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7 Jul 2014
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Have you been in an accident that wasn't your fault? Maybe your character in The Division went missing due to a server side bug? Or, perhaps you lost all your items because of a backpack glitch? Well, the good news is that Division Lawyers For You is here to help... wait, sorry, I slipped into the spiel from my second job there for a second.

There has been a pair of bugs in The Division that have hit a number of players hard in the past month: missing characters and the backpack bug. While not affecting everyone, the painful results of the bugs (lost characters and items) has meant those affected have been very loudly seeking compensation, amplified by players who don't want to be hit by the same faults.

While the bugs are being repaired, Ubisoft has announced that it will be giving out Phoenix Credits and high-end materials to players in attempt to make up for the equipment that was lost. If you were hit by either bug then, according to the latest state of the Game Twitch stream (via VG247), you should find yourself 500 Phoenix credits better off. Your pockets should also be filled with 10 fabric, division tech, gun parts, tools and electronics.

Also, you'll want to log into The Division this weekend because, as recompense for three days of bugged daily challenges, Ubisoft is giving everyone 150 Phoenix Credits.

Servers went down for maintenance this morning so, fingers crossed, it will be implementing fixes to the bugs that have pissed off players.