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X360 EA makes some Online Pass content free on Xbox Marketplace


Board Game Addict
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12 Mar 2012
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EA has cut the price of around a dozen Online Passes and in-the-box DLC on Xbox Marketplace - making the whole lot entirely free to download.

The publisher pledged to end its controversial Online Pass programme earlier this month after "listening to feedback", and said none of its new games would include the feature.

Not that you ever took me out on missions, anyway.
Today's move suggests EA is now retroactively applying this policy to its older titles.

Battlefield Bad Company 2's VIP Pass, Skate 3's Skate Share Pack plus Online Passes for Bulletstorm, Kingdoms of Amalur, Medal of Honor and Shift 2 Unleashed have all been cut from 800 Microsoft Points (£6.80) to nothing, NeoGAF spotted.

In-box DLC content such as Dragon Age: Origins' The Stone Prisoner and Mass Effect 2's Cerberus Network Pass (originally 1200 Points apiece) are also now free.

There's also no charge for Dragon Age 2's Black Emporium DLC, included with the game's Signature Edition, or the Xbox 360 version of American McGee's Alice, included with copies of Alice: Madness Returns (you'll still need that game's disc to play it).

Some of this in-box DLC gave access to a significant amount of extra content (the Cerberus Network Pass for Mass Effect 2 included the extra squad member Zaeed, plus new vehicle-based missions and other goodies).

But not all Online Pass content has been made free. You can still pay 800 Microsoft Points for Online Passes to more recent EA releases, such as Tiger Woods 14 and Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel, for example.

We've asked EA if it will continue cutting the price of Online Passes for the rest of its catalogue, and also when these savings will be available on other platforms.

Source: Eurogamer

So only the older titles have had their online passes made free. No doubt they'll keep the online passes for the newer games as they are still likely to make money out of them. I wonder if they'll do the same on the PS3?


Serious Gamer
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29 Jun 2012
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Looking at the games, Im guessing theyre getting ready to cull the servers, so youve got to ask yourself what have they actually given you and for how long.

I know I know, dont look a gift horse etc. But EA are so bloody money orientated & greedy, you cant help but look over your shoulder when they give you something for nothing


Real men wear clogs
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29 Jun 2012
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What Slaine said.