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Multi Call of Duty Ghost Dog


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12 Mar 2012
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I thought I'd start a thread about a gaming title from E3 we haven't really talked about - Call of Duty Ghost Dog (also known at Call of Duty Ghosts).

The game will be available on a range of platforms and here are various packshots that will be available.

The star of the game is of course, the Call of Duty Dog:

For those playing in the UK, there will be a British character that you can choose:

Here's a screenshot from the game:


On a serious note, the video below is actual gameplay footage of the Call of Duty: Ghosts mission “No Man’s Land” from E3 which features the canine unit “Riley” as a playable character. The player assumes the role of the German Shepherd in first-person perspective through a back-mounted camera to scout ahead in dangerous locations, mark enemy targets and lunge at enemies’ throats.

Enjoy. :D