonia
    • Ship yards added to Caravanserai in Gandharvi and Eudaemon Anchorage in Rohini

    • Material Trader contacts, which allow the player to convert materials. * Horizons only
    • Engineering a module or weapon results in progressively better improvements within a range
    • Players can convert and modify their older modules/weapons engineered before this update
    • Players can modify modules/weapons at selected ports (ports with access to outfitting) outside Engineer ports
    • Players can select which experimental effect they want to apply to their module, at a material cost
    • Players are presented with a screen where they can choose the module/weapon to modify, the Blueprint to apply or pin, see the material cost, and preview the outcome

    Weapons and modules
    • Added Technology Broker contacts, which allows the player to unlock new weapons and modules in return for specific materials and commodities. * Horizons only
    • Medium Shock Cannon (Fixed, gimbal & turret)
    • Medium Remote Flechette Launcher (Fixed & Turret)
    • Medium Enzyme Missile (Fixed)
    • Size 4 Meta Alloy Hull Reinforcement Package
    • Recon Limpet Controller

    Galnet Audio
    • For new articles, players can now listen to the news in English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese
    • News headlines can be accessed via the status menu
    • Galnet can now be accessed via the status menu and articles with audio can be played or queued into a playlist
    • Galnet Audio playback options added to controller bindings
    • Galnet Audio section added to audio options

    Installation and Megaship Interactions
    • Data link scanner upgraded to allow scanning megaships and installations to reveal targets the player can interact with
    • Players can scan certain revealed targets to uncover sub-targets. These can be interacted with in different ways depending on the type
    • Players can damage generators to disable turrets
    • Players can use recon limpets to activate data terminals and comms arrays
    • Players can use hatchbreaker limpets to open a cargo bay

    Surface material system
    • Overhauled the surface material system for the rocky, high metal content and metal rich planets
    • Improved contrast and colour variation across and between bodies
    • The colouration of the surfaces now more clearly telegraphs the chemical makeup and volcanic activity of the worlds

    Quality of Life
    • Added synthesis for new Technology Broker modules and weapons
    • Added synthesis for AX weapons
    • New cockpit voice assistant - Victor added as an alternative to Verity
    • Increased manoeuvrability benefits when boosting based on the ENG pips
    • Option added so players can choose how flight controllers address them (Commander Name, Ship Name or Ship ID) when approaching a station
    • ’Target Ignore’ feature added for material and commodity collectables and refining
    • Ability to see at a glance the quality and inventory quantity of materials targeted
    • Per material storage caps
    • Increased rewards at Search and Rescue contact
    • New High Value supercruise targets for pirates to raid

    Misc Features
    • Large number of Commander Journal updates

    • Portuguese language support added for consoles
    • 11 new Achievements for XB1 worth 200G

    Fixes and Improvements
    This update includes well over 1000 fixes for various issues that have been discovered and investigated during the development process since the release of 2.4.
    For the sake of clarity, we have primarily listed below fixes for issues that have been reported to us by the community or other important changes.

    • Fixed a texture issue in the Teqia QI-T E3-3167 nebula

    • Fixed some audio issues with the Federal Gunship
    • Fixed some audio distortion that could occur when passing through a Starport's airlock
    • Fixed issue where Elite NPC crew members would use incorrect voice responses regarding targets
    • Fixed an audio issue with Small Fixed Mining Lasers
    • Fixed some clicking that could occur when starting and stopping in the Lakon Type 10
    • Fixed hardpoint scanners being silent after swapping from mothership to fighter and back
    • Fixed some missing UI sounds when contributing resources towards a Wing Mission when using a mouse
    • Fixed flight controllers saying a third character if a player switches to a call sign with less than 3 characters
    • Fixed the ‘Bounty Incurred’ audio line playing whenever a fine is received
    • Fixed some missing audio from holographic billboards
    • Fixed audio issues with the vessel voice after returning to your ship from an SRV when landing at some sites
    • Fixed cockpit freezing and cracking SFX persisting after returning to the game from the menu

    Camera Suite
    • Removed a dark background that would appear when opening the main menu while in the Camera Suite

    • Scale the loading squares for 4K so that they're not tiny [XB1X]
    • Fixed an issue where the game would revert back to 4K mode instead of 1080p after a few days [XB1X only]
    • Fixed an issue where the pre-order gold Sidewinder paintjob would go missing [PS4]
    • Earth now has better defined land masses as on other platforms [PS4]
    • Menu audio no longer continues to play when viewing Training Videos [PS4]
    • Fixed an issue where you’re unable to reply to messages from friends due to them appearing offline erroneously [PS4]
    • Fixed descriptions for various Trophies in languages other than English [PS4]
    • Various audio fixes to help reduce “pops & crackles” [PS4]

    Controls & Control Devices
    • Fixed issue of more recent PS4 controllers not being recognised as such when used on PC
    • Fixed some instances of changes to keybindings not being saved after restarting the game
    • Fixed a throttle issue that occurred when using the Camera Suite
    • Added the correct radial menus for the T.Flight Hotas One and T.Flight Hotas 4
    • Reverted a change that renamed ThrustMasterHOTAS4 to TFlightHotas4 to keep backwards compatibility with existing player presets that referenced the old name
    • Fixed throttle automatically setting to zero when exiting a hyperspace jump
    • For consoles, added support for a separate custom bindings profile per input device (Gamepad or HOTAS)
    • For consoles, added support for switching automatically to the correct bindings profile (Gamepad or HOTAS, standard or custom) depending on the device used to start the game and the profile type that was used with the previous device
    • On Windows, added support for the T.Flight Hotas One and T.Flight Hotas 4
    • Fixed a controller issue where using the Galaxy Map Back button would re-open the Galaxy Map

    • Fixed an issue where engineer bases would not always occupy the top position of your Contacts Panel by default
    • Engineer workshop now displays ‘None’ instead of the currently applied experimental effect if you have a Blueprint selected that is different from the one currently applied to the module
    • Pinning a blueprint will now pin all grades, not just one
    • Higher reputation with an Engineer will increase the speed you'll progress through the lower grades
    • Fixed sorting for pinned Blueprints in the Engineer workshop and cockpit Engineer menu
    • Some Railgun Experimental Effects under the new system now all have a 40% heat reduction applied (applies to Feedback Cascade, Super Penetrator, Plasma slug)
    • Fixed an issue with the level preview when selecting a module to modify at an Engineer
    • Fixed an issue in the Engineer Workshop that can cause the UI to become unresponsive if all stats have reached their maximum values, but the recipe progress has not

    Galaxy Map/System Map
    • Fixed some inconsistent system data for Pekoe
    • Fixed the missing 'State' field for systems with damaged stations
    • Fixed the argument of periapsis appearing incorrectly on the System Map
    • Fixed two systems with duplicate names
    • Fixed visual issue with planets that could occur after selling restored exploration data
    • The Galaxy Map can now be freely spun with the mouse in both directions, instead of just to the right
    • Fixed some texture pop for the stars on the System Map
    • Fixed inconsistencies between the jump range calculated by the hyperdrive and what's used in outfitting/galaxy map. Should no longer be cases where the route plotter avoids jumps just on the edge of your range that you could technically make
    • Fixed the System Map displaying the current view mode of the Galaxy Map in the top right corner
    • Fixed some incorrect player faction descriptions on the Galaxy Map
    • Fixed the map configuration view ‘by services’ not persisting on subsequent reopening of the Galaxy Map
    • The inhabitants of Lave 2 have moved on after being isolated by their planet's permit and their settlements have been dismantled, so missions should no longer target this planet

    General Fixes & Tweaks
    • Various text tweaks
    • Fixed a tiling issue with high resolution screenshots
    • Fixed Onionhead decals that were appearing white
    • Fixed an issue where incoming calls still came through when voice channels were set to 'off'
    • Commander stats: Highest Single Reward now updates based upon the greatest total bounty per ship destroyed after this release
    • Increased yield of materials from asteroids
    • Fix for bounty values not always being received correctly
    • Added two new materials - Boron and Lead which can most commonly be found in metal-rich asteroid rings
    • Anarchy factions treat smuggling goods at a black market as if they were traded on the open commodities market for the purposes of the Background Sim
    • Fixed the notoriety discount not being applied correctly on the insurance screen
    • Minor commodity adjustments with the aim to make it more profitable to smuggle goods to a black market
    • AI traders have been discouraged from travelling to markets farther away from the system entry point or that have a low security, leaving more supply and demand available for players. Anarchy factions lower the security of their markets.
    • Fix material traders and technology brokers being incorrectly activated at markets when their owner changes
    • Rebalancing pass over station repair targets has reduced them to about 10% of their 2.4 values

    Holo-Me Creator
    • Fixed Holo-Me creator always saying 'Mixed Eyes' even when they match
    • Adjusted the height of the wraparound visor eyewear
    • Fixed an issue where 'Asymmetry 01' was set by default even when 'None Selected' was set
    • Corrected the position of the player’s avatar when using the Holo-Me creator when in an Anaconda

    • Addressed issue of jumping to a binary star system and dropping too far away from the main star

    • Patched a hole in the geometry of the Shrogea MH-V e2-1763 Tourist Installation
    • Moved some shipping containers at the Torno 3 Maclaurin Reach surface base to prevent SRVs from becoming stuck
    • Fixed players sometimes not receiving Engineering data from scanning data points
    • Fixed instances of capital ships being aligned to the wrong side of Conflict Zones
    • Fixed a missing Uplink at Dav's Hope
    • Fixed some floating buildings at Conflux Settlements
    • Added docked capital ship to the Carthage system
    • Made some adjustments to the drop out distance to prevent players from dropping out of Supercruise inside the structure of a Megaship
    • Grounded a floating communications antenna at Dixon Dock
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing Data Uplinks from being targeted on Installations
    • Fixed Capital Ship in Distress USS being surrounded by ‘Clean’ Pirate NPCs
    • Fixed ships not showing as Wanted or having pre-existing bounties in Resource Extraction Sites
    • Fixed an issue whereby ships could be recalled while at unsafe locations
    • Increased the spawn rate of High Grade Emissions USSs in shipping lanes and by planets

    Launcher (PC Only)
    • Fixed an issue where the launcher would not minimise when clicking the taskbar icon

    • Passengers will no longer request to visit damaged stations
    • Fixed an issue that could lead to single planetary scan missions not completing correctly
    • Fixed some massacre mission distribution issues
    • Fixed some systems only spawning VIP passenger missions
    • Fixed issue where only one ship in a wing would count towards pirate kill missions
    • Fixed an issue whereby duplicate named mission targets could spawn during missions
    • Adjusted the spawn rate of Skimmers at settlements to better facilitate 'Kill Skimmer' missions
    • Increased the variety of Courier missions that can be generated
    • Factions will no longer send you to scan their own Data Points for a Planetary Scan mission
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing mission targets from counting towards an Assassination mission after following a target using a Wake Scanner
    • Fixed mission rewards not filtering correctly
    • Fixed planetary welcome missions sometimes directing players to difficult, high security outposts
    • Fix to prevent notoriety increases from crimes committed against a mission target
    • Added new Massacre Mission Scenarios
    • Fixed an inconsistency in reputation/influence indicators between the mission list and mission details
    • Fixed some instances of missions incorrectly granting negative rewards

    • Fixed a disconnect that could occur when attempting to deploy a fighter in Multi-Crew
    • Fixed heat vents not appearing correctly when using the Camera Suite in Multi-Crew
    • Fixed an issue where the Role Switch panel would not update correctly when a crew member switched from the Idle to the Gunner role
    • Fixed an issue where the avatar of a Multi-Crew member would flicker in the role panel when that player enters the Camera Suite

    • Fixed an issue where hired crew could crash their ships when recalled at crater settlement
    • Addressed reports of reckless flying by NPCs around Stations
    • Addressed an issue where Pirate NPCs would attack the player when in the same instance as a Thargoid
    • Dropping mines inside stations no longer confuses the station's turrets
    • Fixed issue where Pirate NPCs could demand more cargo than you are able to drop
    • Fixed Black Flight ships being incorrectly flagged as allied with Aegis Research
    • Fixed the Beckett Class Science Vessel being incorrectly named when targeted
    • Addressed mission target NPCs sometimes dropping out of Supercruise too close to stars
    • Fixed issue where a Search and Rescue ship would continue to repair a distress call victim even after they are fully repaired
    • Addressed NPC crew members responding with an affirmative to an order when their thrusters have been destroyed
    • Fixed an issue where planetary defences would still attack you while docked after re-spawning
    • Fixed an issue where System Authority ships could appear in anarchy systems
    • Fixed an issue where NPC ships could be occupying an allocated landing pad
    • Fixed an issue where players could be penalised for attacking the Ship Launched Fighter of a Wanted mothership


    • Fixed an issue that could allow Frame Shift Drive modules to be equipped into Utility slots
    • Fixed a rare case where the selected livery would highlight the wrong slot after selecting one

    Player Journal

    • Fixed Powerplay power effects on faction influence in their territory as described in their Exploitation Impact text

    • Fixed an issue whereby a station's interior could appear at a low LOD when in a Wing
    • Improved shadows on planet surfaces for some setting configurations
    • Fixed a LOD popping issue on Asteroid Base landing pads
    • Thargoid Probe shutdown now correctly removes the HUD, rather than turning it black after entering the Camera Suite during a shutdown
    • Reduced texture generation time for non-landable planets on consoles - Consoles only
    • Fixed an issue where the ship's hull could render over weapons (Type 7 and Type 9)
    • Prevent crashes when unable to immediately create planet ring texture
    • Video memory savings in the handling of the background
    • On PS4, reduce cases of texture mip level drops - PS4
    • Fix cases of nebulae missing from background
    • Adjusted the starlight colour saturation levels
    • Fix for some settlements not being correctly aligned to terrain
    • Fix for fog not picking up the star light colour in some cases
    • Supercruise motion lines are now frame-rate independent
    • Prevent the fluorescent blue line appearing when in headlook mode and exiting the camera suite
    • Tweak dust, tyre track and rock colour calculations to better match the surface
    • Fix galaxy map icons flickering into and out of existence
    • Non-volumetric light cones now fade in instead of clipping
    • Prevent extremely bright lighting for some gas giants

    Ships & SRV
    General Ship Fixes and Improvements
    • Fixed an issue where the Festive String Lights could disappear when swapping vehicles until your next jump
    • Fixed ship paint work always showing as scratched even when at 100%
    • Thargoid EMPs no longer scrub your ship's Nameplate and ID from your hull
    • Fixed some laser aim jittering that was occurring when switching between a Ship Launched Fighter and your Mothership
    • Fixed utility mounts disappearing while in Hyperspace
    • Corrected spelling of DeLacy in several ship cockpit textures

    • Fixed some clipping on the Raider Ship Kit
    • Fixed the ship not rolling correctly on its centre of mass axis
    • Fixed the engine trails rendering incorrectly
    • Fixed the positioning of the String Lights
    • Corrected some of the side window textures
    • Fixed an issue with the shield animation not encompassing the entire ship

    Asp Explorer
    • Fixed the bumper Ship Kit covering the Ship ID
    • Fixed an alignment issue with the Ship ID
    • Fixed an issue with the front decal disappearing and reappearing when dropping from Orbital Cruise

    Cobra Mk. III
    • Fixed an animation issue with the landing gear

    Diamondback Explorer
    • Patched a hole in the geometry
    • Fixed a texture LOD popping issue

    F63 Condor
    • Fixed some LODs

    Federal Gunship
    • Fixed an issue with the heat coils being inverted

    Imperial Clipper
    • Fixed the XB1 controller vibration not working [XB1]

    Imperial Courier
    • Fixed the facing of a decal

    Imperial Cutter
    • Adjusted some of the outfitting cameras
    • Fixed a missing texture under the landing ramp

    • Fixed some LOD issues with the Pathfinder Paintjob

    • Fixed a section of the Tail Kit 4 that could not be recoloured
    • Raised the position of the fuel scoop message as it was appearing too low

    • Fixed an issue whereby your ship could take off while deploying your SRV, causing it to possibly take damage
    • Fixed an issue where SRV cargo was retained when the SRV was destroyed
    • Fixed issue whereby your ship could be dismissed while deploying the SRV, causing the turret not to deploy correctly
    • Fixed SRV handling inconsistencies while airborne at some framerates
    • Fixed issue whereby a player driving an SRV would receive a bounty for returning fire on a hostile NPC ship
    • Fixed an issue with the fuel gauge displaying an incorrect value
    • Fixed an issue where the SRV’s seat was not animating in sync with the pilot impact animations
    • Fixed an issue where the SRV could get stuck in the ground when moved due to logging out in a dangerous location

    Type 7
    • Fixed some inverted decals
    • Fixed the incorrect orientation of the Camera Suite external angles
    • Buffed to improve its jump range

    Type 9 Heavy
    • Fixed a cockpit texture issue

    Type 10 Defender

    • Fixed an issue where certain hardpoints were not firing correctly
    • Fixed a cockpit texture issue
    • Adjusted the camera angle for the 6th utility mount when in Outfitting
    • Increased the power distributor slot to size 7
    • Fixes to the landing gear animations and positioning
    • Fixed an issue where the ship would often not land despite alignment being correct
    • Fixed a Camera Suite position when used in Multi-Crew

    Viper Mk4
    • Fixed a Camera Suite camera angle

    Stability Fixes
    • Fixed an issue that prevented players who logged out near 'Downed Civilian Ships' in the California Nebula from logging back in
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when switching back to your ship from a Ship Launched Fighter
    • Fixed one of the most common connection errors that could occur
    • Prevent crash at planetary bases that could occur from rapidly loading in and exiting to main menu repeatedly
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when looking at the Navigation Panel when in CQC
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening the Galaxy Map
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when switching to another ship
    • Fixed a crash that could occur on the Insurance Screen
    • Fixed a crash that would occur when shooting an SRV with a Railgun
    • Fixed a crash that could occur if you waited for more than 5 minutes in the Docking and Travel training mission before doing a Hyperspace or Supercruise jump
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting game while in Outfitting
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading in to a CQC Arena Deathmatch
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when fighting a Thargoid
    • Fixed a disconnect that could occur when scanning a Private Data Beacon at an Unidentified Signal Source

    Starports/Outposts/Surface Ports
    • Various fixes and optimisations for stations and outposts

    • Synthesizing from the modules panel will no longer cause the UI to get stuck
    • Corrected the calculation for the FSD boost distance multiplier

    User Interface
    • Fixed an issue where the Restock All menu could get stuck loading
    • Fixed an issue whereby modules were not being correctly categorised in the Stored Ships panel of the Shipyard
    • Engineering effects on Modules can now been seen in the modules tab
    • Fixed an issue with bracketed Commander names not displaying as intended
    • Insurance screen 'Rebuy All' toggle has been changed to 'Select All' for clarity
    • Fixed incorrect 'Killed By' message that appeared when a player destroyed your Ship Launched Fighter in PvP
    • Fixed an incorrect thumbnail displaying in the Role panel
    • 'Total Hyperspace Distance' and 'Maximum Distance from Start' stats on the Stats Panel now display as whole numbers
    • Corrected some display errors on the Insurance Screen
    • Fixed issue where some Blueprints mod descriptions were not matching the results
    • Fixed some text layout issues for Inbox, mission text and Info tab of the Multi-Crew sub menu
    • Fixed issue with the System Map scroll bar resetting when a map pop-up is closed
    • Fixed the switch tabs buttons appearing incorrectly in the French client in the Holo-me creator
    • Read messages in your inbox will now display an open envelope icon
    • Fixed the icon for Inbox messages that contain audio
    • Fixed an issue that prevented players from scrolling down the module info panel
    • Changed the inbox filter and header from ‘Audio Logs’ to ‘Discovered Logs’
    • Fixed some debug text that could appear when targeting Black Box Canisters
    • Fixed the ‘engineered’ icon incorrectly displaying when selling stored non-engineered modules
    • Fixed an issue whereby an NPC’s avatar could appear in the Comms panel instead of a player’s avatar
    • Fixed inbox message not always appearing when gaining an exploration rank after discovering a new micro resource
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when accessing The Dweller’s Starport UI
    • Fixed some text overlap that could occur in the Commodities Market for most languages
    • Fixed the stats UI showing incorrect numbers on weapons with the Double Shot modification applied
    • Fixed the rank progression being difficult to make out in the Status Panel
    • Widened the friends list in the main menu, to allow more room for long commander names
    • Fixed the ‘Encounters’ field being blank in the Statistics panel
    • Fixed a focus loss issue when using a controller to access the Status Panel
    • Ensured that mission inbox messages are not grouped into the Discovered Logs category
    • Fixed some overlapping text in the Message Inbox
    • Material grade icons in the Target Panel now show the correct grade
    • Fixed an issue where the Systems Panel would not update to display a new Engineered FSD range, neutron boost range and FSD synthesis range
    • Fixed the Import/Export profit sometimes displaying as a negative number in the Commodities Market
    • Rank type in crew lounge is no longer cut off when playing the game in French

    • Adjusted the pilot illumination so it proves less distracting when using VR
    • Fixed a rendering issue with some Sidewinder cockpit panels rendering as transparent when using VR

    Weapons & Modules
    • Fixed an issue where engineered Pack Hound Missiles could not always be restocked correctly
    • Fixed an issue where some engineered torpedoes were not damaging internal modules correctly
    • Fixed an issue where guided missiles could remain stationary in space after a conflict
    • Small adjustments to the position of the penetration sphere (and making it smaller) to better balance High Yield Shell, Deep Cut Payload and Penetrator Munitions specials - these should all be slightly less effective at their best, better on average, and overall show much more consistent results.
    • Fixed an issue where heat sinks could not be activated when in Supercruise
    • Fixed an issue where jumping to Supercruise reset the charge provided by a Shield Cell Bank if the charge had not completed before the jump
    • Updated the description text for the Turreted Flak Launcher for clarity
    • Fixed an issue where Collector Limpets could explode on the cargo hatch when the vessel was moving
    • Adjusted the Hatch Breaker Limpet Controller's in-game description
    • Adjustments made to the Docking Computer to prevent damage during landings
    • Fixed issue of power priorities in the module tab not listing all priorities
    • Modifications to existing specials:
      • Autoloader rate increased 25%
      • Force Shell no longer scatters
      • Plasma Slug damage penalty reduced from 20% to 10%
      • Radiant Canister no longer reduces ammo capacity (was 25% penalty)
      • Shiftlock Canister no longer reduces damage (was 20% Penalty)
      • Thermal Conduit no longer includes a base damage penalty, but the damage bonuses from the firing ship's heat have been reduced to offset this
      • Thermal Vent effectiveness doubled, and no longer increases weapon's baseline heat (was 25% penalty)
      • Thermal Shock damage penalty reduced from 20% to 10%

    • Rebalanced some module prices
    • Rebalanced some synthesis recipes
    • Significantly reduced the damage and radius within which the High Yield Shell applies damage to internal modules
    • Fixed player-controlled beam weapons with jitter (Cyto-scrambler especially) having their jitter removed upon exiting to the menu and back
    • Reduced the jitter on Cyto-scrambler burst lasers by about half

    • Implemented some performance improvements when fighting Thargoids in a Wing
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    Also apparently PS4 patch is already for download now, although backed servers are still chuntering away.....

    Do we know when?

    Nice that PS4 gets it "first" (must be a more stable and easier dev environment over that wonky xbox thingy! ;)

    It’s 10.768GB downloading now....
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    Additionally there are some paint jobs for the Chieftain, as well as ‘Celeste’ a new COVAS voice pack - with a very distracting French accent!
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    Not yet live...but here is some more lowdown on whats available

    source Elite Dangerous: Beyond - the features of 3.0

    Elite Dangerous: Beyond - the features of 3.0
    Greetings Commanders,

    Here's an overview of all the features coming to Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter One. With one or two exceptions (outlined within the section) the information below is how the feature will work at launch of Elite Dangerous 3.0.



    Engineering Improvements

    Engineering has been significantly updated in Beyond Chapter One, focused on a single principle: the process should always result in an improvement on your existing module.

    You now progress a module’s capabilities through a series of modification grades, with every upgrade you craft improving the module you apply it to. Any penalties are static and visible upfront.

    Experimental effects are no longer randomly applied but can be purchased by spending materials, putting the choice fully in your hands.
    Increasing your reputation with an Engineer, reduces the number of rolls you need to progress through lower grades. This means you will be able to reach higher grades much more quickly if you have a higher reputation with an Engineer.

    You can now remotely engineer your modules. You can pin all grades of a blueprint and upgrade at any starport (or planet port) that has outfitting.
    Material Bucketing
    Rather than a single large storage of materials that would become filed with un-wanted resources, we have split this into per materials buckets vastly simplifying its management. The tier of the material affects how many can be stored. The storage works in the following manner:

    Tier 1: 300
    Tier 2: 250
    Tier 3: 200
    Tier 4: 150
    Tier 5: 100

    Materials Trader

    We’ve also added a new contact called a Materials Trade, providing players the ability to hand in materials in exchange for others at set exchange rates based on grade and material type.

    This will allow players to trade for rarer items or items obtained by gameplay they do not want to take part in (E.G. killing trade ships) as well as converting stockpiles of unwanted materials to ones that the player needs.

    This is not intended to replace material gathering completely, but be a useful tool to help shorten the gameplay loops around gathering materials, making engineering more accessible.

    • Allow players to trade one material of another in a single trade.
    • Only one trade at a time can be completed.
    • Material traders operate on a true barter system. There are no credits involved.
    • Traders are split into types – Raw, Manufactured and Encoded.
    • Each trader type only trades in their type of materials and can be found in different economy types. Locations material traders can be found are:
    - Raw Materials Trader: found at extraction and refinery economies, only trades in raw material found on planet surfaces and planetary rings.
    - Manufactured Materials Trader: Found at industrial economies, only trades in manufactured materials.
    - Encoded Materials Trader: Found at High Tech and Military economies, only trades in encoded materials.
    - Systems also need to be mid to high security systems and have populations between 1,000,000 and 22,000,000.
    • Materials Traders will not show up in anarchy systems.
    • Materials Traders will not show up at stations that are currently controlled by a criminal faction.
    • Materials Traders will be unavailable when a station is damaged, under repair or put on lockdown.
    • Horizons is required to use Material traders.
    • Material traders can be found using the new map view configuration ‘By Service’ option. This has a 40ly range and only shows traders that you have discovered.
    • Material traders will also be shown on the system map in the station services list.
    • Material traders will appear in the Human Bubble, Colonia and Pleiades regions at economies types listed above.

    Galnet Audio

    At the simple click of a button, you’ll now be able to listen to GalNet audio whilst flying your ship.

    All you have to do is select the play button at the bottom of the right-hand system panel in your cockpit to play through the headline news stories.
    If you’re looking for a specific story, or you want to curate your own playlist of handpicked news, you can do so by opening up GalNet news from the same panel and select the stories individually.

    GalNet news will fade in and out depending on the situation, and stop altogether in some key situations. In some cases, such as counting down to hyperspace jumps, the news will pause and then resume once the countdown is complete. The story, or playlist, will continue from where you left off.

    COVAS Customisation

    COVAS (Cockpit Voice Assistant) is a new addition to Elite Dangerous and the first of these will be Victor, ready at the launch of Chapter One of Beyond. Commanders will be able to change their COVAS at the Starport Services livery customisation section.

    It is also possible to choose a different COVAS for your SRV to your ship, you'll need to head over to the SRV customisation bay to change your preference.

    And... if you miss Verity, you'll be able to change the COVAS back.

    Frontier is working in partnership with HCS to bring you new COVAS packs in the future. These voices are intended to bring a new flavour to commanders out in the black, however, it's important to note at the current time we do not intend to introduce celebrity voice packs.

    Crime and Punishment

    Note: a small number of crime related features are listed as “Coming Soon”. We hope to deploy these updates within a few weeks of Chapter One’s launch.

    Bounties and Fines

    • Bounties and fine are applied to the ship you're in.
    • Fines never mature into bounties.
    • Bounties never become dormant.
    • Bounties never expire.
    • Fines can be paid off at security contacts.
    • Bounties can be cleared by Interstellar Factors (when your Notoriety is 0).

    These changes aim to simplify crimes. You will now have more control over your criminal status risk and reward. You can store a ship with bounties on (a hot ship), hiding your criminality, but at the cost of not using the ship. Bounties are now more significant as only Interstellar Factors can clear them.

    Notoriety and Murder

    • Commanders gain a ’notoriety’ rating, a value between zero and ten.
    • Notoriety increases by one whenever a Commander commits a murder crime.
    • Notoriety decays one unit every 2 hours of time when you’re logged in the game back down to zero.
    • For each level of notoriety, murder bounty values are increased by a fraction of the perpetrator's rebuy cost - the higher the notoriety, the bigger the fraction.
    • If the victim is a Commander (a player rather than an NPC) then you pay 10% percent per point of notoriety of the difference between your base rebuy cost, factoring in engineering, and the victim’s rebuy cost. If your cost is less than your victim’s, this will be zero. This is to de-incentivise destroying smaller ships than your own. This number, as well as others in the Beyond update, will be revisited and tweaked after launch to make sure the game is as balanced and enjoyable as possible.
    • In addition, Commanders that are destroyed have their rebuy cost reduced based on the notoriety level of their murderer - the more notorious the assassin, the bigger the discount on rebuy cost for the victim.
    • Notoriety is linked directly to the Commander, regardless of which ship they fly in.
    • Any Notoriety means the interstellar factors cannot clear your fines or bounties.
    • Notoriety is not increased for killing mission targets.

    These changes ensure that Commanders can't completely shed their criminal status by swapping to clean ships. It also addresses the seriousness of the murder crime, especially against other Commanders, as well stopping people from attacking smaller ships unnecessarily.

    Currently, any death that results from collisions will not apply to the notoriety penalties nor will it increase notoriety. This is to prevent griefing by cheap ships against expensive vessels.
    Ramming and combat logging are two examples of other things that we’re giving specific care and attention to – keep an eye on the forums and on social media for any news relating to these topics.

    Hot Ships and Modules

    • A ship with bounties on it is hot.
    • A hot ship cannot be transferred to a port in a jurisdiction where the hot ship is wanted.
    o Elsewhere - ship transfer costs are increased for the hot ship.
    • Modules taken from a hot ship are hot modules.
    • Hot ships can be cleaned of bounties and fines using Interstellar Factors.
    • Hot modules can be cleaned in storage for a price based on the module's value.
    • Hot modules cannot be placed in a clean ship.
    • Hot ships and modules can be sold at a mark down.

    These changes mean there are more consequences for criminals, to close off potential "laundering" exploits.

    Friendly Fire and Reckless Weapons Discharge

    • The tolerance for friendly fire has been increased - you can deal more damage before you gain the assault crime.
    • A new crime has been added "Reckless weapons discharge", which triggers at the old friendly fire threshold, and is only a fine.

    These changes reflect the potential increased consequence for a bounty, allowing more leeway before one is issued.

    Anonymous Access Protocols

    • When in a hot ship, port services are restricted in jurisdictions where the ship is wanted (your ship logs in anonymously).
    • Fines prevent access to all services except missions in progress, security contacts, Interstellar Factors and black markets.
    • Bounties prevent access to all services except missions in progress, Interstellar Factors and black markets.

    This helps to make sure there are consequences for your crimes without your vessel being destroyed.

    Power Bounties

    • Crimes committed between Powerplay pledged Commanders generate power bounties instead of normal bounties.
    • Power bounties can only be detected and claimed by Commanders pledged to the power that issued them.
    • Commanders destroyed for their Power bounty are not processed as criminals and do not pay any additional costs during respawning.
    • Authority ships will no longer get involved with Powerplay. For example, A Hudson Commander can still attack a Patreus Commander with impunity in a system controlled or exploited by Hudson. However when the Patreus player fights back they will get a Power bounty and no authority ships will be summoned.
    • Powerplay NPC ships have an increased chance to travel in packs for increased defence.

    Power bounties remove Powerplay from the standard crime response, allowing consensual PvP without interference.

    Advanced Tactical Response

    • Authorities now have access to new security vessels: ATR (Advanced Tactical Responders)
    • ATR ships are kitted out with top tier hardware, in exclusive, customised configurations. They are extremely competent pilots.
    • ATR ships can be summoned once a Commander has committed enough crimes in a jurisdiction.
    • The security of the system determines the level of crime before they are summoned
    • ATR ships arrive with full knowledge of their target and are cleared to arrive "weapons hot".
    • Once ATR ships respond to crimes, they will continue to respond until the Commander leaves the system.

    Another piece of the crime consequences puzzle, ATR should also help mitigate Commanders attempting to exert excessive influence in the background simulation as well as challenge heavily engineered ships.

    Crime and Ship Destruction (Coming Soon)

    At 3.0 launch, you will respawn at a starport of the faction that controls the system when you are clean rather than the faction who controlled the jurisdiction you were destroyed in, and will pay bounties and fines for this jurisdiction, along with bounties detected.

    Whilst 3.0 rules work, the changes proposed below will make the system clearer and work better with the revised Kill Warrant Scanner, which will be updated at the same time.

    • When a hot ship is destroyed where it is wanted the Commander will respawn at the nearest Detention Centre.
    • There are lots of Detention Centres in human space.
    • When respawning at a Detention Centre, a Commander *must* pay off their bounty or fine for the jurisdiction where they were destroyed and any bounties detected by a Kill Warrant scan, in addition to their rebuy cost - all other bounties and fines remain attached to the ship.
    • When a ship is destroyed where it is not wanted it will respawn at a starport owned by the jurisdiction’s controlling faction.
    o If there are no appropriate starports, it will respawn at the last port it was last docked at.
    • When a ship is destroyed where it is not wanted but hostile to the jurisdiction’s controlling faction, it will be deported and respawn at the nearest Detention Centre.

    This change makes the crime flow more consistent and plausible and ensure you will not be trapped by re-spawning in a station you are hostile.

    Kill Warrant Scanner (Coming Soon)

    The Kill Warrant Scanner in its current form will detect the single largest bounty on the scanned ship. However, based on in-depth feedback and dialogue on the forums we are looking to release an updated version.

    We’ve listened to and incorporated all of the feedback regarding the Kill Warrant Scanner and we’re pleased to reveal the following solution. It addresses all of the concerns, from collecting bounties in different systems, to safeguarding reputation, to tactically supporting factions, to actually allowing the scanner to grant a kill warrant!

    • The Kill Warrant Scanner detects all bounties issued by system factions in every system.
    • The Kill Warrant Scanner grants a license to kill if at least one detected bounty is issued by a faction that is aligned to the same superpower as the current jurisdiction.
    • When used, the Kill Warrant Scanner prevents reputation loss for destroying ships, except criminally aligned vessels.
    • NPC ships can have bounties for factions not present in the current system, favouring nearby systems where possible.

    Making this change involves a significant amount of under the hood changes to the way bounties are generated, which increases the robustness of the whole bounty system. This has meant that this Kill Warrant Scanner update will deploy a little after Chapter One’s launch.

    Superpower Bounties (Coming Soon)

    These are not currently in the game but are an important compliment to our core fixes that will be rolled out with the Kill Warrant Scanner update.

    • When you gain five or more bounties for factions aligned to the same superpower, a superpower bounty is issued against you.
    • Superpower bounties are valid for every jurisdiction aligned to the superpower.
    • Superpower bounties are detected by a basic scan.
    • When a superpower bounty is detected, all bounties issued by factions aligned with the superpower are also detected.
    • Superpower bounties grant credit rewards and reputation for the superpower.

    We’ve looked at all of the feedback concerning bounties, background simulation and the Kill Warrant Scanner, and these rules are the result. Because they are changing from our original interpretation, they will be deployed along with the update to the Kill Warrant Scanner and ship destruction rules tweaks.

    Superpower bounties add consequence to those who commit crime sprees across multiple systems. They also help define clear boundaries between Empire, Federation and Allied space.

    Planetary Improvements

    We have overhauled the surface material system for the rocky, high metal content and metal rich planets. We have pushed the system to get a lot more out of it, but this is just the first step towards further major planetary system improvements. The contrast and variation across and between bodies is much improved.

    We also hope that these planetary visual improvements (with more surface level improvements coming later in the year) will also bring a new vibrancy to the Elite Dangerous galaxy, encouraging wanderlust explorers to discover far systems and planets.

    The colouration of the surfaces now more clearly telegraphs the chemical makeup and volcanic activity of the worlds. In addition, binary rocky/metallic planets more accurately simulate having similar colourations from shared formation materials where appropriate.

    We have a range of colourations for:

    Rocky High Metal Metal Rich
    No Volcanism No Volcanism No Volcanism
    Low Volcanism Low Volcanism Low Volcanism
    Mid to High Volcanism Mid to High Volcanism Mid to High Volcanism

    See the visual improvements for yourself here:

    The Chieftain

    The Alliance Chieftain is a medium-sized ship that has been designed not only to dish out punishment, but to avoid it. Manufactured by Lakon Spaceways, the Chieftain is more manoeuvrable than ships of similar size and weight, and its combat profile means it can more than hold its own in a fight. The ship also boasts three internal military compartments, allowing the pilot to equip a shield cell bank, hull reinforcements and module reinforcements.

    Important note: as there are no Alliance ranks, you will not need a specific rank to unlock this ship.

    Get a closer look at the Chieftain and see it in action on the stream here:

    Brief Chieftain outfitting can be seen here:

    Tech Broker

    Technology Brokers are dealers in new and rare technologies and items. These contacts appear in various stations across known human space and can generally be found in highly populated systems with a high security level. Visit tech brokers to see what items they currently have available and complete set requests to unlock these items by handing in the required commodities and materials. The addition of Technology Brokers allows pilots to acquire new items based on their personal narrative giving even more ways to play elite your way.

    For more details about the new Tech Broker, check here:

    Trade Data Changes

    We are making changes to the commodities markets and the galaxy map to allow players to find profitable trades more easily in-game.

    In the game at the moment, by default the galactic average column shows the average price of the commodity or rough profits from various stations where you have purchased the trade data from.

    How trade data works in Beyond Chapter One:

    • Commanders will be able to select the trade data column header to enter the trade data overlay.
    • From there, you can select specific markets by typing in the system name or finding the system using the galaxy map.

    Important note: only systems you have docked in or scanned the 'Nav Beacon' at will display a result when entered, so the more systems you visit in the greater the amount of trade data you will have to use when looking for a potential profit.
    • Once a system is selected, as long as you have the trade data, a tab will appear.
    • Using this you can select which market in the system you want to display the trade data for.
    • You can now select whether you want to show export profits (the money you would make when exporting to the system) or import profits (the money you would make from importing goods from the system to your current market).
    • Once the parameters have been chosen, you can hit the OK button to display the data for the selected market on the commodity market screen allowing you to see what profits you could make on any commodities.

    Important note: profit given is accurate at the time of being displayed and can fluctuate when travelling to the chosen market.

    • The commodities market interface has also had a makeover with more information about potential markets displayed in the right hand panel. Supply and demand is shown as pips instead of high (3 pips), medium (2 pips) and low (1 pip).
    • When you select a commodity, a confirmation overlay will open, allowing you to select how many of the item you want to buy or sell and then you'll be able to confirm the trade

    Using the galaxy map for trade data:

    • You can use the same interface to access and use the galaxy map to select a target market. This is also available straight from the galaxy map tab in the left cockpit panel.
    • With the galaxy map open you can use some new configuration options to display trade data, find trades and select a market to compare with your current location.
    • New options are stored in the Map option under 'Map View Configuration.'
    • There is a new entry in this drop down called 'By Commodity'.
    • This will open up the new commodity search options
    • You will be able to select the commodity category and type that you are interested in.
    • If you already have a commodity in your ships inventory it will be highlighted with an icon, allowing you to see at a glance what you have onboard.
    • With a commodity chosen the galaxy map will display trade heat map icons within a 40 light year radius of your current position to indicate star systems that import or export that commodity.

    Important note: you can search for and look at trade data for systems further than 40ly, it’s just that the heat map has a set range so the icons will only show up within that range of your current location.

    • A Blue Diamond is a system that imports the item and Green Triangle is a system that exports the item. In addition, a White Diamond represents that the player has trade data for the system, but the system doesn’t deal in the selected commodity.
    • Under the commodity selection on the left hand panel are also three new filters allowing you to set the icons to show:
    - Best import and export prices
    - Import prices only
    - Export prices only
    • With the By Commodity map mode selected, you can move your cursor over a system and select it.

    As mentioned before, if you have previously docked in the system or scanned the 'Nav Beacon' there then an expanded overlay will display trade data. But for systems that you have not visited, a message will be displayed telling you that the system's data is unavailable and how you can unlock it.
    • When you select a system, you will be able to scroll through each market in the system and see the per unit price of your chosen commodity on the system selection overlay. This will allow you to quickly work out the best locations to trade at (based on price).
    • Below 'import/export price' there is a new selection of filters. Using these filters you can find the best location with the best price to suit your ship and cargo.

    These filters are:
    - Landing pad size – This allows you to see what landing pad sizes are available at the Starport.
    - Planetary Market - This allows you to show or hide markets that are on a planets
    - Distance from star – This allows you to filter between market a short, medium or long range from the main system star.

    • We have also added another new button on the system selection overlay: mark market for comparison. This automatically sets the market for comparison when you select the station services Market view (instead of displaying the galactic average.)

    Trending Trade Route Data

    We have also updated the trade data routes in the galaxy map to now show trending trade routes used by commanders and commercial pilots. Using these filters can, alongside the various commodity filters, help commanders get a clear view of who is trading what and where in the systems near to you.

    Ultimately, we hope these new tools will make it easier for players to find the best trades, while also encourage them to explore and visit multiple systems to unlock new markets and potential profits.

    For a full recap on trade data changes, watch the stream here:

    Megaship Interactions

    Another change coming to this chapter of Beyond is the additional gameplay interactions that will be available at the various megaships found across the galaxy. As well as the simple data links and NPC ship scenarios we have added a new flow for scanning these and (in later Beyond updates) other large space objects.

    Initiating Interactions:

    1. Megaships will now need to be scanned with the data scanner before any of the interaction objects become interactive.
    2. Doing so will release a scan pulse which highlights all interaction objects attached to the vessel.
    3. Interaction objects are added to your ships contacts panel and can now be targeted and interrogated to discover how to interact with them.
    4. Some of interactions utilise limpets of various types to allow you to activate, deactivate, damage, hack or simply operate an item. While others can be shot or scanned to interact.

    Discover all of the new ways to interact with megaships in the beta, details here:

    One thing to note is that all current interactions are considered illegal, tying in with the changes to Crime and Punishment. These interactions provide criminal pilots new gameplay options as well as giving lawful players new locations to find wanted pilots.

    In addition to the aforementioned interactions, we have tweaked the scenarios around the megaships to include a greater variety of criminal and lawful pilots, as well as crime responders such as police ships, to add a bit more depth to these locations.

    Wing Missions

    Chapter One introduces wing missions. These are missions designed to be shared by up to four players. It’s one of the most requested mission features and we are excited to take out first steps into multiplayer missions.

    There are four wing mission types at this time: delivery, collect, massacre and assassination.

    • In order to accept the missions, one member of the wing needs to access the mission board and select a wing mission, which are denoted by a special blue icon.
    • Once accepted, the player who took the mission can share it by clicking the share button on the mission’s entry, located in the 'Transactions' panel. Doing so sends the player's wingmates an inbox message and adds the mission to their own Transactions panel.
    • The wingmates can choose to then either accept or decline the mission invite in the Transactions panel.
    Important to note: each player can only share one mission at a time, this means that with a maximum of four players in a wing, players can be part of up to a maximum of four active wing missions at any given time.

    Mission Depots

    In the case of a wing delivery mission, players will be charged with transporting large quantities of goods from point A to point B. previously, when taking a delivery mission, all the cargo would be placed into the player’s hold for them to deliver. However, as we are now dealing with larger quantities and missions involving multiple players, this added a new development challenge; we needed to add a way for players to collect and deliver part of the mission’s total required cargo. In order to facilitate this, we introduced the 'mission depot,' which allows members of a wing to collect and deliver any amount of cargo that they require for the mission.

    • The mission is completed when all the cargo has been delivered and each member of the wing is then able to collect their rewards.
    • All players who are members of the wing at the point that the mission is completed are eligible for the mission rewards.
    • Once all cargo has been collect and a set amount of cargo has been delivered to a mission depot the owner of the mission has the option to partially complete it. In this instance all wing members will receive a credit only reward proportional to the amount of cargo delivered. For example if 75% of the cargo is delivered all wing members will receive a credit reward equal to 75% of the mission’s promised reward.
    • If a player has collected cargo, which has not been delivered when a mission is completed, they will receive a fine based on the cargo’s value.

    For more details about Wing Missions, check here:

    Mission Reward Choices

    In 3.0 we have added reward choices to the majority of missions. This system provides player with up to three different reward packages to choose from upon completion of the mission. One of these reward packages will always be credits.

    • Every member of the wing receives the same reward choices for completing the mission.
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    Update-tastic! Reading time...
  14. zoob

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    Good shout on the Sothis / CEOs connection. Running that now and it's great being able to pick your rewards. Thank you!
  15. zoob

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    Hey @c00ky - next stupid question. I'm allied with Sirius Corp after doing the Sothis / Ceos run a few times, have a hold full of Modular terminals but don't have a Sirius permit.

    Having a look online implies I should be able to pick one up from a Sirius system (obviously not Sirius itself) and although Sothis / Ceos has a presence, it's actually run by Fedarations Unite (which includes Sirius).

    I had a quick look at the factions map though as Sirius is an Independent, would I be correct in thinking that it's mixed in with all the others? Just need the permit now!

    PS I'm using Marco as a stepping stone towards Professor Palin...
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    Looking at the following systems have Sirius presence...

    HIP 8396
    Luyten 674-15
    Luyten's Star
    Te Kaha

    Lutyens are both nearby to Sirius I think, as well as Procyon.

    I would dock at these locatiosn where Sirius is primary faction and maybe log out and back in and this may prompt the welcome mission to occur. (From memory mine was from Lutyen's Star). The fact you already have the 25 Mod Terms is amazing, took me a month to find mine!
  17. zoob

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    That seems to be the trick from what I've read this morning. Will check those systems out either tonight or tomorrow - I'm still currently in Sothis (didn't want to head out without a plan in mind), maybe it'll kick in when I next log back in.

    Not quite 25 but not far off - picked up 18 in 1 run over 3 separate missions. The new rewards system is pretty decent.

    Thanks @c00ky - muchos appreciated.
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    Checked out the Luytens, no joy there however Procyon did the trick and I'm now the owner of a shiny new Sirius permit - yays!

    Boosted this from 23 to 48 Mod Terminals in another run last night, however skimmed too close and lost 12 via a malfunctioning cargo hatch due to running too hot whilst fuel scooping on the 29 jump run to Procyon! Still, 36 > 25 so we're all good there assuming I don't lose those en route to Sirius. Fingers crossed!

    Again, many thanks @c00ky - appreciated.
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    5 Jul 2012
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    So @zoob you ready for your 5000 Light Year sojourn to unlock Palin??

    You could head to Colonia/Sag a* (I think there is a trophy for getting to Sag A*) and back again to rack up some exploration rank and pocket some decent moolah? Or will you just zap out to 5Kylies away and suicidewinder back? ;)
    zoob likes this.
  20. zoob

    zoob I fight for the Users!
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    25 Oct 2012
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    Sag A sounds like a winner! Guess I'll want to modify my ship to max the jump distance.
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