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PS4 Build a global farming empire in PS4 agricultural sim Pure Farming 2018, out next year

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Martok, 10 Nov 2017.

  1. Martok

    Martok Board Game Addict
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    12 Mar 2012
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    Learn the ways of agriculture in campaign, tackle Farming Challenges or range free in Free Farming from 13th March

    Hello PlayStation.Blog. So I’m guessing many people reading this have never played a farming sim. That’s OK.

    This is our first farming game and we want to make the genre more fun and accessible for everyone. I personally love Gran Turismo but can’t stand motorsports. By the same logic you don’t need to be a farmer to enjoy our farming game.

    Let me introduce our brand new trailer, focusing on some of our fully licensed farming machines:

    Heroes of the farm
    Getting behind the wheel of these marvellous pieces of modern engineering is one of the best things about our game.

    But at its core Pure Farming 2018 is a management game. You start out with a piece of land in Montana and your goal is to build it up and earn enough money to open farms in Japan, Italy, Colombia and Germany.

    To get there you’ll need to decide which crops to grow, animals to raise, whether or not to invest in green energy and much more. And then you’ll be the one getting your hands dirty in the field, using these magnificent machines to cultivate, fertilise, sow, reap, irrigate and many other agricultural verbs.

    Going global


    We’ve gone to great lengths to find some of the most interesting farming machines in the world and recreate them, so that they look, work and handle just as they do on real farms.

    And each location features specific crops suited to that climate — such as coffee or industrial hemp in Colombia — and specific machines to get the job done, such as the incredible Skybury Coffee Harvester (pictured above).

    As it’s a simulation game we’re working hard to make a detailed, accurate depiction of modern farming. And whether it’s cultivating your field before sowing your seed, or mowing and baling the grass around your meadows so you can feed your cows, we’re trying to make each job fun and challenging for all players.

    Different ways to play


    We’re also working on different game modes for different players. So we have ‘My First Farm’ which is like a campaign. We have Farming Challenges, a series of different objectives that take a about an hour each to play. And then there’s Free Farming, which is our sandbox mode.

    In short, you can think of Pure Farming 2018 as a management game. But it’s not one where your goals are achieved via menus — it’s also a full-on simulator where you’re the one out in the field getting the job done.

    Pure Farming 2018 is coming to PS4 on 13th March, 2018 and you can pre-order now to get the Germany DLC for free. And you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

    If you’re curious about anything, leave a comment and I’ll reply.

    Source: Build a global farming empire in PS4 agricultural sim Pure Farming 2018, out next year
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  2. IamNumber6

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    7 Jul 2014
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    Should make these games real time, i.e. you need to get up at ridiculous o'clock to start ploughing, etc.. :D