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The Events Forum is where games events should be created, giving a single place to find out what is going on.

There are two stages to creating events:

  1. Creating an event thread on the forums
  2. Adding the event to the Events Calendar
Only Senior Citizens can create events, though Allies can sign up to events.

1. Creating an event thread on the forums

When creating events an event thread, please use the following guidelines:

The Event title should be in the following format:

  • date and time in this format: Day (3 letters) Date (1 or 2 numbers) Month (3 letters) Time (hrs:mins am/pm)
  • game name (capital letters)
  • title for the event

e.g. Wed 4 Jul 8.30pm KILLZONE 3 Guns at the ready

Event times will be assumed to be UK times unless otherwise stated.

The first post in the thread should contain details of the event.

When posting the event set the option at the bottom for "Post topic as:" to "Announce" (please do not use the "Global" option).
Also set Stick topic for: to X Days where X is no. of days to the event +1 e.g. if you are posting an event on a Friday for the following Tuesday, set X to 5.

Setting events to Announce like this will put the events in a separate section above the other events and will remove the events from this separate section after the event has occurred.

If you forget to set these options, the event creator can edit their first post to amend these. The event creator can also unannounce their event at any time, for example if the event is still announced after the event has happened.

2. Adding the event to the Events Calendar

  • After creating the event thread, copy the URL.
  • EITHER Click on the Events link at the top of the forums, then Click on the Add Events link on the Events calendar page
  • OR Click on the Add Event button
    on the Chat bar (this is the quicker option)
  • Click on the date in the calendar when the event will occur
  • In the Event Form that appears, complete following the event details:
    Time (untick All Day to add start & end times for the event)
    Title (usually the same as the event thread title but without the date & time)
    Website (paste in the URL from the event thread)
    Description (usually the same as that in the event thread)
    Contact Person (the organiser - you!)

We would encourage event creators to keep an eye on the event threads they create and as people sign up to edit their first post and add a list of those who will be attending.
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