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PS4 DUALSHOCK4: The developers speak


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12 Mar 2012
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We are so excited about PlayStation 4 and even more anxious to be able to share with you more features and details as we get closer to launch.

As you know, one of the first major reveals during PlayStation Meeting 2013 was the all new DUALSHOCK4 Wireless Controller. Today, we’re pleased to share a brand new video where developers discuss some of their favorite DUALSHOCK4 features, what makes each feature unique and how it will make your gameplay experience much more dynamic.

Be sure to come back and visit PlayStation Blog for the latest news and updates.

Source: EU Playstation Blog

The new controller is looking rather good. They've improved the ergonomics of it, particularly the shaping of the L2 & R2 triggers (no more clip-ons). It looks like they've combined the Start & Select buttons into one Option button. They've added a speaker into the controller and there's the mic socket to plug in the headset that will come with the PS4. It also has a rubberised look to the hand grips. The touch pad is confirmed as multi-touch and the built-in Move sensor will recognise if you change positions in the room and automatically adjust your position in split-screen games. For fans of sharing, there's the Share button too which will work in any game. No mention of dualshock apart from in the name, so I assume that rumble will still be there.

Overall it looks like some good improvements on the PS3 controller.


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29 Jun 2012
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My favourite feature is the speaker. Dont underestimate this, as I found it added to the immersive experience on the Wii, and I dare say it will be done to a greater effect by Sony.

They have packed a lot into it, and left nothing out, which is pretty damn smart.