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PS4 Channel 4 and PlayStation in exclusive PS4 launch campaign partnership


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Senior Citizen
22 Aug 2012
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Channel 4 and PlayStation® today announce a new, exclusive partnership promoting the highly anticipated release of the PlayStation 4 console.

The partnership, running across TV and Digital platforms, launches on Channel 4 on Friday 22nd November 2013 and was created and developed by PlayStation, Manning Gottlieb OMD and Channel 4 Sales working with 4Creative and KentLyons.

Bespoke interstitials, inspired by Channel 4’s iconic on-air marketing idents have been created using gameplay from PS4 games Killzone™ Shadow Fall and #DRIVECLUB. 4Creative and branding consultancy KentLyons worked with the game developers (Guerilla Games & Evolution) to generate the interstitials from within the game-engines themselves rather than using post-production techniques. They will feature at the beginning and end of selected ad breaks from Thursday 28th November.

In the build-up to the launch weekend two second ‘blipverts’ and ten second teaser ads will feature exclusively on Channel 4, driving people to tune-in on the evening of Friday 29th for the first of a set of competitions to mark the official UK release of the PS4™.

The live competition spots will run in the ad breaks of key peak Channel 4 programming across the weekend, including the brand new Charlie Brooker documentary How Videogames Changed the World.

In a format inspired by cheat-codes found in computer games, viewers will be asked to ‘Crack the Code’ via a purpose built HTML5 site, hosted on Channel4.com/PS4, using their second screen devices and posting their entry to the competition on twitter. In another first, there will also be a VOD based competition, giving time shifted viewers a chance to enter, recognising the changing ways TV is consumed.

In an innovative twist, viewers will be encouraged to rewind from the second ad break back to the first in Sunday night’s Homeland in order to ‘Crack the Code’ whilst the final ad break in the show will be taken over by PS4 to give a broadcast premiere to PlayStation’s short film celebrating the history of gaming - Players Since 1995, created by Drum.

Chris Braithwaite, Agency Principal at Channel 4 said: “This is a really innovative partnership between two natural bedfellows, focussing on the visual power of both brands and asking our viewers to engage in a completely new way with advertising. We are very excited.”

Murray Pannell, Marketing Director at PlayStation said “Partnering with Channel 4 brings scale, creativity and innovation to our launch, adding another level to the ATL brand campaign and continuing to demonstrate that PS4 is for the players”

James Thompson, Comms Planning Director at Manning Gottlieb OMD said: “PlayStation and Channel 4 share many attributes, from their audience through to their passion for innovation and creativity. This partnership enables us to drive awareness of the PS4 launch whilst also delivering a campaign with engagement and gamification at the very heart of it.”


Semi-Regular Gamer
Senior Citizen
10 Nov 2013
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That is very cool - shame I won't be watching any tv for the next 8 weeks lol


Even More Grumpy Grandad
Senior Citizen
25 Sep 2012
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Sounds like they are alienating anyone who doesnt have a second screen device or the ability to rewind the TV. (I.E. me )