PS4 Darkest Dungeon


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28 Apr 2012
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I've been keeping an eye on this title for a while now and eagerly awaiting it's cross buy release on ps4 / vita.

Darkest Dungeon is a turn based, strategic rogue like rpg where you control a haven of characters that raid randomly generated dungeons. The usp is that your characters also have a psychological level to manage as they are beaten, mauled and scared to death during each delve.

Currently it's got a 20% discount for ps plus pre-order for the next 3 days. The US get the discount for two weeks post release.



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16 Jul 2014
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Thanks for the tip @HaloJ !
Although I have just started and I'm fleeing often from the dungeons instead of finishing them, I'm really enjoying this game.
A perfect game for playing on the couch on my Vita!


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12 Mar 2012
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Darkest Dungeon's latest expansion, The Color of Madness, is dated for June
PC first, other platforms to follow.

Developer Red Hook Studios has announced that The Color of Madness, the third paid DLC expansion for its superb Lovecraft-inspired strategy RPG Darkest Dungeon, will arrive on PC on June 19th.

The Color of Madness follows on from other paid expansions The Crimson Court and the smaller-scale Shieldbreaker, and gives the Darkest Dungeon an agricultural twist. Much of the new action is focussed around The Farmstead, the gloomy sweep of countryside surrounding The Hamlet's secluded windmill, and the nearby crash site of a mysterious comet.

The Farmstead offers its own unique rhythms in terms of combat, delivering a wave-based survival experience in which you're tasked with battling against an army of The Miller's loyal workmen, turned to lifeless (although no less animated) husks, by the "ever-growing crystalline influence" of the infernal comet.

As foolhardy adventurers battle through The Miller's minions in a bid to reach the source of the corruption, there's a chance that they'll become lost in time and space. Here, players will confront creatures from the other regions of the Estate - Darkest Dungeon and The Crimson Court not included. Additionally, the expansion brings three major new encounters in the form of the Thing From The Stars mini-boss, main area boss The Miller, and the comet itself.

Three repeatable quests are tied to The Farmstead - a novice introduction, a veteran boss-kill, plus "an endless darkest-level wave-based combat experience" - and Redhook says that it will be possible to "track your highest kill count, compare with friends and enemies alike."

The Color of Madness also includes new consumables to bolster your party between the endless waves of shambling farmhands, a new vendor in the Nomad Wagon (the Jeweller, who trades Comet Shards for trinkets), four new District buildings, new quirks, new music, and more.

The Colour of Madness will cost $4.99 USD when it arrives for PC on June 19th. Redhook notes that it will come to Switch, Xbox One, PS4, Vita, and iPad version after the PC release, although no date for those platforms has been given.

Source: Darkest Dungeon's latest expansion, The Color of Madness, is dated for June