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Chrome browser issue


Semi-Regular Gamer
Senior Citizen
12 Mar 2013
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IF you have done a complete format and reinstal, then it must be a hardware issue, as the software side is sparkly and new

If you have a spare keyboard and mouse swap them out, just to be sure...If you dont invest 5 quid in cheapo ones from wilkos or somewhere similar.

Also if you have 2 sets of usb ports (normally 4 in a group on back attached to main board, and any extras are connected separately, then try switching ports in case the usb controller gone nutty, (the device manager in control panel might show an error if this is the case)

If the problem is still persisting, but only with Chrome, then use CCleaner, look in the tools, and on the startup options. From there you can enable and diable various browser add ons all in one place. Try using that to delete all the chrome add ons it finds. (although one being there in a fresh install makes no sense.)

Normally the first place to check when random crap happens is the RAM, but your crap dont sound random, as same thing happening each time. However if you checked everything else and just to be sure then pop side off your computer (when it's off) earth yourself by touching chassis, then pop out your RAM. Clean the gold contact along the bottom edge by rubbing with a standard eraser, and suck any crap off the mobo with a vac. Reseat, Then run memtest just to be sure all ok.

I disagree with what CNET say about ASC, I have used it for years and has given me consistently reliable results, I install the free version on every system I fix, and every one I build, and other websites rate it as the best all in one tune up tool available, it is also the most downloaded freeware all in one system tuner.


Senior Citizen
29 Jun 2012
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Cheers dude, If I can be bothered I'll try and sort It but probably just **** it off.


Casual Gamer
Senior Citizen
10 Jan 2014
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Microsoft essential is a free AV and doesn't use a lot of system resources
I have been using Microsoft Security Essentials for quite a while, very happy with it especially since it is a free download and no monthly fees.